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Title: Roomates Wet Panties

Wednesday was girls night out, and last night was full of lots and lots of homework. Plus I had to watch a Live Webcam chat last night. This girl had the hottest panties on, and pulled them down to finger her butthole! I?d love to smell her lace panties right after she takes them off! While the panties are still damp and warm. This girl had such a nice ass!
The good news is that I?m officially done with school for a whole week! We leave for spring break on Sunday! Can?t wait to go wild, and party really hard. I?m gonna try to get laid each night! In a couple hours we?re going to hit some parties, so I thought I?d better get to writing.

Recently I had secretly wore my roommate?s wet panties to meet the guy I?ve been fucking through those adult personals. He let me give him head for quite awile, and then pulled my panties down halfway to spank my butt really hard?

As I squirmed, and yelped with each smack of his hand accross my bare bottom he once again told me to keep it down, but I couldn?t. It hurt so much, but I was getting into the sting of it, and being so submissive. My roommate?s panties were so tight between by legs. Getting really wet with my own pussy juices. It didn?t matter that I was enjoying it. I couldn?t stop yelping. I?m sure my butt was pretty red by then. It felt hot! He grabbed one of my butt cheeks and lifted me half way off his lap, and pulled her panties right off me. As he grabbed me by my hair he forced the stained panties into my mouth, and told me he knew how to keep a little slut quiet! OMG! I couldn?t believe how strong her panties tasted. I could taste my own cum, but mostly I could just smell/taste how sweaty her pussy got during her workout that morning!! These panties shouldn?t even have been worn again let alone shoved into someone?s mouth! I came instantly when he covered my mouth and face with his hand keeping the panties firmly in place!

Pulling my legs open he slid his hard cock into my soaked pussy. My thighs were actually wet! I knew I wasn?t going to be able to put my roommate?s panties back on that night or they?d still be wet from me, and I?d get caught for sure! Plus I knew I was going to take a least one load of cum in my pussy, so that would surely get me busted. Little did I know I?d be taking three loads that night! All while having those filthy panties forced in my mouth and over my nose! He likes grabbing me by my throat when he fucks? It?s nice! Stealing my roommate?s panties was the best idea I?ve had in a long time. Now if I could just get ahold of them with her still in them!

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