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Title: Best Orgasms With Pantyhose

I have been masturbating for a long time now, but the best orgasm I have had is when I do it while wearing pantyhose. I first started using pantyhose as an aid when I was about 12. At first it was great as I didn't cum when I had an orgasm, so it meant no mess. This was especially good as I used to steal my mom's hose out of the laundry hamper. I would get home from school and strip off. Then I would get the pantyhose from the hamper and slowly put them on. After I had put them on I would look at myself in the full length mirror that was in the bathroom, pulling the waist band as high as I could so as to stretch the hose over my hard cock. I would rub my legs and feet through the hose and then pump my cock until I orgasmed. Then I would quickly remove the hose and put them back in the hamper before anyone knew. This continued for a year until I was nearly caught with a pair of pantyhose so I stopped using them for awhile. I went back to normal masturbation for awhile.
Once I had mastered the art of making myself orgasm and cum without the use of pantyhose I started to have thoughts about wearing pantyhose again. It wasn't until I was about 14 that I decided to wear a pair of pantyhose again. I was in the laundry after school one day and saw a old pair of hose that was kept to be used around the garden to tie up plants. So I decided to take this pair for myself.

I took the hose which must have only been there for a day as they had a wonderful odor to them into my bedroom and locked the door. I stripped off all of my clothing and stood there naked in front of a mirror. I grabbed the hose and started to put them on. Trying not to get hard before they were on all the way. I rolled them up as I had seen people do and sat on the edge of the bed and begun to pull them up my legs. I remember the smooth feel of the nylon on my legs and the feeling in my cock as I pulled the hose fully up. I laid down on the carpet and rubbed my hard cock up against the floor. I could feel my cock swelling with delight as I rubbed harder. I jumped up on the bed and rubbed harder and harder. The pleasure built until I shot my load into the hose. I rolled over the see the cum ouze through the nylon, it was such a turn on that I quickly removed the hose trying not to spill the cum and put them to my mouth and sucked the hose dry.

Since that experience I carried on my secret passion until I was sixteen. I joined the army after that and traveled, never even thinking about pantyhose or masturbating for that matter. I discharged from the Army when I was 22 and took a job interstate. I had my own apartment and a nice girlfriend. I was shopping at the local mall and saw the pantyhose display in the market. I thought to myself I'll buy a pair for old times sake. I was quite a bit bigger than I was when I was a kid so I grabbed the biggest pair I could. I took them to the checkout with the rest of my shopping and then went home. My girlfriend was away on business so I had the whole apartment to myself with nobody to disturb me.

I went to my room and took the hose form the packet. Memories of the past came flooding back and my cock was harder than it had been in a long time. I slipped the hose on and much to my surprise they only came up to my cock. they were to short. I cut the feet out of them and pulled them up all the way. I sat on the bed and rubbed my hard cock thru the hose. The feeling was so fantastic that I almost shot my load there and then, I waited and let the feeling subside.

I walked into the hall and grabbed the video camera from the closet as I did I noticed a vacuum cleaner. I also took one of the skinny attachments with me back to the bedroom. I set the video camera up so I could watch myself on the TV as well as tape the whole event.

I bent myself over the bed looking behind to find the best angle, once I found it I slipped the hose down and took some KY from beside the bed and lubed up the attachment from the vacuum. I slowly pushed into my ass up to it's full length ( about 6 inches) I pulled the hose up and began to pull my cock thru the hose. The feeling of fullness in my ass as well as the hose was too much but I waited until I was in the final position.

I laid flat on the bed with my cock out of the hose and my head just forward of the head board, then I lifted my legs behind my head so that my feet touched the wall. Slowly walking my way down the wall I could just touch the end of my cock with my mouth. The time was here so I jacked and sucked my cock hard until I shot hot cum into my waiting mouth. Laying on the bed exhausted I removed the attachment from my ass and took the hose off and got cleaned up.

I went back to my room and cleaning and returning the vacuum attachment and sat on the bed to watch my efforts. I sat and watched the tape that I had made which got me so hot that I started to stroke my cock again, before the tape was over I shot another load onto my stomach and into my hand.

That was a few years ago now and I have continued to masturbate with pantyhose. I got married about 3 years ago and have a great sex life with my wife. Things got a little boring in the bedroom after about 2 years so we decided to spice it up a little. I asked her to wear some sexy clothing for me, she was undecided on what to wear so I laid about a lacy bra and g string as well as a pair of shinny pantyhose. I had hoped she would wear them for me in the bedroom ever since I had meet her but I never had the courage to ask. She took them into the other room and told me to wait. I laid down on the bed and stroked my cock in anticipation for her return. I hoped she put the hose on first then the panties so I could see her lovely shaved pussy thru the hose.

I heard the door creek open slowly and then she appeared, just as I had hoped the panties were on top. She stood at the end of the bed and asked "do you like what you see" I replied while stroking my throbbing cock "yes". We kissed passionately as I felt her smooth nylon coated legs. I removed her bra an sucked her hard nipples all the while rubbing my cock on her pantyhose. She laid on the bed and I removed her panties, I could see her pussy getting so wet thru the hose. I spread her legs and sucked her clit thru the hose, her juices filled my mouth with excitement and I made her orgasm. I torn a hole in the gusset of the hose so I could slide my hard cock into her. As I slowly pushed the full length into her I rubbed her legs and perfect ass. It only took a few minutes until I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out and cum all over the front of her hose. As I always like to do. I sucked the hot cum off the front of her hose and suck her pussy dry.

She then suggested that maybe I would like to try on some pantyhose. Trying not to seem to eager (She didn't know about my Fetish for Hose) I said yes. She went to her draw and pulled out a few pairs of hose She held them up to me to find the best length for fit, but she had none. She then pulled out a full body stocking which had a singlet type top and no feet. My cock got hard again as I had worn the bodystocking before without her knowledge, she ask "think this will fit ?" " I'll try " I said. Trying to look clumsy I put the body stocking on and my cock poked out of the crotch hole. My body felt electric as the hose covered me.

We fucked and sucked our way to orgasm after orgasm both hosed and loving it. Now we try to incorporate hose in our love life as much as possible..

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