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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Masturbating With Wifes Panties

I masturbate just about every day. I own many pairs of panties. I like the bikini style very much so. Silky and nylon is the best to me. Anyway, sometimes I just want to use my wifes panties. She's not much into silk or nylon panties. She has a couple though. She likes her cotton panties, I don't.
Well anyway, I used her panties a couple of times. Since she almost never wears her nylon or silky panties, I do when I work at night clubs doing my job spinning. When I'm done with work I go somewhere, where I hope is safe outside in the early hours on weekends around school yards or very dark parks and take off my clothes so all I am wearing is a bra and my wifes panties. I would lay down on a blanket with a sandwich baggie over my hard penis a jackoff thinking of some of the girls I saw earlier at the club. I never told my wife about using her panties masturbating outside. If she knew about that, I would be a dead man.

She does know about my fetish wearing panties. She doesn't like to see me or my stash of panties and bras. She does say "Do Not Use My Panties Ever, Use your Own"; So, here I am years later, still working weekends, and masturbating outside when it's warm out. Winter is comming and it's to cold to jackoff outside now.

I wish I could share my panty fetish with my wife. She just can't understand why. I told her, but still doesn't understand. Maybe someday.

I kinda want to be seen by some girls, seeing me wearing girls panties. I would be very embarrassed if I was caught.

So, I play with my panties everyday when my wife is sleeping or out from the house. I'm not bi or gay. I just love womens panties.

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