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Title: Meal Out

Jane sat back in her chair, and gazed around the restaurant over the top of her menu. The restaurant was about half full. About 40 diners all were enjoying their meals with their lovers, families, friends and colleagues. All except one man, sitting on his own over in the corner. He to was glancing over his menu, and for an instant their glance met, and he smiled at Jane. She felt a sharp tug deep in her clit.
He had a cheeky smile that lit up his pale blue eyes. His brown hair was wavy,? a bit like Hugh Grant? thought Jane. He had on a black leather jacket, and a pale blue shirt. The waiter appeared to take Jane's order, and with him he brought a glass of champagne. ?The gentleman at table 7 would like you to have a drink with him? the waiter said. Jane picked up her glass, and very slowly, and seductively sashayed up to the table. ?Thanks for the drink? she said. ?My name is Peter? he replied. He had a very deep sexy voice that was strangely erotic.

?Jane ? she replied and held out her hand. He took it in his. And touched it to his lips. At his touch Jane felt a sudden wetness in her lace panties. At this knowledge she blushed, hoping that Peter wouldn't notice. Jane returned to her table, aware that Peter's eyes were burning into her. As her meal continued, she grew increasingly aware of the sexy erotic man, sitting on his own in the restaurant, staring and using his food, and implements to make sexual suggestions to her. She knew she was wet, and horny.

Jane made her way quickly to the ladies toilet. ?Good its empty? she thought. She locked the door, and removed her panties. Sitting astride the toilet, with her skirt bunched up round her waist, she started to rub gently at her clit. Her lips grew almost immediately, and the wetness multiplied. Aware of the fact that her appearance would be missed, she started to delve three of her fingers in and out of her sopping pussy. The speed increased, as she quickly shuddered to orgasm, leaving a trail of cum over the toilet seat. She cleaned herself, and the toilet up, and slipped back to her table. Peter had noticed her disappearance. He raised a quizzical eyebrow on her return, and beckoned her over. ?Are you ok? You look a bit flushed, and you seemed to be gone along time? Jane sat down, and said brazenly ?You got me so hot, staring at me, and kissing my hand, that I had to go into the bathroom, and wank myself off? Peter looked at her with a stunned expression on his face, and nearly choked on his champagne. ?Tell Me,? he ordered, and Jane found herself telling him about how she went to the toilet, and masturbated herself to orgasm. At the end of her story, Peter sat silent, then said, ?Do you know how hard my prick is right now? Jane glanced around the restaurant. Nobody was taking any notice of him or her. Everyone was eating, concentrating on his or her own food and company. Watching the room all the time, Jane slowly dropped her napkin on the floor. Then knelt down to retrieve it. With a final check on the room, Jane crawled under the table.

Sitting beneath the table, Jane could see Peter's crotch. Silently she reached out and touched the bulge. Peter jumped. Jane unzipped his trousers, and pulled out his magnificent erection. She rubbed it slowly between her hands, feeling it respond to her touch. Jane started to feel herself getting wet again so she took one hand away from Peter's cock, and started touching herself. Her lace panties were saturated, so she ripped them off with one sharp pull, and placed them in Peter's hand. His hands were on his thighs, and didn't know what Jane had put in his grasp. He moved the tablecloth away from himself, just enough to peep at what he held. Jane gave him time to register the item, then quickly snatched them from him, and rubbed them over his cock. Peter couldn't believe this was happening. Here he was in the middle of a restaurant, with an enormous erection, being tended to by a beautiful horny woman. He placed his hands firmly on the table, trying to keep the rapture from his face. Jane started to lick his shaft very, very slowly up and down. Little licks like a lollipop. He gave a sharp intake of breath as she took one of his hard balls into her mouth. Making the pace faster, Jane pushed her face into his crotch, taking all of the hard, throbbing cock into her mouth, and down her throat. Peter was in ecstasy, and was dying to let out a groan, but couldn't. No one knew what was happening to him. Jane pushed her fingers inside her cunt, like she had done in the toilet. She could taste the pre cum leaking from Peter's swollen dick. She wiped the wetness from her pussy on Peter's shaft, tasting herself as well as him. She could feel Peter growing larger in her mouth, and she knew any second hot, salty spunk would be running down her throat. Faster and harder she sucked, and finger fucked herself until the contractions of her pussy wracked her body. Warm cum ran down her fingers, and up her wrist. Seconds later, Peter's cock throbbed uncontrollably in her mouth, and his balls grew harder. An eruption of spunk spewed into her mouth, and down her throat. Gulping she swallowed, and sucked until every drop of semen was safe and sound in her belly.? I love this desert? she thought wickedly.

Sated, at least for now, Jane used the napkin she had dropped before to wipe Peter's now limp and tired cock, then making sure she was clean, stuffed her wrecked panties into her skirt pocket, and tentatively peeped out from under the table. The coast was clear. Still no one was looking. She quickly got up. And walked back to her table. Peter's face was like a beetroot. She paid her bill, and collected her coat. As she approached her car, a voice called her name. Turning she saw it was Peter. ?Same time next week? he asked. ?Different restaurant? she replied. ? I just love going out to dinner with my husband!?

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