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Title: Sharing A Cabin

I am 29 years old, 5ft 9, dress size 10/12, shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and considered pretty. I am very femme and love to dress sexy in revealing dresses, skirts etc with holdups and heels. I work in the casino sales industry and so travel a great deal. Sometimes l have to go on cruise ships and usually stay on for one cruise. My accommodation depends on how many passengers are onboard, it can either be a passenger cabin or a crew cabin. On one occasion l had to share a cabin with this gorgeous Russian girl called Larissa. We ended up being lovers but l will tell you about that another time maybe. What l want to share with you is how l became brave enough to tell her my fetish and the consequences of that revelation.
We were in our cabin after she finished work and having a drink and a smoke. We were drinking Jack Daniels with ice as usual and consuming quite a lot. The conversation got round to sex and what turns me on. l told her all the things you tell a new lover but she kept pressing me what fetishes l had. l was scared to tell her so kept evading the truth by asking her what her's was but she would have none of it. l had to tell her first. She started to kiss me and run her hands over my body. l was just wearing a big t-shirt and panties...not very sexy l know, but was normal casual cabin wear. Larissa was still in her uniform..skirt, blouse and p/hose.

She kept saying "Come on baby, tell me" and "You won't freak me out".

Her hand had travelled between my legs and she could feel how wet l was through my panties...they were soaked. She then stopped kissing me and looked directly into my eyes and said " Baby trust me, l really want to know"

l said " lf l tell you, you must promise to keep it a secret" (Why do we always say things like that? it sounds so silly now)

She replied "You know l will, l promise"

So l blurted out " l like to lick my panties"

She smiled and said " Dirty panties?" and l nodded my head. l was blushing bright red when she asked "Do you sniff them?" and l nodded yes again. She kissed me passionately and then said "l want you to show me now, l want you to masturbate for me"

l could never resist Larissa so l took off my t- shirt and laid down. She moved off the bed and pulled up a stool and watched as l started to touch myself through my panties, Larissa was impatient and told me to take my panties off now. I reached down and pulled my white thongs over my ass and pulled my knees up so l could get the panties off. (The cabins had bunk beds).

Larissa grabbed them off me and inspected them saying " These are soaked" and she brought them up to her nose and sniffed them! God, that turned me on so much to see her sniffing my panties. MMMMMMMMM she said " you smell lovely" She looked at me and said " these are clean on aren't they?" She knew they were cos' l when she had called in for her break l had just had a shower.

I replied "yes".

l'll never forget what happened next because she looked straight at me and said " You lick my dirty panties don't you? l didn't know what to say but she carried on "Don't lie,you do don't you?

l meekly answered "yes".

She then told me to close my eyes and not to open them. l heard a rustling and then there was this overpowering smell near my nose! " l've worn these all day and it's been a hot day, theres a big white sticky stain on the crotch..KEEP YOUR EYES SHUT! can you smell them? she asked.

"yes" l replied.

Continuing she said " No doubt you can smell something else, well that will be a little bit of put your tongue out and lick" l was so turned on! my pussy was leaking. l stuck my tongue out out and felt a soft fabric coated with the same time l felt Larissa's fingers touch my pussy. l could smell Larissa's pussy from the panties tinged with a faint odour that l knew was pee. As my tongue returned to my mouth l could taste both! l was in heaven.....even more so as Larissa's fingers started to stroke and enter my pussy. l knew l would not last long before l came.

" Keep licking my little pantysniffer, oh yes l love seeing you lick my dirty panties......from now on you will be my panty cleaner......all done by your pretty little mouth.....Now stop and open your mouth! she ordered.

l opened my mouth and she pushed full crotch of the panties inside. They tasted tangy, a little bitter but it was the sweetest taste.

As she shouted " NOW SUCK!" her fingers rammed hard into me and l felt l was going to explode. l thrust my hips hard to get her fingers deeper in me. at the same time sucking those gorgeous dirty panties. I CAME THERE AND THEN! My body convulsed and pussy erupted covering Larissa's fingers with cream. Then she put her lips over mine and the panties and started to share the taste with me. l couldn't stop cumming...l had never cum like was fantastic......l was so wet......wet....wet.....wet Then l realised .......l'd peed a little aswell.

Larissa stopped kissing me and pulled away but still had her fingers deep in my pussy. I opened my eyes to see this gorgeous Russian girl smiling at me . "Lets see how clean you've got my panties" she said.

With that she pulled her panties out of my mouth and held up the flimsy lace thongs. I could see the crotch was soaking wet but you could still creamy discharge stains coating certain parts that had been right up her pussy. I new that Larissa's worn panties were usually like this from the times l had secretly used her soiled panties to masturbate but l was always frightened to suck them clean in case she noticed and now l had sucked front of her! I didn't know what to expect now because now my secret was out......Larissa knew my fetish for her worn panties.

She shook her head, saying "You're going to have to do a better job than this, they're still dirty. Talking of pissed on my fingers!

"I'm sorry" l blurted "l didn't mean to"

"You will be" she said, "because now you are going to suck them clean"

"No, please Larissa don't make me do that" l pleaded

l felt her fingers slide out of my pussy and then they appeared in front of my face. l could smell my pussy juice...and my pee. Her two fingers that were so recently inside of my pussy glistened with my juices, pee.......and cum!

"Open your mouth" she said

l shook my head, at which she moved closer to my face, looking me directly in the eyes and said sternly "I won't tell you again.........OPEN YOUR MOUTH!"

I was so shocked l did what she wanted and immediately her fingers invaded my mouth . "That's a good my aren't you a surprise, quite a kinky bitch. l would never have guessed. There was me going to work thinking you're in here listening to music or reading and all the time you're getting off on my dirty panties. Well my little pantylicker things are going to change between us...........don't look at me like that you'll enjoy it l'm sure. For a start, close your lovely mouth and start sucking" ordered Larissa

l immediately did as she asked and sucked. The taste was surprisingly not unpleasant even though l knew l was tasting more than my own secretions and to add to my sensations Larissa draped her soiled panties over my nose. OH GOD! l loved the smell of her pussy!

"Sniff and suck my little panty slave, sniff and suck" l heard her say "Yes you heard me right, that's what l said...SLAVE! Because from now on that's what you are...MY SLAVE and you will do anything l tell you to do" Larissa said.

I felt her other hand slide over my breasts and then almost jumped as she rolled one of nipples between her thumb and forefinger. It was rock hard. She took her cleaned fingers out of my mouth and replaced them with her mouth..kissing me passionately which l returned eagerly. Her tongue was all over the inside of my mouth and then she took my tongue and sucked. I could only breathe by breathing through my nose and Larissa's intoxicating filthy panties......and l loved it!

She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear "Do you want to cum again? "

"Ohhhhhhh yes please" I replied

With that she broke away from me and stood up "Well, you're going to have to earn it my little slave" she said mockingly "Get up and kneel at my feet, pantylicker! and take those panties off you're face" ordered Larissa

l got up and knelt at her feet. She put her hand under my chin and made me look up into her eyes. They were gleaming. She then asked me if l wanted to please her

"Yes" l replied

"Do you want to lick your Mistress's pussy, slave?" she asked.

It was the first time she had used the term "Mistress" and l knew the implications but l didn't care...l wanted to be her slave!

"Yes Mistress" l said.

When she heard that, she smiled and said "So you really are submissive...l'm really going to enjoy this. You've always tasted my pussy after l've showered but tonight you're going to taste a woman in heat and after a hard days work. " She put her hands behind her back and l heard her zip being pulled down and with that her skirt fell to the floor. She stepped out of it and spread her legs. Right in front of my face was Larissa's sex covered in luxuriant brown hair. I could smell her pussy immediately...a mixture of sweat, pee and pussy was overpowering!

"You've tasted pussy before but now you're going to taste CUNT! she exclaimed and grabbed my head and forced it between her legs.

"LICK MY CUNT SLAVE!" she ordered and l did.

This wasn't like our lovemaking which was tender and slow with lots of hugging, stroking and kissing. There was no foreplay here, l was been used solely as a sex toy to bring her off. I'd never smelt her pussy like this....uncleaned but l couldn't get enough of it...l loved it! My God she was turned on though...she was pouring juices. Her pussy lips were engorged and her clit was like an erect cock. I knew she would not take long to cum. I licked and sucked her juices. I ran my tongue deep in the valley of her cunt....savouring every taste.

"SUCK MY CLIT" she shouted and l took her clit in my mouth and sucked, flicking my tongue over it She moaned "AAAAAHHHH...that's it........l'm gonna cum......YESSSS......keep your mouth sucking........keep it open.......l want to piss in your mouth!

She wouldn't! Would she really piss in my mouth? I felt her hands grab my head and force it against her pussy and then she came!! Her whole body shook and she came in my mouth.......that gorgeous taste that l craved for. Her pussy spasmed and spasmed on my lips and tongue. i was expecting a warm liquid to fill my mouth but it never came and then l realised that l had left my mouth engulfing her pussy. I HAD BEEN WILLING TO LET HER PISS IN MY MOUTH!

She pushed my head away from her pussy and sighed "My god Arcana that was the best ever" and she knelt down and kissed my pussy soaked face and lips. Continuing she said "And now it's your turn my little slave"

She got up saying "Stay where you are, the fun has just started" She bent down and picked up her panty hose and walked behind me. Grabbing my arms, she tied them behind my back. She then walked over to the wardrobe and dragged out the dirty washing. Sorting through it she selected 2 pairs of her dirtiest panties.

" God" she said "look at these they are caked in my discharge and l want to wear one of these tomorrow, how can l get them clean?

I just knelt there saying nothing, thinking to myself what had l got myself into?. I had fantasies about panties but it was nothing like this. My lover had turned into my mistress and l had turned into a pantyslave!

Turning to me, she said in mock astonishment " Oh l forgot, l've got my little pantycleaner haven't l? Now which are the dirtiest? These l think and they just happen to be the ones l want to wear!

She'd picked her white La Perla thongs that were stiff with her discharge and had telltale signs of pee . Mind the red bikini briefs she had in her other hand had not fared any better.

"Open your mouth slave" she ordered, which l did and she shoved the stiff crotch into it. "Now suck them clean" she said. She bent down and put her hand between my legs....l was running juice like a was even running down my legs . "OOOOHHHHH, you are wet, my little pet aren't you? Let me help you" Larissa said and took her red bikini briefs and wiped my pussy with their soiled crotch.

"I'm going to get a shower now and when l return my panties had better be clean. But because l love you l'm going to be really nice to you and give you what you want. Would you like that? "she asked.

I tried to say "yes" but couldn't because of the panty gag so l nodded my head. I waited in anticipation for her to bring me off. She took the now wet bikini briefs from my sopping pussy and suddenly put them over my head with the soiled smelly wet crotch over my nose. She then kissed me on the head, said "Don't dare move from there! Stay exactly in that position!" turned and went into the bathroom.

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