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Title: Leggy Up

?Go on,? whispered Carmen. ?Don?t be such a coward.? ?Hush!? said Sylvette. ?They?ll hear you.? Carmen flicked her dark hair behind her shoulders and sighed impatiently. ?If you don?t do it in the next ten seconds you lose the bet.? ?That?s not fair!? Sylvette hissed angrily, her blue eyes glinting beneath a fringe of blonde curls. ?We never agreed on a time limit.? ?Ten seconds,? Carmen insisted, before draining her beer bottle in one gulp.
Sylvette looked across to where the three teenage girls sat against the wall, their half-supped wine glasses lined up on the table in front of them. The trio were aged around eighteen and looked like trainees or secretaries from one of the nearby law firms, their youthful bodies concealed by dark business suits of the jacket-plus-skirt variety. Two had black hair while the third was a fiery-looking redhead. All three were bright and attractive, their hair tied in neat ponytails and their fingernails immaculately manicured. Opposite them sat Carmen and Sylvette, respectively a brunette and a blonde in their late twenties, drinking and smoking and staring. Unlike the office trio, these two wore casual clothes: black vest and black leather miniskirt for Carmen, white T-shirt and denim miniskirt for Sylvette. Their shoulder-length hair seemed wild and uncombed, Sylvette?s curly blonde mane looking especially tangled. They had been gazing at the girls for the past fifteen minutes, making the trio feel rather uneasy and embarrassed. ?I?m counting,? Carmen whispered. ?Ten ? nine ? eight ? seven ?? ?Okay! Okay!? hissed Sylvette. ?I?ll do it!? ?It?s no good,? said Wendy, taking a sip of wine. ?The bosses need to show us we?re appreciated.? ?I agree,? said Janice, flicking one of her long black hairs off the sleeve of her jacket. ?They should raise our wages or at least give us a bonus. What do you reckon, Kate??

She turned to Kate, the redhead of the trio, but received no response. Kate?s attention seemed to be fixed on the two women sitting a few yards away against the opposite wall. Janice followed Kate?s gaze and immediately looked away, burying her face in the collar of her jacket and giggling. Beside her she heard Wendy give a soft whistle of amazement. ?Did you see that?? Janice asked in a whisper. ?Did you see what that woman just did?? Wendy nodded, her mouth broadening in a smile as she took another sip of wine. ?Yeah, I saw it. And I?m still seeing it.? Janice looked up sheepishly and sniggered. ?Shit! Why doesn?t she put her leg down?? Wendy shrugged, grinning as she returned the fixed stares of the two women, her eyes flitting between their impassive faces. She had watched the smaller of the two, a curly-haired blonde with twinkly blue eyes, hoist her left foot onto the seat, seemingly unconcerned that the raised leg gave a clear view under her denim skirt. ?Maybe she?s too drunk to realise she?s displaying her underwear?? ventured Janice. Kate gave a small chuckle and shook her head, keeping her gaze on the two women. ?Nah! She knows exactly what she?s doing.? Wendy nodded. ?Flashing her yellow panties.? ?But why?? Janice inquired softly, watching the display while a nervous smile flickered across her lips. ?Because she?s a dyke,? replied Kate, receiving a supportive nod from Wendy. ?But why do it?? Janice repeated. ?She must know we?re not lesbians, so why would we be interested in looking under her skirt?? ?The bitch is flirting,? said Wendy. ?Trying to tease us, trying to get a reaction from us, even if it?s just shock or embarrassment.? ?She?s succeeded, then,? said Kate. ?Janice is as red as a strawberry.? ?I?m not embarrassed,? Janice protested. ?Just rather surprised.? Wendy shrugged and drained her glass, keeping her eyes on the two lesbians as she swallowed the last drop of wine. ?They don?t look like dykes,? said Janice. ?They look more like the sort of sluts who hang around nightclubs on a Saturday.? Kate shook her head and nudged Janice?s shoulder. ?Don?t be so naïve, Jan! There?s no such thing as a lesbo stereotype these days. They don?t all shave their heads and wear lumberjack shirts.? ?They?re both really pretty,? whispered Wendy, in a voice so soft that she seemed to be speaking to herself. ?Especially the dark-haired one.? Janice gave Wendy an elbow-jab in the ribs, startling her out of what seemed to be some kind of dreamy trance. ?Be careful what you say, girl,? said Janice, grinning and winking. ?Your boyfriend might get to hear about it.? ?Fuck!? hissed Kate, interrupting her friends? discussion. ?Look at them now. They?re both putting on a show.? Janice looked across at the lesbians and saw that the dark-haired one now had her right foot on her seat, the movement making the leather miniskirt ride up almost to her waist. ?This is getting so crazy!? said Kate, taking a long sip from her glass. ?Just ignore it,? advised Janice. ?Don?t encourage them by staring. It?s the reaction they?re hoping for.? ?Red satin!? Kate observed, turning to Janice with a wide chuckling grin. ?Red satin panties under a black leather skirt. How slutty is that?? Janice grimaced in agreement, but Wendy merely gave a dismissive shrug and sighed. ?It?s all a matter of opinion,? she retorted. ?Personally, I think she looks quite nice.? Kate and Janice shook their heads and smirked at each other, but Wendy caught the gaze of the dark-haired lesbian and exchanged a smile with her. That proved too much for her friends, who stood up quickly, straightening their suits. Janice took a deep breath and looked down at Wendy, who had made no move to depart. Kate cast a quick glance at the two lesbians and rolled her eyes in dismay. ?I?ve had enough of this panty-flashing, or flirting, or whatever it is,? she said. ?Let?s get back to the office. Lunchtime is nearly over and we?ll be late if we don?t hurry. Come on, Wendy!? ?I?m staying here,? came the reply. ?Tell the boss I don?t feel too good and I?ll phone him later. Tell him I?ve been sick and gone home.? ?Are you crazy?? hissed Janice, leaning on the table. ?Those weird dykes are certain to hit onto you if you don?t leave. What?s the point of staying?? Wendy shrugged nonchalantly, trying to conceal a mischievous smile. ?I?m sure I?ll be OK. Just tell the boss I?m too sick to work the afternoon.? Kate gave her a frown and a long knowing look. ?I think I?ve figured out what you?re up to, but I hope I?m wrong.? ?No,? said Wendy, feeling her cheeks glowing as she grinned up at her friends. ?Your guess is probably correct.? ?I don?t understand,? said Janice, looking puzzled. ?Surely you?re not thinking of ? ? ?Please be careful, Wendy,? Kate interrupted. ?Don?t get into anything you can?t handle.? ?Don?t worry about me,? Wendy replied, as Kate and Janice walked away. She watched them go and returned the little wave that Janice sent from the doorway. ?Something?s happening,? Carmen whispered. ?Those two seem to be leaving.? ?Good,? Sylvette replied softly. ?Maybe the other one might stay awhile longer.? ?She?s gorgeous!? observed Carmen. ?Black hair, dark eyes and smooth suntanned skin. She looks Italian or Spanish, don?t you think?? Sylvette nodded. ?A very beautiful girl. Not yet out of her teens, I guess.? ?Not yet out of her skirt, you mean!? said Carmen. ?Go on, sexy babe, tell me what you?re thinking?? Sylvette smiled and gave a dreamy sigh, keeping her eyes fixed on Wendy, ignoring the other two girls when they walked off to exit the bar. ?I?m thinking about what she?s wearing under that smart suit,? said Sylvette. ?Something cute and stylish, perhaps? A white lace bra with matching thong??

Carmen shook her head, smiling across at Wendy while answering Sylvette. ?No, I disagree. She looks like the type of girl who?d wear something comfortable and practical, so no lace underwear. Too prickly under a suit in summer. I reckon she?s wearing stretchy cotton, probably white or black.? ?Panties or thong?? asked Sylvette. ?Thong,? replied Carmen. ?Definitely a thong.? ?She?s staring at you,? said Sylvette. ?What do you propose to do about it?? ?Take her to bed and fuck her,? Carmen whispered. ?How can you be so confident?? Sylvette inquired. ?She might be just looking at you out of curiosity. Or maybe she?s wondering why two women are sitting in a smoky bar with their legs up, flashing their underwear to a bunch of pretty office girls.? ?She?s certainly curious,? said Carmen. ?She?s desperate to talk to us.? ?Prove it,? said Sylvette. Wendy felt a shiver of trepidation when the dark-haired lesbian got up and came over to sit beside her. ?Hi, I?m Carmen!? ?Wendy Powell,? came the reply. ?I don?t need to know your surname, babe,? said Carmen, her blue eyes glinting as she smiled at the girl. Wendy grinned nervously, wishing that her cheeks were not blushing so deeply. ?What exactly do you want?? she inquired. ?An answer,? Carmen replied. ?On behalf of my blonde friend over there. She wants to know something.? ?Well? What does she want to know?? Carmen leaned against Wendy to whisper in her ear: ?She wonders what you?ve got on under that suit.? Wendy blushed a very bright red and stifled an embarrassed giggle. ?Your friend is a weirdo, Carmen. And a very drunk weirdo, too, if she thinks I?ll answer such a personal question.? ?So you refuse to answer?? Wendy nodded, feeling a shiver of anxiety when she realized Carmen was still leaning against her shoulder. ?OK, have it your own way,? said Carmen. ?I?m sorry if I?ve embarrassed you.? ?I?m not embarrassed,? Wendy replied untruthfully. She paused to nibble her lower lip, turning her face towards Carmen. ?I?m not embarrassed, just a bit puzzled. I can?t understand why you and your friend flashed your underwear at us. I could understand it if we were three guys, but why bother to flash your panties at three women?? ?Because we?re gay,? Carmen explained. Wendy smiled. ?We figured that out for ourselves. But you must have guessed that we three aren?t gay, so what was the point of flashing at us?? Carmen shrugged. ?We?re just a couple of tipsy dykes having a bit of fun, that?s all. It?s just a game.? ?A game?? ?Yes,? said Carmen. ?Sylvette and me and a few of our friends sometimes play it when we?ve had too many beers. We dare each other to flash our underwear at unsuspecting straight girls. It only works when we?re wearing skirts, of course. We call the game Leggy Up.? She paused to whisper again in Wendy?s ear. ?I?m sorry if we offended you.? ?You didn?t offend me. I just find it amusing and rather weird.? ?Did you enjoy the view?? Carmen asked bluntly. Wendy hesitated, blushing so deeply that her cheeks sizzled. ?I guess so,? she answered softly. Then, recovering her composure a little, she added: ?Are you hitting on me?? ?Yes,? came the reply. ?Do you want me to take my lust elsewhere?? Wendy nodded, seeing a veil of sadness fall across Carmen?s face. The lesbian rose slowly and was about to return to Sylvette when Wendy suddenly grabbed her wrist. ?I didn?t mean it like that, Carmen,? said the girl. ?I meant that we could leave together, you and me. And your friend, too, if she wants to join us. We could go and sit in the park, in the sunshine. Or we could find somewhere in the shade, if you prefer. My apartment is only a ten minute walk from here.? ?Got any beer in the fridge?? Carmen inquired, her blue eyes sparkling. ?Enough for the three of us,? Wendy replied, smiling as she stood up.

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