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Title: Panty Lesbian

Saturday morning. Woke up late, around 9.20am, with no hangover. Karen was rooting in her wardrobe, swearing and mumbling and still wearing yesterday's underwear. I reminded her that she'd slept in those white panties after putting them on twelve hours ago. She sat on the bed and gave me a kiss, telling me I really needed to brush my teeth. I told her she needed to take a shower and wash the stinky sweat out of her hair.
We had a late breakfast, 10.00 through 10.30. I showered at around 11.00 but Karen did nothing more than clean her teeth and wash her face. "Why are you such a scumbag at weekends?" I asked. After my shower I started to get dressed in the bedroom. Just as I stepped into some clean underwear Karen sneaked up behind. She reached around to grab my bare tits, throwing me onto the bed and running her hand all over the front of my panties. I'd put on a pair of black cotton hi-legs, the nice soft ones made by Sloggi, never worn before and fresh out of the wrapper. Karen said I smelt soapy and clean and that she wanted sex, but I refused point-blank and called her a dirty bitch. "You definitely need to get in that shower, Sweety Pie!" I yelled, but in the end I had to run out of the room to escape her probing fingers.

Noon, or maybe a little later, and I was keyboarding on the laptop. By then I was fully dressed but Karen still lounged around like a zombie, sprawled on the sofa in yesterday's bra and panties, scratching her crotch through the white cotton. She was getting so bored by then and is such an annoying bitch when she has nothing to do. She put her arms around me and nearly dragged me off the chair, which got me so mad that I told her to get lost, but then I apologized straightaway. The poor creature looked so hurt and rejected that I switched off the laptop and gave her a cuddle on the sofa. Again I tried to make her take a shower, but she said she felt too tired. She switched on the TV so I got up and went to the kitchen.

Later I made her a ham sandwich but she ate only half of it. She wanted to go shopping in town but I said no. The weather was too warm and humid, with lots of cloud making everywhere stuffy and sticky. But Karen offered one of her bribes "I'll buy you any T-shirt you like" and I never pass up a freebie. So I agreed to go, and only then did Karen decide to put on some clothes. Off we went in the car, me driving while Karen tunelessly tried to sing along to the radio, boasting "It's Norah Jones. I really like her stuff. I know the words to this song".

Parked the car and walked to the arcade. The day was getting too hot for me already and I regretted putting on a pair of jeans. Karen was OK, of course, having sensibly put on a denim miniskirt and white vest. Even with her short hair all tousled and unwashed she looked gorgeous and attracted lots of attention from guys. It happens so often that she barely notices it, but it bothers me quite a lot and makes me want to tell those deluded males to stop wasting their time. By contrast I felt shabby and unattractive, even though I'd showered and she hadn't, my black T-shirt feeling itchy and uncomfortable. In the arcade I advised Karen not to use the spiral stairs, in case somebody below looked up her skirt and saw that she wasn't wearing clean underwear. For a moment she thought I was being serious: "Why should I care, Jenny? There aren't any pee stains". Then she laughed when she realised I was only teasing.

Saw some very sexy women walking around the arcade. Plenty of tanned legs and short skirts. Plenty of cute buttocks in tight white trousers. Karen insisted on following a nice slim woman in her early thirties, a sun-bronzed blonde holding hands with her husband or boyfriend. She was absolutely stunning: long hair, long legs, a fantastic figure. She had on a pair of primrose yellow hipsters and a white T-shirt, the trousers fitting close on her firm ass and showing a delicious panty outline. I would have expected a thong under those hipsters, because the yellow fabric was so thin and stretchy, but her panties were just normal briefs, not even hi-leg or tanga, in white with a pattern of narrow dark stripes. Clearly she had no idea her underwear was on show. To make things worse she was strutting along like a supermodel, obviously thinking she was the most stylish girl in town. "Maybe we should tell her everyone can see her knickers?" joked Karen, but I knew she was actually very excited by the view. So was I, of course.

The trendy clothing store where Karen likes to browse was full of teenage girls and we could hardly get in the place. Most of the girls were very young but there was one particularly cute honey of about nineteen, a dreamy-eyed student type with very short black hair and a lovely face. Despite the heat and humidity she wore a denim jacket over her pink floral dress, plus chunky black boots. I stared at her for ages while Karen rummaged through the discount clothes. I'm ninety percent certain that the girl was either a dyke or bi-curious, but I've made big mistakes in the past so I decided to leave her alone. Karen never even noticed her.

Next stop was the music store, where Karen hoped to buy a dvd for Sunday night at home, but nothing caught her eye and all the cheap deals were rubbish. We wasted about a half hour in there, emerging without buying anything. Then we hit the bookstore, which was pleasantly cool and quiet. Karen bought a Thai cookbook while I browsed the sci-fi novels. The bespectacled checkout girl is always there on Saturdays. She's incredibly sweet and always seems quite flirty, especially with Karen, but no way is she on our side of the sexual swamp and she would definitely panic if we made any move. Blonde ponytail, blue T-shirt and black low-rise jeans. When she bent down to pick up a bag for the cookbook we both got a very pleasant glimpse of her white lace thong, a vision that kept Karen quiet for most of the next five minutes.

More tight clothes and visible panty lines out on the street, but only three or four bodies worth staring at between the bookstore and our final stop. In we plunged, into the bargain store where we often buy T-shirts and socks. Lots of cheap underwear at the back, but none of it pretty enough to explore. Sometimes I've seen cute women browsing the racks of panties and bras, buying something sexy that I'll then imagine them wearing, but nobody was there today. Karen kept her promise and bought me a T-shirt, a red one with a white stripe across the middle which might look OK on the dancefloor.

At 4.00pm we returned to the car and drove home, both of us singing along to the Eighties show on the radio. Bobbi phoned at six o'clock to check we were meeting her at nine-thirty. She was really giggly after drinking beer most of the afternoon. I knew from the tone in her voice that she was planning to fuck me that night and the thought of being in bed with her made me so hot. Bobbi's tongue is as soft and smooth as silk and she knows how to use it. I put down the phone and started fingering myself, unzipping my jeans and shoving a trembling hand down the front of my underwear.

I walked into the bedroom and lay on the bed, pushing my jeans down to my knees and caressing my cunt through the black panties. I saw Karen's discarded underwear on the carpet and picked it up, holding the white cotton against my face and inhaling deeply. She'd worn the same undies for the past twenty hours and the gusset was rank with her musky aroma, a mind-blowing cocktail of sweat, pee dribbles and vaginal oozings. The first sniff sent me wild, intoxicating my senses, making me whisper her name as I lay squirming on the bed. My fingering became more frantic and I sucked the gusset into my mouth, tasting Karen's unique flavour and feeling a desperate urge to kiss her. Soon, my own panties were soaked with cunt juice and I had already climaxed when she emerged from the shower, naked and glowing, drying her short brown hair with a towel.

She grinned when she saw me masturbating and crawled lazily onto the bed, lying on top of me and gently squeezing my tits through the T-shirt. My hands reached around to grab her beautiful ass, feeling her neat buttocks wriggling in my fingers. Still grinning, she clamped her mouth onto her sweaty panties and together we stretched them between our teeth, Karen's hazel eyes glinting mischievously. Our mouths released the underwear and Karen picked up the panties, dangling them near her face, wrinkling her nose at the smell before flinging them onto the floor.

"Oh shit!" she hissed. "Did I really walk around town wearing those stinky knickers?"

I nodded, and she planted a lovely gentle kiss on my lips. I put my arms around her neck and held her close, wildly kissing her face and neck, knowing that we would both soon need another shower before going out to meet Bobbi.

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