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Title: Masturbating With Wife

My wife and I found wonderful way to masturbate together recently.
We have been married for over 20 years and we masturbate together regularly. I love to wear lingerie during sex. My wife is understanding about it. She even buys stuff for me.

Last week I was extremely aroused and needed to masturbate. My wife was not home. I went into the bedroom and put on a pair of pantyhose with a strategical opening cut out, then I put on a garter belt with stockings on top of pantyhose. I also put on a bra and a full lacy slip. It felt really nice.

I kept my outfit on, until my wife got home. She was tired and did not want to have anything to do with sex in the beginning, but after taking a shower she changed her mind and we jumped in bed for a quicky.

As I played with her, she decided to speed things up and started to put her own finger inside her vagina. I love to watch that. But what hapenned next blew my sex meter off the charts. I watched her climax. Usually she allows me to lick her, so I can taste her cum...

Not this time.

She kept me at a distance and then she kept putting her fingers into her vagina and licking her cum. She never did this with me before. That was very sexy and erotic.

I was very excited to watch that.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing my sexy outfit and I

Soon we were both cumming, not sure if we started at the same time or not but I

She then embraced me and gave me a kiss. As we were kissing both of us were tasting each others love juices in our mouths. That was an awesome and thrilling experience.

We were so aroused that we had to masturbate almost every night since we discovered that.

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