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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Panties And Pantyhose

I found some dirty panties, and the pantyhose she had on the day before she left. She is beautiful! The crotch of her panties smell like pussy and I love it. I've been smelling and licking her panties for an hour or so, her pantyhose smell just like her,too, I love to smell pantyhose, she had them on all day at work, the feet smell very good too! I have her panties ( pink silky lace front bikinies) wrapped around my dick, while I jack off, I have had plenty of precum during the last hour, I have been wiping it on the panties and pantyhose. I'm smelling her pantyhose right now while I stroke my cock, Im so close to cumming, it feels so good, i'm wrapping my dick up in her pantyhose now and jacking off ,damn that silky hose feels good going up and down my cock. I could shoot a big load right now but i'm going to hold it a little more. I got 5 more pairs of panties out of her dresser drawer, and have them all wrapped around my dick, while I jack off. Oh fuck I just about came, but I stopped it, barely, a small amount of cum ran out of my dick, and onto her panties. I am licking my precum from her panties, and it tastes good. I've ate my cum quite a few times, and I like it, i'm not a wierdo, i'm just horny as hell ,damn this feels good. I can hardly type, because i'm shaking so bad. Its been an hour exactly that i've been jacking off. I'm gonna shoot the biggest load of cum, and i'm gonna shoot it all over her dirty panties and pantyhose while I smell the feet on her pantyhose. Oh damn I gotta cum so bad! Just the thought of her wearing these panties that had my cum soaked in the crotch, and that I licked and smelled, the thought of her pussy rubbing back and forth and all over the crotch of these panties, oh fuck i'm cumming hard, oh fuck, there is soooo much cum on these pantyhose and panties. I coverd every bit of the cotton in the crotch of her panties, and shot the rest on her pantyhose i'm gonna clean up now.

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