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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: She Was Still Wearing Them

After ten years of marriage my pretty wife knew that I jacked off on her panties. I would select a pair from the hamper, sniff and rub and put a load in them. After I was finished I would put them back in the hamper. She dutifully washed them, never saying a word.
This wonderful, and true, adventure happened in 1993 while we were vacationing in Oregon. Mind you this hadn't happened before nor has it since, unfortunately. But the experience was so nasty and wonderful it is forever etched on my perverted mind.

We had arrived late the night before and were sleeping later than usual the next morning. Sun was streaming through the window and the only noise was the occasional squawking of sea gulls hopping about the deck. My wife was still asleep, laying on my right on her side.

I lifted the sheet and gazed at her ass. She was wearing pink nylon high waist panties. They had a seam down the middle, following her ass crack. I knew I wanted to beat off on that beautiful pair. I moved closer to her and began rubbing her ass. She was awake and didn't seem to mind. I kept rubbing and then put my hand down her panties, I began whispering nasty things to her.

"You have a nice, soft ass, honey. I just love your ass and panties."

She moved her butt a little closer as I kept up the rubbing, I ran my finger lightly on her ass crack. I was thinking of the pretty asshole hiding between the folds that I had fucked. I loved anal sex with her. She was my first, and best, butt fuck.

"I love these panties, honey. Can I take them off of you and jack off on them?"

She knew I sometimes would beat off on her panties and didn't seem to mind. I would put the wet panties back in the hamper where I had found them after beating off. She would dutifully wash them, not saying a word. I will never forget her answer: "Why don't you just jack off on them while I'm wearing them?"

I couldn't believe my ears! This had been one of my greatest fantasies and now it was about to come true! It ranked with the night she first let me fuck her ass! I quickly moved into action.

I turned on to my right side, pulling down my white shorts. My cock was already tingling with excitement. I began rubbing my cock on the panties and the feel of the nylon was great! My cock was dripping precum juice. I rubbed my cock in her ass crack.

She then pulled her panties down half way with her right hand, exposing her lovely white ass cheeks and crack. The target looked delicious! My cock was rock hard. I then started stroking in earnest. I whispered more obscenities.

"Oh honey, this is so nasty and fun. I love your ass and asshole. I love you for this!"

I would look at her ass, then panties, then rub my prick against the pink nylon. I was crazed! My panty, ass and jack off fetishes were being realized in one lewd act. I then pressed my stiff shaft in her ass crack, remembering the wonderful ass fucks my cock had delivered to her asshole.

I then pulled away and slipped my fingers down her ass crack, seeking her asshole. She was warm and her lovely anus was right where I remembered it. I had fingered, licked and fucked the poor woman's asshole so many times in our marriage that finding her forbidden hole was second nature. I began to probe between her ass cheeks.

"No, no, keep jacking off." she whispered. She pushed my hand away from her asshole and thrust her ass closer.

My love knew what she wanted and I certainly did not want to disappoint her! I resumed the wonderful act of stroking my cock and rubbing its wet head against her panties. Soon, too soon, I felt the familiar tingle at the base of my balls, telling me that my load of white sticky love juice has started its journey. I stroked faster and faster. I thought it only decent of me to warn her.

"I'm going to jizz on you honey, you sure you want that?" I asked, breathing hard.

"Yes, right on my ass and panties, nasty man," she whispered.

Those words sealed the deal. I had reached the point we men all know. You are going to shoot semen. I stroked shorter strokes now, forcing myself to keep my eyes open and focused on my wife's ass and panties. The cum erupted from the head.

I watched as my load shot on to her left butt cheek and then aimed my cock so it shot the rest on to her bunched panties. I milked my dick to get every drop on to my wife and her panties. My semen ran down her white ass cheek into her ass crack. Her panties were dark with wet cum. This was one of the most satisfying jack offs I had ever had!

I turned on to my back and let out a sigh. She pulled her wet panties up and got out of bed. I heard her in the bathroom, peeing. The toilet flushed and the shower started. The rest of the day went as if nothing had happened. I still remember that great morning in every detail and have always wanted to share it with other men, hoping they would get hard and beat off. I retrieved those panties when we returned home and kept them. I have jacked off literally hundreds of times with them. They are a treasure!

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