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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Shaving

The first time I tried my favorite way to fuck my self was after a trip to my friends house. His sister Liz was hot and I loved to jerk off in girls panties so when I looked in her drawer I was in heaven. I found a beautiful mesh g-string, ran to the bathroom and put it on. I loved the way it felt against my cock and in my ass. I jerked off and blew my load in about a minute. I loved the panties so much I stole them. I put them on before the car ride home. During the trip I thought of something - if most girls shave their pussys, why can't guys shave their cocks? That got me so horny precum started to ooze out of me.
As soon as I got home I got my razor, shaving cream, and newly acquired g-string and ran to the bathroom. I also had one of my 22 year old sisters silk bras because they feel so good against my nipples. I got into the bathroom and locked the door right away. Put on some music and took off all my clothes and slipped on the bra and g-string. I just sat there rubbing myself but I didn't want to cum yet so I stopped and took off the gstring. I put some shaving on my hand and it occurred to me it looked like cum and I somehow got harder. I rubbed the cool cream on my balls and I loved it. I took the razor and rubbed it against my balls which felt even better. It took about three minutes to get my balls completely bald. I loved the way it felt - soo smooth. Than I rubbed the cream all over my cock and all around it. I started to jerk but than forced my self to wait. The razor was pleasure as it ran along my pulsating dick freeing it of the pubic hair.

When I was finally done my dick looked like the only part of my body that hadn't started puberty. It felt so nice to have no hair in the way of my hand while I pleasure my self. I wiped off the excess shaving cream and slowly slid into the g-string, my sis had left some silk stockings on the floor so I slipped those on too. I got two big mounds of toilet paper in my hand and wet them for a little weight and put them in my bra. I looked in the big mirror on the door and almost blew a l load. The g-string was heaven against my hairless prick while the stockings felt amazing on my thighs and ass, and the wet tissues felt like tits. I rubbed my self all over and moaned.

I took some more shaving cream and lubed up. I stroked with one hand and rubbed anywhere else with the other. At the point of climax I threw my legs over my head, pointed my cock towards my mouth and almost gagged my self with a huge hot stream of my own cum. I drank it all to the last drop.

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