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Title: Soiled Panties

I visited my neighbor who happens to be a single woman in her 50s. She is very bossy not only with me but also all the other neighbors. I rather enjoy her assertive mannerisms.
When I last visited her I asked to use her bathroom and there to my absolute delight was her dirty clothing basket. Well I dug in immediately and found 5 pairs of dirty knickers. I instantly sniffed all of them but one pair of white cotton knickers that were particularily soiled. I could see the crusted marks of her labia on the gusset. I had to have them and thrust them into my inside pocket. Once out of the bathroom I made an excuse and told her I had to leave.

I could not wait to get home I sniffed them, licked them and rubbed them all round my cock before wanking a full load of spunk into the gusset.

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