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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Pantyhose Sex

I wore my crotchless pantyhose today in anticipation of some action at lunch with Mike today. I was so horny all morning thinking about how he had fucked me so good last time I had seen him. I couldn?t wait to get some more of his thick hard cock! It was so hard not to go use my pocket rocket all morning but I knew that the anticipation would only make it better! He picked me up in his truck and we went to a park that was close by. He was telling me how couldn?t stop thinking about fucking me as he stroked my nylon covered leg. His fingers found their way up to the crotchless part of the pantyhose and my wet pussy. He told me how hot it was that my pantyhose already had a place cut out for his cock to slide right in. He wanted to fuck me in the bathroom because they were all individual stalls. I was up for it as I love fucking in public! He started to shut the door and I went for his zipper. Apparently he was really liking my crotchless pantyhose because his cock was already hard. He was as thick as I remembered! It felt so good to get it back in my mouth again! His hand slipped down to my wet pussy and he slid two fingers in. I was moaning loudly as I was bent over continuing to suck on his thickness and squeeze and suckle on his balls! He pulled my face off him and turn me around so he could slide right in my soaking wet slit. I was bucking back into him and maoning loudly! He encouraged me by talking dirty to me and telling me how good it felt to fuck my wet pussy while I still had my sexy pantyhose on! It wasn?t long before we were both cumming loudly! His warm cum was running down my pantyhose leg for most of the afternoon before it started to dry. When I got home from work I peeled off my used pantyhose and his cum had dried all over the nylon and was flaking off.

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