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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Public Sex

I wanted to tell you guys some more about my Saturday night. After dinner we went out dancing and had a few more drinks. As we were dancing his hand was touching my tight ass and he brushed up against my nylon covered leg several times. I was very thankful that I had decided on the stockings so that I could wear my thong as my pussy was getting so wet from dancing close with his hard body pressed up against me. After a few minutes of dancing up against each other I could feel his cock grow hard agaist my leg and it was just too much! We couldn?t keep our hands off of each other, and what started out as a little kissing turned into a full on make out session! He grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door to his truck where we couldn?t control ourselves any longer. He unziped his jeans and offered me his thick hard cock that I eagerly started to suck on. I licked it from base to the shaft sucking nice and hard on the mushroom head of his cock before taking as much of his length into my mouth as I could! I sucked on his balls for a bit, which he enjoyed. His fingers stroked my leg where the stocking top met my skin! It felt so good having his fingers stroke my bare skin under the lace of my nylons. It gave me a shiver and made every hair on my body stand on end! I love to suck cock, and it shows. I have been told by every man that I have ever been with that I give the best blowjob that they have ever had. Judging by his moans, I would say that I?ve still got it! His fingers found my soaking wet pussy slit under my thong and he slipped a finger inside me which made me cum instantly. This turned him on even more and he started talking dirty to me. I love a man that can talk dirty. I couldn?t take it anymore and climbed into his lap. With one hand I pulled my wet panties to the side, and with the other I guided his hard cock into my soaking wet pussy. He was so big that I thought that it might not go all the way in, but I was so wet that taking his full length wasn?t a problem! I shuddered with the powerful orgasm that his first stroke had given me. I took a few seconds to recover and gather myself before I was able to continue riding his massive cock! He whispered how wet I was, as I furiously kept riding him hard until we both came together. I collasped on top of him for a minute before realizing that we were in public, and that we should probably be getting out of there before we gathered a crowd!

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