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Title: The Librarian

Dave and Kathy had been married over ten years. Dave was a teacher, and Kathy worked in a library. Their sex life was good?nothing special, regular, boring sex. Dave longed for excitement, for Kathy to be more experimental in the bedroom, or anywhere for that manner, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings, or suggest he wasn't satisfied .She still had a great figure, pert tits, tight ass, and long legs. Dave loved her short brown hair and blue eyes, but he longed to come home, and for her to be waiting for him, naked, and playing with the biggest dildo ever! He wanted to walk into the kitchen, yank up her skirt, and push his hot throbbing cock into her while she stood at the sink. He had all these fantasies running about in his head.
?At least I have one Friday a month for me? he thought. The last Friday in every month Kathy drove 60 miles to visit her mother in the city. Kathy hated to drive in the dark, so she always stayed over. This was Dave's night. He had his own little routine. After Kathy had gone on Friday afternoon, he would have a bath, something to eat, and frequent one of the many strip bars, lap dancing clubs that the nearby towns had to offer. When he could stand it no longer, he would leave, pick up beer and porn. He would watch those bitches being fucked in every position, in every orifice, just like he wanted to fuck Kathy. Wanking was no substitute, but he had all night, and his fantasies.

That night Dave thought he'd try a different town, further a field. The lads at work had been talking, and this club was fantastic. Dave sat at the bar with his beer. The music started, and the lights went down. A beautiful girl appeared in a white bikini and moved to the music. When she bent over right in front of him, Dave felt his cock stir. ?This club is great,? thought Dave. The girl finished her act, and after a couple of minutes, the curtains went back. Scenery had been put in place for the next girl, and ironically thought Dave the set seems to be a library. The girl appeared in a long skirt, button up blouse, cardigan and flat shoes, long blonde hair flowing, carrying a pile of books. The raunchy music began to play, and the girl placed the books on a shelf, and started a slow sensual strip. First the cardigan, then the shoes. As she began to unbutton her blouse, the crowd whistled in anticipation. A pair of firm tits appeared encased in white lace. Dave felt his erection push against the zip of his jeans, as the girl twisted a nipple between her fingers, licking her lips. She gyrated over to the bookcase, and picked up a pile of books. Dropping them onto the floor, she immediately lay on her belly, pretending to be reading. Her long skirt fell rode up her stocking clad thighs as she swung her legs backwards and forwards. Rolling over to her back, she arched her back, and unfastened her skirt, raising her legs, and sliding the skirt over her tight ass, and down her long tanned legs. A white sequinned gstring was revealed. As she bumped and grinded in front of him Dave felt his hard on was stretched to the limit.

The girl saw Dave staring at her, and the noticeable bulge in his pants. She lay on her back rubbing her pussy through the sheer sparkly material. Dave was sure he could see a wet patch starting to appear on her panties. The girl spread her legs, and while she lay facing Dave, pulled her erect nipple from her bra. Continuously rubbing, twisting, and pulling, Dave felt he was going to shoot it in his jeans. His balls ached like fuck. He was on the point of going to the toilet, and wanking the pressure away, when the girls spot ended, and another girl took her place on the stage. Dave was disappointed, until the ?Library? girl appeared at his side at the bar. She touched his arm and took a few steps away from him. She beckoned him to follow her. Dave was curious. ?Why me? Does she do this every night?? These thoughts ran round his head, as he followed her down a dark narrow corridor into a room at the end. In it was a single bed with a cover on it, a chest of drawers with a cd player playing Barry White, and an armchair. The girl lit a candle on the chest of drawers, and led Dave and his erection to the bed. She unzipped him and swiftly took the 8-inch member in her red painted mouth. As she sucked and licked the wet shaft Dave rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb, squeezing hard. The girl moaned, not missing the rhythm of her task. Dave was so turned on seeing her red lipstick on his shiny prick. He started to buck and thrust his cock down the girls throat, with one strong suck, cum began to pump down her throat. Pump, pump, pump Dave thought he would never stop cumming. The girl swallowed all of his offering.

Dave looked at the girl; she was rubbing her pussy vigorously through her panties. She started to insert first one finger, then two, and then three into her leaking hole. Dave felt himself growing hard again and reached across and ripped the panties off and threw them on the floor. He wanted to see her pussy wide wet and swollen. She saw Dave second erection and pushed on to his back. Quickly she mounted him, lowering herself slowly onto the thick shaft. Slowly he pushed his way inside feeling her wet warmth surrounding his cock. She bounced on his cock making sure she took every millimetre up her soggy cunt hole. He reached up and unhooked her bra. He grabbed a rosy nipple in his mouth. The action sent waves of desire through her to her cunt. He felt it contract with each lick, and he knew he was bringing her nearer and nearer to an orgasm. She climbed off his cock, and stood before him. Pulling him to his feet, she wordlessly turned round, and pushed her ass into his crotch. He pushed her over the bed, and forcefully impaled her with his cock. She bucked and writhed riding his cock hard. She pulled one of his hands away from her hips and placed it on her tit. Dave thrust deep inside her, at the same time pulling her nipple. She knew she was going to cum, her juices were already running down her legs, wetting the white lace top of her stockings. Dave's cock grew and throbbed in time with her thrusts, and with an enormous groan shot his load inside her. She came over his now tingling prick, juice squirting, and contractions so strong he thought his dick would come off!

Again wordlessly she got and left. Dave unsure, collected his clothes, and left too. He was exhausted, and immediately fell asleep, waking up at noon the next day to Kathy coming home. He was still in the clothes from the night before, and didn't want her to find him like that. He ran for the shower. The water was battering his body when he heard Kathy shout. ?I'm in the shower,? he shouted. Ok sweetheart, I'll just unpack and put the washer on? Dave stepped out of the shower, and wandered into the bedroom. ?What are those on the floor? he said to himself, as he spotted about half a dozen shiny things on the floor near Kathy's overnight bag. ?Sequins ? he said ?white sequins, I wonder where they came from???????????

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