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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Why do guys wear panties?
What do woman think of guys wearing panties?
What do woman think of men wearing panties?
What type of guys wear panties?
Do woman like men wearing panties?
Is it ok for men to wear panties?
Can guys wear panties?
Have you ever worn your wifes panties?
Have you ever worn your girlfriends panties?
Lots of questions get asked about guys wearing panties, guys wearing panties is more common than you think, I don't know many guys who don't have a fasination with panties, yes true not all of them wear panties but they all have a connection that article of clothing that sits so close to a womans jucies.

You're home alone, in your bedroom, sneaking into your secret stash of women's panties. Panties litter the bed, a thong is draped from the door handle. You're clad in your favorite pink satin panties when you hear a gasp of surprise and look up to see your wife or girlfriend standing there....You've been caught wearing women's panties.

What happens next? What do you do?

This scenario is all too common for men who wear panties, even those who do their best to hide it. In fact only men who try to hide their panties wearing are ever caught, because men who don't hide it are never really caught.

For some men, the thought of telling a girlfriend or wife that they like to wear panties is too much. There is the fear of rejection, the real possibility of divorce, and even the specter of social ridicule and if their 'secret' gets out.

Unfortunately the truth has a way of coming out, and more often than not, men who wear panties often get caught, perhaps because they secretly want to be caught. After all, the burden of hiding such an intimate part of yourself from the one you love can be a very heavy one.

Once you've been caught however, what you do next can make all the difference in how things play out in your relationship.

There are really two levels of being caught wearing womens panties. One is being caught by a girlfriend in a relatively new relationship, and the other is being caught by a wife or a long term girlfriend. Things are much easier to handle if the relationship is new, because the expectation of full disclosure is not yet present. The early stages of a relationship are all about discovery and gradual exposure, so discovering that a man likes to wear women's panties is less shocking for a woman who has not been in a relationship long than for a woman who truly believes that the man concerned is her soul mate, her life partner, and the one person on earth she knows fully and completely.

The first tip I would give a man in either situation is not to react in a scared, ashamed, or worried fashion. The lady has had a surprise, this is true, but her reaction will be tempered a great deal by yours. If you squeal like a girl and start stammering excuses and apologies, you are sending the message that you have been caught doing something wrong. Don't panic.

Instead of panicking and behaving in a strange manner, smile warmly and invite her in. Explain what you're doing, if she asks, and answer any questions she might have. Women are very good at detecting lies, better than you might think, and she will know its not true if you try and tell her that you just started wearing women's panties today, or that you're doing it as a dare.

Lying can hurt much more than it helps for a couple of reasons. One, she probably won't believe you, and your lies will only convince her that you are untrustworthy and two, it destroys your chance of actually being able to include your panties wearing, or at least the knowledge that you occasionally wear panties in your relationship. If you claim that it is a one off event, and she catches you again, or finds evidence in the form of a pair of large panties left forgotten on the closet floor, or in the laundry basket, then all trust will be shattered.

Believe it or not, the bigger deal when caught wearing panties isn't so much the female attire as it is the lies that have accompanied it.

Now realistically speaking, not every woman is going to react with joy, or even acceptance if and when they find their partner dressed up in panties. Some may be repulsed, and some may be so shocked that they simply can't handle it. These reactions are beyond your control, and to attempt to control them is out of your hands. Being caught brings with it an element of undeniable risk. Sometimes things may turn out well, and you can increase your chances of them turning out well by behaving in a calm, welcoming and honest fashion, but sometimes things are going to go badly no matter what happens. Some women simply cannot comprehend or accept the idea of a man wearing panties, but as a man who wears panties, is that really a woman you want to spend your life with?

The issue of being caught wearing panties runs much deeper than a moment of naughtiness. It goes to trust, honesty, and to personal freedom. Will you settle for someone who fulfills you in many respects but who makes you feel bad about an important aspect of your sexuality? Or will you find someone who honors you as a person who has needs and desires which deserve to be indulged just as much as their own? And will you honor and respect your partner enough to share this aspect of yourself with her? Or will you disrespect her and shut her out of an intimate part of yourself?

I was teogether with my girlfriend for 2 or 3 months when just by chance she discovered a pair of panties. When I admitted they were mine and that I loved to wear panties, it was not an easy time. It took her some time to accept that a straight man enjoys wearing panties.

We spent some time talking about it. The critical issue was after all that she missed openness and trust. But then she no longer rejected it. Now, almost 20 years later we are still happily married. My recommendation is: be open about your panty fetish right from the beginning. Maybe not at the first date. But not too long after that. A relationship is based on mutual trust. Can you imagine how your partner may feel if she suddenly finds out after a long time that you wear panties? That may cause serious problems in a relationship. You can avoid that.

"DON'T PANIC" -- Very awesome advice, this made my day. And also very true. Reacting almost exactly as described above saved a relationship I had back in college (which ended anyway for a different matter entirely, but that is not the point) when I was caught wearing panties by my girlfriend of a few weeks. At the time, we had been intimate only once, and I had planned to tell her soon anyway. I had left my door unlocked, not really thinking anyone would come in without knocking. She was very shocked and even slightly negative at first -- she actually left the room in quite a hurry. At that point, I took off the panties and dressed "normally" (all male attire). I caught up with her, and using a calm approach and being honest & open about it, she really didn't seem to mind to much, and even started to like it after a while, although it was never a full blown "Let's go dress you up," type thing.

One night I asked my wife if I could purchase womens panties since you can"t find reasonable price mens silk panties. To my suprise she loved the idea. First she said no printed or laced panties. Now she loves to see me in panties and turns her on. We even got to where we purchase matching panties and like this morning we swapped panties that we was wearing. It is important to be able to communicate with your wife or girlfriend. Me and my wife is able to communicate and listen to each other. with that in mind it helps telling your better half what you enjoy and what she enjoys. If you cant talk and got to hide what your desires are you have problems discussing other issure also.

I wear my girlfriends thongs, g-strings and boyshort panties all the time. I sometimes even wear her stockings and lingerie. The way I look at it, if she can wear them and look and feel sexy, so can I. I love the way the fabric presses up in all the right places. I just feel sexy and very turned on! I wear thongs and g-strings under my every day clothes because they give me confidence and make me feel sexy.

the last 4 serious relationships ive been in, the girls have known that I like womens panties. 3 out of the 4 were just "ok" with it because it made me happy. The girl im with now genuinely seems to like it and it seems to turn her on quite a bit actually. She's told me she doesnt care what I wear. Ive worn just panties and she said it was "very hot" One thing ive learned from telling 4 different women, is dont make it a big deal, tell them early in the relationship, be honest. Dont give her the whole story the first night, mention your like, see what she says, if she seems receptive, wear some to bed one night, turn her on and let her find out you're wearing them. If she wants to ask questions after that, then answer. But, Dont make it the focus of your bedroom activities.. If your into wearing panties during sex as I am, you dont have to do it every single time. Mix things up. And most important of all, if you tell your partner, and she's ok with it, do what you can to keep her happy. She's doing what she can to keep you happy, and she also now knows one of your bigger secrets that you wouldnt want public knowlege.

Signs you might have a panty fetish.

When out shopping with the wife or girlfriend, or just on your own, do you look in the display windows when you walk by the lingerie store?

Have you ever found yourself trying to see a woman?s panty line, so you can work out what type of underwear she is wearing?

When in a public place with potential views, do you find that your senses are always acutely tuned in and your eyes scanning for that one off chance of catching a quick glimpse up a ladies skirt or down the back of her trouser?

Do you prefer to have sex with while she is wearing panties?

Do you prefer to have sex with while you are wearing panties?

You are in the home of an attractive lady. You see her dirty linen basket, no one is asround and you have a chance to peek inside. Would you?

Have you ever masturbated over a pair of ladies panties, or to the thought of a pair of panties, or to a picture of a lady in a pair of panties, paying more attention to the panties than to the lady?

It?s a hot summer?s day. You are walking through the park and ahead of you notice a woman sitting on the grass with what looks like a great view up her skirt. You have the choice of walking your original route or changing direction slightly, eventually giving you the possibility of seeing up her skirt and getting a glimpse of her panties. Do you change route even though it is out of your way?

Have you ever secretly sniffed a pair of ladies worn panties?

Women Who Like Guys Wearing Panties. I have only had the experience once many years ago when my lover donned my black satin panties while I was out of the room. I came back to find him sprawled across the bed wearing my panties. That proved to be a tremendous turn-on and made for an evening even greater than I could have imagined. Maybe it was the panties or maybe just that he felt comfortable to freely express himself with me. I thought it was incredibly sexy. For me it is just a matter of letting my man know that I am comfortable with him. From there we are free to explore.

I wear panties and my girlfriends have liked it a lot, it is the sensation of the fabric, the feeling of being naughty too! And my partners who I shared this with loved the silky feel on me, it was about the first thing they commented on.

The views into men wearing panties are very interesting. Most men won't admit to it, but deep down inside they all have a feminine side. Though the wearing of panties might not be a "feminine expression", but rather one of a "sexy feel", it's a sexy idea, and makes you wonder whats wrapped in that package!

I love to wear panties. My wife is understanding and very supportive of my panty wearing. My wife loves the look I guess and I love the feel. It makes for a evening of erotic and wild sex.

I enjoy the feel of girly undies, and I admit the fact that another reason is that it is "naughty". My wife knows that I like to wear female undies and tolerated me wearing them in bed. "Put your sexy undies on, I'm feeling randy....."

Wearing panties is a wonderful experience, and if your partner is into it, so much the better. I do believe men have to be a little selective about the cut of the panties, we need to leave room for our bits. I find stretchy material like spandex and nylon blends to be most accomidating while an all lace panty is probaly not going to work unless they put some stretch in it. And if you are going to wear panties, you should give serious consideratoin to shaving your body hair, it just adds the perfect touch.

im an extremely lucky guy that found a very supportive spouse,and have been wearing panties 24/7 for the last 21 years,one of our favorite things to do is going panty shopping, she never goes without new panties either!I feel its the cornerstone of our relationship,and a special bond I couldnt imagine sharing with anyone else,just our special secret, and of course my total obsesion. by the way we are totally heterosexual and have three kids, I feel sorry for the people who cant express this part of their life with another person!!!!

I am straight and I love wearing panties, I use to wear them all the time 10 years ago and was wearing them when I met my wife and when we got married, but for some reason I got away from them for about 5 years when one day I woke up and wanted to wear them again so I found some online and started buying them again 24/7 never told her so she was a little surprised when they started showing up after about 2 month, so guys don't be ashamed just do it she'll either like it or not, it's your life.

It's nice to know here are women who are trying to understand us. I've worn panties 24/7 for approximately 5 years now. Being single, I have to buy my own. For me it's mainly about the feel and how I feel about myself wearing them. I feel calmer and more self confident. I do enjoy wearing skirts from time to time not that I'm opposed to wearing shorts or trousers where that's more practical .

I am 62 and been wearing panties and bras most of my life.I've worn them to work alot and only one time have i had a problem,but never became and issue.I was bending over a filing cabinet and sweater rose up and exposed my panty top to a lady sitting next to cabinet I realized it and pulled my sweater down.Later that day I saw the lady on the way out to our parking lot she smiled and said she like like my choice of underware and smiled.I was was red faced I know.nothing was said for a long time after that but she was always very nice to me.It got around the office later that I was getting a divorce and the lady ask if it was true and I told her yes.she said that maybe some day we could have lunch.We do about 3 months later and then we made plans for a date.I decided not to wear panties that day and to my surprize she ask if I had them on.i told her no and she ask why,I told her I was not real sure but did not want to offend her.she said that was one of the reason she wanted to go out with me.she said she was interested in my choice of undies at work.We had dinner and she said she wanted to go to the mall for shopping,we went to macy's lingerie section and she bought 2 panties and 2 bras.she ask if I would come to her house and I said yes.she ask if I would wear the bra and panties for her.I was nervous but said yes since that time we have been together and she love me in my undies and also I am her lady around the house wearing panties.I am clean shaven and we can share some clothes as I am 5'6 159lb's.We plan on going away for the weekend and I will be her girlfriend the 3 day's we are gone.

I wear nylon panties 24/7 as they are so much more comfortable than men's. My wife doesn't mind at all. We share the same underwear drawer. Occasionally I'll put on a pair of her stockings and either a long slip or nightgown just to spice things up and we both enjoy it. Nylon nightgowns are also much more comfortable than men's pajamas. She doesn't mind this either and we are closer now more than ever. I even have my own french maids outfit.

I have talked with many men and find that many men wait until their wife leaves for work and then they slip in to a pair of their wife's panties because they are afraid to tell them the truth.

I wear women's panties 24/7, Just love the feel and comfort of them. So much nicer then men's underwear with all the seams up-front. Wear nylon, satin and tactel nylon panties, wife knows and doesn't mind. Wear women's satin pj's at night during the winter and satin boxers the rest of the year.

I wear primarily for the fabric feeling. I'm 61 years old and have been wearing panties since I was quite young -- probably 8 years old. I don't own any male underwear. My reaction from ladies has been mixed. There is no middle ground. They either like it or hate it, Those that like it don't just like it, they get quite aroused by it. Those that hate it are quite repulsed and most have connected to the (very wrong) stereotype that men who dress in soft sexy lingerie are gay. Statistics that show that the vast majority of those of us who wear panties are in fact heterosexual. Gay men are generally attracted to the traditional image of males, and are in fact less likely to be interested in anything feminine.

i am 29 and have been wearing panties for most of my life. my wife of 8 years does not mind and we buy panties and bras together. microfiber and silk are my favorite. i also like skirts, swimsuits, anything female i can wear i will.this is the first i have shared this with any one. i am glad i found this site. thank you very much.

i feel so happy to know that there are so many more people out there other than me that like to wear panties.

My husband wears panties, and I love it.

i have been wearing panties for over 20 yearsand still enjoy the feel the desire never really leaves,wish i could find a woman who would be cool with men wearing panties, but I still have hope as many have found a woman who likes guys in panties.

i am a 65 year old male who has been wearing panties since a tried on my mothers panties at age 14. i love and enjoy wearing all female lingerie. I have been married for over 40 years and my wife is ok with my wearing panties 24/7 but i wish i could wear more then panties. Several women at work know my desire for female panties and we talk quite a bit about my desire. they know i have satin or silk panties on and one even buy me new panties. i have told them i wish i could wear a bra with the panties but wife raised a big fuss when she found some bras in my dresser. i have reached the point where i dont care if any females know i wear panties and female lingerie. the clerk at victorias secret with help fit me in the dressing room with panties and bras but have to hide the bras at home. to you younger men, let your partner know of your desires and wear what you enjoy, i wish i did when was younger. i am not gay, but enjoy so much to be with a female when wearing panties. next doctor visit, i am going to wear my panties, doctor is a female also.

I'm a big guy (6' 1" and 200 lbs) with muscles and a hairy body (most of the time). The best I've ever felt in womens underwear is when I've shaved my legs and then put on stockings, oh man that feels freakin' amazing. I've also noticed that it alters my mood, I'm far more calm and loving when wearing panties and I wear them for the feel and the feminization mostly rarely for the thrill of being caught. Having said that, when the light is getting low in the evening I sometimes walk the dogs with a camisole or bra on under my white tee shirt, it would be pretty obvious if someone walked up to me.

I am a married male who love panties and lingerie on me and women . I do not understand why women think it may be a gay thing. Most Gay men want nothing to do with women much less their panties. As for why i like to wear panties . Well for one it feels so much better. They look nicer. When i wear them all day its a constant reminder of just how sexy women really are. Sometimes i like to feel as if my women is in control and the dominant one . I love it when we both slip into bed wearing matching panties the feeling of all that silkyness rubbing on eachother is a feeling that is out of this world! Although I wish more women were into this sort of thing . I really do not care if the women do not like it becasue there is a women out there who will and she is the women who will take your panty husband from you . I think the main problem women have with it is this " what would my freinds think if they knew my man did this?" my answer is Who says they have to know.

The element of emotional release is very true. When I wear panties the feeling of calm that descends over me is amazing. It?s ironic that the serenity is coupled with the sexual excitement. The emotional peace and physical stimulation, a very enjoyable combination.

I don't know what it is. I love wearing panties and like seeing woman in panties and also men in panties, especially satin fullbacks or even granny panties. Maybe what I find so erotic about them is what they seem to leave to the imagination and what naughty secrets they may hold. I love the way a nice pair of panties hug a butt just right. I love getting a woman so wet her panties are left saturated before I take them off. I love the musky scent that is so sexy. I obsessed with womens panties. For me this has been a fetish I've had since I was in my early teens. It's so strong I've even stolen my stepmom's panties but keep in mind that she is young and very attractive. I'm lucky I've never been caught after all this time. I know lots of men have a panty fetish, most guys cannot pass by a hamper without taking a look inside. I've had girlfriends that loved this fetish and used it to tease me and others that simply don't get it or are freaked out by it. Most men do have a feitsh for panties, wearing panties, sniffing panties or just seeing panties. Men enjoy panties.

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Woman have become very curious as to why guys enjoy panties so much, whether it be wearing panties, sniffing panties, licking panties, seeing panties, smelling panties, girls are starting to wonder and realize just how powerful panties are.

Panties are the item closest to a woman's body. They hold all the scent that makes a woman a woman. Every woman has her favorite pair of panties. Every day they are discarded, dirty, into the hamper. They are seldom handled by anyone other than the woman who owns them. And panties are one of the most intimate items a woman owns. To have a woman's panties is like having a little piece of her.Guys want a keepsake. They want to feel your panties and smell your scent. This is not surprising because our sense of smell is a powerful sexual tool. Scientists say it's the pheromones in our sweat glands that inspire these reactions. Some panty guys only want the panties that belong to the single woman they lust after. It's that one woman that makes the panties special.

Another type of panty man is the man who just wants panties and doesn't really care who they belonged to. He uses the panties to enhance his fantasies; the woman who wore them is irrelevant. Quite often these men have panty fantasies early in their sexual development. For example, maybe a man saw panties in newspaper ads, or laying around the house and became curious. Perhaps he then used that image to fuel his sexual imagination. From then on panties continued to inspire his fantasies.

Other men are attracted to the fabrics. Panties are made out of soft fabrics like nylon, silk and satin. These kinds of fabrics aren't always available in mens underwear. Just feeling them reminds them of women. And still other men like to wear panties. They'll try them on to feel their erection burst through the fabric.

When it comes down to it, whether it's the girl that wore the panties, the scent, the fabric, or the adventure, I am finding the reasons behind the desires are as unique as the men who have them. Which proves to be true for all things sexual.

What Men Wearing Panties Need To Look For When Buying Panties!

Will this fit me? Will that fit me? So, here is our crash course in women's panties.

First of all you NEED to know your MALE size. But, your size will be more complicated than a woman's. Men have "more cargo" than a woman. Yet woman have wider hips and smaller waist.

Here is a chart that we have tested. A few fellow men in panties have helped out to test this chart and demonstrate how panties will fit a man

What we have found is the following. (Including your extra gear)

A Small size 5 is MALE waist size 24-28

A Medium Size 6 is MALE waist size 28-32

A Large Size 7 is MALE waist size 32-36

A Extra Large 8 is MALE size 36-42

Now to explain further. Mens bodies have no natural curves or hips. Therefore the elastic band on the waist of female panties gives you that extra size room. Understand? If a panty size large fits a size large woman with hips, it will fit a extra large size MALE cause you DONT have those hips. DONT USE FEMALE SIZES TO DETERMINE YOUR SIZE. But also each company makes their sizes different. We have all heard a female go OMG I KNOW I can wear a size 6 whats wrong UGHHHH!! Each clothing, manufacturer makes their clothes according to their own rules. this guide here is JUST a general guideline that we have researched with other men who wear panties.

How to choose panties. It can change your life!
Choosing panties should be a wonderful experience. There have never been more choices available. No more plain Jane panties! With all of the choices of fabric, colors and cuts available it can be hard to choose! This guide will make it a little bit easier.

The first thing to consider is what you are going to be wearing. If you are wearing a clingy knit or white pants, it becomes a critical choice! There is nothing worse than the dreaded pantylines or seeing that cute floral print showing through!

To get rid of panty lines is simple. The easiest way to do it is with a thong or a G string. That's right! I said it! A thong or a G string. The difference between a thong and a g string is that a thong has about a 1/2 inch of fabric in the back and a g string is really just a string. Many are afraid to wear them! Don't be! Trust me, they are comfortable and no one but you will know! Once you try one, you will wonder what took you so long!

Now for the white thing. If you are going to wear white pants, do not, let me repeat DO NOT wear white panties! The only colors that work under white are nude or light muted pink. That is really all there is to it, but amazingly many women don't know this.

Now for the fun part. If you are not wearing white and panty lines aren't an issue, your choices are wide open! Right now, the hottest style out there is the Boy Short. They provide back coverage and generally sit low on the hip. They come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. They are perfect under low cut pants or a skirt.

Another popular style is the bikini and it's cousin the string bikini. They have less coverage than the boyshorts, but more than a thong. They sit low on the hip and are great under jeans.

High Cut Brief AKA Grannies. This style is classic. It provides the most back coverage and sits high on the waist. You might think of them as being cotton, but they are frequently made from polyester too. They can be difficult to wear under alot of todays fashions because they are high waisted. Many people consider them to be the most comfortable. They used to come in the basic lingerie colors, white, nude, black and pink. Today they come in every color and pattern imaginable!

Your panties is your personal choice. It can make everything else you wear look better and give your self esteem a real boost. It is your chance to wear something completely sexy to the office or the store and no one will know but you! As men, we need to take care of ourselves and get informed, and most of us know more about panties than women do.

So we all love panties, but which panties do we love most of all, and why? This is the question that plagues not just panty fetish, but your average john or jane doe seeking to purchase a pair of panties for themselves. A great pair of panties soon becomes like a comforting second skin, making you feel confident, sexy, and at ease. A bad pair of panties can cause day long discomfort.

Why men who wear panties make better partners.

1. A man who wears panties will know your size, and not just your bra size either. Presents of clothing from him are likely to fit you well and make you look hot.

2. A man who wears panties is more likely to appreciate all that time you put into looking nice and feminine, especially when it comes to activities in the bedroom.

3. A man who wears panties takes pride in his appearance, and likes to look good in his panties. Very few men who like to wear panties are slobs.

4. A man who wears women's panties will almost certainly never destroy your delicates by shoving them into the washing machine with a load of towels.

5. And speaking of laundry, a man with a liking for panties is much more likely to volunteer to do the laundry, simply in order to spend time handling those lovely panties that he adores.

Men Wearing Panties: Is it about the sensation?

In a recent survey, many men claimed that it was the feeling of panties that they enjoyed, the silky smoothness, the satiny caress. Fair enough, and well and good, but if that were the whole case, then why not just wear satin boxers? There are plenty of traditionally masculine styled underwear products out there for men if they want the feeling of panties without the appearance of femininity, but still, the majority of men who wear panties, prefer to wear panties either made for women, or panties that has a very feminine appearance.

So is it really about the sensation? Or is there also a thrill in the femininity of panties. Does it feel naughty to be a little girly from time to time? Of course at the end of the day, these are your naughty little secrets to keep.

Men In Panties: Want To Wear Panties, But Scared To Tell?
For many men who wear panties, the most difficult part of the journey is not making the decision to wear the panties, it is letting their partner know about their desires and habits when it comes to panties. It's hard enough finding a nice lady to be with in this day and age, without also having to worry about finding one that will be okay with, or preferably enjoy you wearing panties.

Men In Panties How To Wear Panties At Work

It is a common naughty fantasy desire for a man who wears panties to want to wear panties to work. There are several reasons for this. For starters, you get to feel that lovely panty caressing your body throughout an otherwise mundane and boring workday. Secondly, there is the secret thrill of wearing panties, nobody knows you have it on, and you can be making a big presentation or talking to the boss in a thong, bikini, brief, gstring, lace, satin, nylon or cotton without anyone being the wiser. This can be quite a rush for many men. However if you are going to wear panties to work, you need to do it smart if you don't want to get caught.

What is it about men wearing panties that appeals to other men wearing panties and yes even appeals to some woman. What is it about men in panties?

There is a certain attraction that men in panties have, men in any form of women's clothing that is. Perhaps it's the contrast of lace against muscle, the line between hard and soft. When you want something to really stand out, you put it against its opposite. A guy wearing a pink thong is going to stand out and to some this is a very sexy sight. This page you're reading features black text on white space, because that is the most noticeable and readable format. There is something about a man expressing a feminine side that enhances his masculinity.

Sexy Panty Cuts For Men

Men have to think about what a sexy cut is for them. Ladies can get away with wearing skimpy little thongs and low cut panties but because men must contend with their male member, they often prefer briefs or bikini cut panties.

If you're looking for a different kind of cut, why not try out tanga panties, which are like boyshorts, but with a higher cut around the derriere. Or if that's not for you, then try vintage styles. There's nothing like a pair of bloomers to restore panty perspective.

Common myths about men who enjoy wearing panties? The two most common, which is obvious, is that people think that men who wear panties are gay and/or feminine. Where in actuality I find the exact opposite to be true. According to studies on men wearing panties, only a small percentage of them are gay. The reason seems to be that gay men are interested in men so they (more often) wear men clothes. Men who wear feminine clothes, it is usually because they have a strong identity with women, they love women.

The other is the femininity side, most studies have found that, for men wearing panties, it's a relaxing environment for them, it's a way for them to clam down. Because most often their jobs are either very masculine, construction workers, military, high-power businessmen, that have to be very powerful and strong in their everyday life. So this becomes a way for them to relax.

There are of course gay men that wear pantie. But, In general, men that wear panties are straight, married and with masculine or high-powered jobs.

Men who wear women?s panties is more common than you might think. In fact, the world is full of guys who admit to preferring their girlfriend?s panties or wife?s panties. Some will even confess to swiping pairs from their sisters or female friends.

I belive that a lot more men wear panties that most people realize. It's really a pretty common, and harmless thing.

I think that most guys start by trying a pair of their sister's or mom's panties when young and are influenced by the sexual aspect of panties. They're kind of "taboo" for males and they cover the most intimate parts of a female. Hence the attraction.

As time goes on, there may still be the arousal that comes from wearing panties, but we also some to realize that they feel soooo good and they come in such a variety of colors and styles as compared to the drab choices that men typically have to choose from.

I wear panties every day and I have to admit that I get a rush when I'm with female friends and think about the act that I'm wearing pretty, feminine panties under my clothes!

So I think that initially it's a sexual thing, but can just become a clothing choice as well. Even though most won't admit it, I think that most guys have tried on their wife's for girlfriend's panties at least one time, and probably more.

Also, most of the owmen I've been with (not all by any means though), have had no problem with me wearing panties and have enjoyed it. :)

Why Do Men Wear Panties?
If you've just discovered that your boyfriend wears panties or husband wears panties, then you're probably in shock and wondering why on earth he would want to do such a thing. After all, panties are forever riding up at the wrong time, forcing one to create complex schemes by which to extract them from the upper reaches of one's posterior in public places. Many women avoid pretty panties on all but special occasions, opting for comfortable 'granny panties' most of the time. So to find that one's partner likes to wear panties perhaps even more than you do is strange to say the least. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working out what to do with the information you have learned.

It's Not A Threat To Your Femininity
He doesn't want to become the girl in the relationship, don't worry about that. Well, there's a 99% chance that he doesn't want to anyway. If he just likes to wear panties and other items of female underwear, then it is unlikely that you will come home one day to find him stretching out your designer dresses.

He Likes The Feel
Men are incredibly sensual creatures, although you wouldn't know it because of their reputation for being rough and tough and generally immune to the delicate charms of the sensual touch. Don't underestimate how good a pair of silky panties can feel against his nether regions however, after all, the penis is a sensitive organ, and being on the outside, it is easily stimulated by the touch of smooth silk.

He Likes The Look
In some cases, its not just the feeling. He likes the look of wearing panties. This feeling usually comes about not because he secretly wants to be a woman, but because from a very young age men are denied the chance to be pretty. Guys who are caught playing dress up in female attire are often scolded, and they soon learn that there is something naughty and taboo about women's clothing. If there's anything the human psyche is drawn towards, its anything taboo, so next thing you know, he's sneaking around in panties for the thrill of it all.

Most men who wear panties are not gay, and are not looking to become women. Keep in mind that many women learn to have a lot of fun with husbands and boyfriends who wear pantis, but if you feel that he is going to take it much further than that, and it is not something that you can deal with, then you owe it to both yourself and him to be honest and upfront with that fact.

Many men wear panties because traditional male underwear is bulky, uncomfortable, and boring. I am not gay, im completely straight, and most men who wear panties are straight.

If you think about it its only logical. what women wear everyday is taken directly from what 40 or 50 years ago was considered male only clothing, ex: womens jackets are cut based off males, there are womens boxers, women didn't wear pants until the 40s, shorts, jeans, t-shirts. etc. and women can wear clothes that are made for men and no one bats an eye

in the last 50 years women have taken over the entire spectrum of feminine versus masculine, a woman can be anything at any given time. but men are still expected to stay on the completely masculine part of the spectrum.

I'm married and I wear panties.
I'm just curious why many of you men wear panties. I recently came out to my wife and told her that I like to wear panties. Initially I told her that it was because of the way they felt and they fit better, which was only partly true. She wasn't real happy with that answer and obviously didn't believe me. Finally I just told her that I liked knowing that I was wearing women's panties, and that it made me feel good and was arousing and I just like doing it. She has been prefectly accepting since that time.

Why do I wear panties? Generally, many struggle to find reasons why we get aroused by this particular fetish and I guess you could say it?s like any other fetish, each to their own. However, fetishes are usually formed by a certain experience which probably effected their sub-conscience at that particular time, but it?s possible they were aware of it though this is not as common. A lot of things come from your childhood, like the way you were raised, the environment, your manners, certain ways from you parents etc, so why would you fantasies be any different? Well, your fantasies are created by your brain to help balance or ?ease? the woes of your other side, so your mind can be put to rest and relax on sexual stimulate – which is healthy for you. When you were 7 or 8 (if you can remember), you weren?t worried about boys/girls, just having fun, school and exploring the world though deep down, your mind was taking in EVERYTHING, stuff that would get filtered through your brain for years and years to come, helping you understand modern life in order to ?survive?. You wouldn?t of known if you were sexually aroused like you would know, probably be just a funny feeling to you at the time. So generally, that?s where it would?ve started. You ?accidentally? saw something, had the funny feeling, kept it in your mind and processed it for the next 4-5 years, incredible, no?

So back to the topic at hand, why do I wear panties? Mostly for sexual arousal which invokes a feeling of goodness and comfort – for me anyway. It all started when I was 6 and found a pair of panties in my dads shed. No, he wasn?t cheating, I believe they were my mums and I think I knew at the time but I put all that aside and tried them on.. why? That I couldn?t say. This is where to this day I?m still trying to figure out what made to do so. Maybe it was curiosity or something to do with it being women related, helping me feel closer to my mum or revisiting the feeling of nurturing. Anyway, so I did and they felt like an unspeakable thing. They were a pink pair of silky panties, very soft though they were a little big for me at the time, but I didn?t care! I walked around the shed in these silky panties with all these new and exciting feelings going all through me like a racing car set – it was incredible. From then on, I would do what I did, when I could but made sure to put them back exactly where they were..however, I don?t think my dad even noticed.

There are 5 main reasons why I wear panties, and they are:

1. Deep, inner feelings
When I wear any sort of feminine clothing (i.e. lingerie, panties, heels) or see someone in panties, I get this deep feeling which beats my heart fast, then moves down and excites me into something big and wonderful. It almost feels I switch to a whole new identity, allowing me to act like the opposite sex and forget about my manhood for a short while.

2. Material
The material on any sort of clothing is erotic, as men?s underwear is mostly simple with no sex appeal to it, the feeling of switching to something tight, soft and sensual makes me go insane. My libido just jumps ship from man to women.

3. Childhood Experience
As I found these wonderful feelings in my childhood, they still remain with me, as anything you do for the first time. I can still remember all the new things I did and learnt as I went along.

4. Safe & Secure
I?m unsure why this comes into it, still trying to figure it out, but when I change into panties, I automatically feel a sense of comfort, like my mind reassuring me everything is ok now. Come to think of it, this could be my minds way of healing my broken parts i.e. stresses of the day or repressed childhood memories. Allowing my mind to take time and break it down without my knowing.

5. It?s Hot!
It?s simply that – Hot. I?m not physically attracted to men at all, nor do I feel obligated to be but seeing another man in women?s panties excites me because automatically my mind switches into that world and feels what I would if I was doing that. Plus, sexy panties for the right person really helps increase the raunchiness. I hope my future girlfriend will find it attractive and we can experiment and have fun along the way with it.

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