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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Wifes Pantyhose

My wife is a very pretty blond with hair half way down her back, 5' 7 130 lbs and huge tits, beautiful legs, and a nice ass that I love to lick. Well after a christmas party a few years ago we got a little drunk , by time we got back home my wife was passed out. I knew this was a good time to get an eye full, She was wearing a short skirt and had on black pantyhose, which are my favorite. I'd been horny all night teasing with her and grabbing her legs and stuff. I had to walk my wife in the house and laid her on the bed, and she was out in no time, so I pulled her skirt up enough to see her pussy under her black pantyhose, she was not wearing any panties. It was so beautiful my dick was hard in a second. I started kissing and smelling her pussy through her pantyhose. I was ready to bust after a couple of minutes.
I took her shoes off and smelled her pantyhose coverd feet. What an odor, very nice. By now I had cum dripping all over my underwear so I took off my clothes and put on my boxer shorts. I started jacking off right there. I took off my wifes pantyhose and licked on her pussy and butthole for a while while I jacked off. I smelled her pantyhose again and licked the crotch, then wrapped them around my dick and started stroking hard. I pulled my dick all the way out of my boxers and wrapped my wifes pantyhose around it and started jacking off again. I could smell her pussy and butthole on the pantyhose and started to lick her pantyhose in the pussy area and also the butt area. I could've cum without touching my dick, but I held back I kept on smelling the pussy, ass and feet area on the pantyhose for about 10 minutes, thats all I could take. I laid my wifes pantyhose on the bed and jacked off all over the pantyhose. You would'nt believe all the cum that shot out my dick! Damn what a night.

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