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Title: Raid On Victoria Secret Panty Drawer

My daughter babysat for a neighbor two doors down from us about 8 years ago before she moved out of the house. The woman she sat for was in her mid-twenties and worked for Mary Kay. She was cute and wore stylish clothes and make-up.
My daughter mentioned to her mom, she had lots of clothes and in a passing commented that she had a draw full of Victoria Secret. Although not appearing to pay attention to that fact, I mentally noted it.

When our neighbor went on vacation, she asked my daughter to watch the house, and take care of the cat. So she gave her the keys to the front door. Those keys my daughter put into her jacket pocket hung up on the rack next to our front door.

One night I had a strong urge to masturbate and went down stairs to relieve myself, but the thought occurred to do something else. It must have been a warm night around 1:00 a.m. so I put on my robe and snuck out with the key to our neighbor's house, No one was outside, and no lights were on in the immediate neighborhood. I opened the front door, no alarms, and went up to the bedroom. It was not too hard to find the panty drawer because it was ajar and some panties were hanging out and a pair of used panties were on the rug. I must have taken a small flash-light with me, and proceeded to rummage in the drawer for some cute pairs. She wore either size 5 or 6 so they also fit me. I quickly, dropped my briefs, and climbed into her VS and jack-off into my hand very quickly.

I stuffed two pairs in my robe pocket, assuming they would not be missed, and after wiping myself off, pulled on my shorts and robe and proceeded downstairs to the front door, locked it and hurriedly returned to our house and put her panties in my downstairs bathroom. I jack off in them for a while and then threw them away out of a guilty feeling for maturbating and stealing.

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