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Title: Fucked Through Pantyhose

It happened about 6 months ago, my husband and I were invited to a cousin wedding out of state, having two children we jumped at the chance for spending a weekend without them. We packed and packed all of our favorite things, and toys. And left thinking what a wonderful romantic weekend this would be.
We attended the wedding my husband smartly dressed in a fine suit and myself in a brand new dress. A simple slip over gown in black and white accented by my pearls, white pantyhose and black strap pumps, we were the best looking couple there, except maybe the bride and groom. Well maybe not even them. As the wedding wore down and we had spent time with many members of my husbands family many of which he hasn't seen in years we were invited to join them after the reception at a local bar for a cocktail or two, which we accepted gladly. It was an early afternoon wedding so it gave us plenty of time for other things.

About eight of us got together and we were soon joined by two other friends of his cousin one a short stocky man in his 40's and another a tall muscular olive skinned man with blue eyes like I've never seen before. I couldn't figure out why but a chill ran down my spine like never before, I passed it off to drink and the excitement with my husband that awaited me back at our hotel. We were all introduced and began laughing and enjoying each other's company. As the night progressed my husband step out of the seat next to me to sit next to another cousin of his across the table, without a second going by this man I'll call him Georgi, was next to me. I smiled and began a pleasant conversation with him and trying desperately not to look at him for long periods of time. His eyes were so blue and so deep, his voice was so smooth and self-assuring and his smile could melt the ice out of Alaska.

As our talk continued I felt a light brush running down the side of my thigh I swatted at it as if it were a bug clawing up my leg. But soon there after there it was again, only this time I could see what it was. Georgi had begun to trace his finger ever so slightly over my thigh. I cleared my throat and politely crossed my legs under the table moving my thigh away from his hand. Within moments his hand was resting firmly on my thigh, his fingers tracing tiny circle and all of this as he was talking across the table to my husband. I casually reached down and pushed his hand off but he returned it immediately, again making small seductive circles on my thigh. I was in total disbelief I wasn't sure what to do, do I make a scene in front of his whole family.? Before I could decide his firm grip on my thigh began to pull at my leg pulling off the other leg on which it was crossed. I tried to slide it away and recross my legs but his grip would not permit it.

His hand slid into the inner part of my thigh, a very very sensitive part of my body. His fingers performed with great skill, and before I knew it my body began to react to his masterful touch. I could feel my clit beginning to throb, my lips swell , I couldn't believe how my body was betraying me. I tried and tried to think of anything to calm myself but there was no stopping what he had started. His hand began sliding ever so slowly up my thigh , under the hem of my dress and closer and closer to my panties. I felt helpless, here I am happily married with my husband across the table from me and my panties and pantyhose are soaked by the touch of a total stranger.

My husband who was still very busy chatting away offered a round of drinks many accepted including Georgi. as my husband made his way to the bar Georgi leaned over and whispered into my ear. "your very lovely and sexy and you will be mine tonight, now excuse yourself go to the ladies room and remove your panties and make a hole in your pantyhose so I can feel your wet pussy for myself", then his tongue traced quickly over my ear. I was totally lost. Completely taken by this man, as my husband returned I excused myself and almost ran to the ladies room. I removed my pantyhose and then my soaking wet panties and that sat there struggling to put a hole in my pantyhose to allow a stranger to feel my soaking wet and up till then happily married pussy. After poking at it with my finely manicured nails I was able to make a hole. I slid my pantyhose back on put my panties in my purse and proceeded back to the table.

When I arrived the seating had changed, there was my husband sitting next to the man for whom I removed my panties for, laughing drinking, I didn't know what to do. I couldn't ask my husband to move so I could sit there and be fondled by a stranger. But as fate would have it my husband excused himself for a trip to the men's room. I took my seat next to Georgi, he smiled at me I nodded in a positive fashion, and he smiled wider. No sooner had I pulled my chair in his hand quickly found its way up my skirt and onto my soaking wet pussy. I almost cam right then, he teased my clit with his thumb as his fingers began to travel up my wet pussy. I wanted to ride his hand so badly, but I knew I couldn't, as it would be painfully obvious what I was doing. After a few minutes of this once again Georgi whispered into my ear. "Wait 5 minutes and then join me outside". As he withdrew his fingers he seductively moved them into his mouth tasting my pussy juice. The act of this drove me wild. As he walked away I watched the clock like a school child waiting for the bell to ring. As my husband returned I explained that was out of cigarettes and would drive up the block to a 7-11 I spotted on our way to the bar.

I grabbed my things and out the door I went. Over by a large SUV stood Georgi. He motioned me over and when I arrived he took no time in wrapping his arms around my waist and puling me to him. He quickly darted his tongue into my mouth, his hands firmly on my ass caressing it hiking my skirt higher as he did. My hands made their way to his neck to embrace him but he took a hand and moved mine onto the front of his pants, I could feel his cock, it felt huge, throbbing, I wanted it. He released me and opened the door to his SUV he told me to get into the back and get on all fours with my ass looking back at him. I obeyed like an obedient child, I peered over my shoulders a he shut the door and made his way up behind me. He started by caressing my ass, slowly lifting my skirt until it fell over my hips, my ass exposed. Suddenly a sharp slap across my ass. I screamed, he told me to be quiet, that all his toys had to know whom was boss. Again he slapped me even harder this time, I bit my lips moaning in pain but dripping with delight. His voice became stern. "Who owns you bitch? Tell me now"

I whimpered. " You do". Another spank and again. "Who owns you BITCH"

Louder this time I told him " you do". He ordered me to turn around, to face him. As I did he was opening his pants, I could see the faint look of his cock, and then it sprung out. It was about 7 inches long and at least 4 inches around.

He kneeled there on the floor of the truck slowly stroking his cock; the head was covered in precum. He asked me how badly I wanted it. I told him I wanted it. Still he continued to slowly stroke it. I'm sure to tease me. " Crawl for it Bitch" so I did. As I got up to it he grabbed my hair, and pulled me onto it. It entered my mouth with force almost knocking me backwards.

He grabbed both sides of my head and began to furiously fuck my mouth, all the while telling me how he liked how his latest bitch served him. His cock slid in and out, I could feel every bump and vein as pumped faster and faster.

I heard him moaning louder and louder, I thought he was going to shoot his load, but he quickly pulled out of my mouth and ordered me onto my back.

With my skirt hiked up and my pantyhose torn at my pussy he had no trouble at all mounting me. His cock split me open. He drove in his cock fast and hard slamming his groin into mine, I couldn't take anymore. I reached back,

Arched my back and screamed as my pussy let loose an orgasm so hard that I felt as if I was going to pass out. He pumped and pumped at me fucking me like a rag doll. And all the time looking at me with those blue eyes commenting on what a wife slut I was, and he was right. But I just couldn't stop myself. I heard him breathing heavier and faster I knew his load was going to fill me in moments. And then with a last deep hard thrust and his hands grabbing and pulling at my tits he blew his load deep into my pussy.

Holding himself there as his cock spurted out its last drops. He fell on top of me and kissed me. After a moment to regain ourselves he simply picked himself up buttoned up his pants and told me to compose myself before returning to the bar. The last thing he said to me was " I hope your husband like eating my cum tonight". As I walked back towards the bar I heard his truck start and drive off. As if it had never happened.

When I returned to the bar I found my husband quite drunk and whether it was luck or fate he was in no position to fool around that night. I spent that night lying in bed with my husband, the man I Love, thinking about what I had done, thinking how wrong it was, but also finding myself reliving it all and feeling my body reacting to it. After we returned home he apologized for the weekend saying how disappointed he was in himself for not giving me the weekend I was expecting. But I guess he will never know it was a weekend I will never forget. About a month after the wedding I gave away that dress I wore that night just couldn't look at it without it bringing back what had happened, and causing me to allow myself to relive the pleasure in my mind, and with my toys.

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