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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Pink Panties Masturbation

I decided to masturbate in my tiny little pink panties this morning. They're light silk bikini style. I
Sometimes I like to begin by flicking my tongue in and out of my mouth, like a serpent. I've always enjoyed women doing this for me. My penis hardens when I do this and it's so much fun to see it enlarge inside my panties to a point where it wants me to take it out and give it some direct contact. I resist this, knowing it will enhance my ultimate gushing of sperm.

I turn around and view myself in the panties from all sides. Now I push my erection down between my legs under the panties and close my legs together so that it looks like I have a woman's pussy.

I glance up at my face as I flick my tongue in and out of my mouth, teasing my mind. My pubic hair shows darkly beneath the translucent panties.

Now my cock needs attention badly. I allow it to slide out from under its captive panties and touch it. My cockhead emerges from its foreskin which rolls back around the neck of my shaft. My penis crown glistens. I take one fingertip and touch it to my cumhole then run it under and around my mushroom crown and trace it down the underside of my swelled penis.

I want to continue this, to move to fast stroking, but I resist. I put my penis undercover again, under the soft, silky panties. But no, it demands I stroke it. I respond. I quickly jerk it out and jerk it off, roughly, strongly, quickly again and again. I count the strokes, as fast as I possibly can up to 80. I stop, knowing if I go further, I will cum. I want it to last. I can't put my cock inside the panties just now because I know it will demand more and more.

I relax a minute, looking over my slim, taught body in the mirror. I sit down on the floor and lie back, spreading my legs. I'm transformed into a woman. My mind moves into the femininity of myself and away from my penis' cries for more attention. I raise my legs high, bending my knees, raising my pelvis to the mirror, grinding my pubes toward the mirror, humping in the air.

My mind returns to my cock. I stand up and see a large wet precum spot on my panties. I reach under and touch some to my fingertips and lift them to my mouth, sucking the salty slickness into my mouth. I can resist no longer.

I move into the final phase. I slowly pull my panties down far enough so that my penis pops up, springs straight out from the upper band of my panties. I admire it in the mirror. It is pulsating, synchronized to beats of my heart. I hold it with both hands, moving closer to the mirror, savoring its length, width, hardness and the deep dark reds and purples of my crown. With my right hand I slowly grasp this wondrous cock just under the head and pump some clear precum out over my other hand. I lick it from my palm and concentrate on its muskiness, the hint of sperm to cum. With one hand I lovingly cup my nuts and hold my penis with the other. I fingerbrush my shaved testicles, thrilling to every nerve end.

I pull my panties to the floor and step out of them. I pick them up and wrap the sleek smoothness around my shaft. I hang them on my cockhead and take my hands away. The panties dangle from my erection. I sway my hips to watch my panties swing from my cock.

Next I wrap the panties into a ropy thinness and wrap it around my penis and jack the panties up and down my shaft, slowly at first then squeezing harder and jacking faster. My cock can no longer take this foreplay. It screams out for me to pleasure it to the fullest.

I drop the panties, and with my hands lubricate my hardness all over with precum, from the tip of my penis to underneath and all over my tight ballsac. It's so slick now, so needful.

I begin to stroke and stroke and stroke and stroke and stroke and stroke and stroke, loving every second, stroking harder, slower, jerking faster; going from lighter squeezing pressure to harder squeezes, up and down, up and down my pleasure mast, up and down and down and up until, muscles contract and ...... I gush, gush, gush ropes of white foamy sperm. The gushes splash on the mirror and then drain down toward the floor as I spasm, my body jerks uncontrollably, shivers, tightens then explodes with each jet propulsion of sperm onto the mirror.

I relax, falling to the floor. My hands move to my cock and gather the remaining sperm from around my cockhead and, at last, I eat. I scoop up the rivers of sperm running down the mirror with my hands and raise them to my open, wanton mouth and, at last, I eat to satisfy my hunger. Finally, I move my head to the mirror and lick the last remaining portion of my meal. My hunger is satisfied. Temporarily.

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