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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Love My Panties

My favorite way is to finger my girlfriends pussy until she cums in them. I take them off of her and lay her wet panties on my cock, and have her jerk me off in them. The next day when I am home alone I get dressed in panties bra thigh highs and makeup. I take her panties from the day before and put them over my head so that the cum filled area is over my mouth. I love wearing panties on my face. Next I lick the dried cum. After it gets wet from my tongue I can begin to smell our cum. It is so good. Now I begin to lick the dehydrated cum and refresh it. The taste of her cum and mine is so sweet. Love the taste of my cum anyway but mixed with hers and feeling the panties over my face makes me cum as soon as I touch my cock.

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