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Title: Dance Recital

This is a story of how I get ready for a dance recital and the problems I face trying to stay clean before going on stage and getting chased by my boyfriend. I was preparing to take a bath so I turned on the water in the tub added some bubble bath and peach body wash, before I go in I use nair on my legs, then after a few minutes and looking to make sure my legs are smooth and silky, I then enter the bathtub and bath Ithen get out to dry myself, then I paint my toenails red, then I put on my Legg's everyday suntan pantyhose, then my strapless bra and then my makeup and my pink skating costume.
No panties are worn under the costume due to the stage lights picking them up ! I then put on my silver ballroom sandals, grab my dance bag with my tap and jazz shoes and two pair of pantyhose and extra costume. As I walk out to my car the men look at my legs and pay me compliments ! I get in my car, start it up, and drive to my boyfriends house first to pick him up and take us to the show.

He got in the car and we kissed he then oogled my legs like a hungry wolf !

YIKES !! I exclaimed watch my good pantyhose! I want to stay fresh for the recital !

As we drove my boyfriend kept looking at my legs and watching my feet work the gas pedal and clutch this turned him on for some reason. Then as my luck ran out it started to rain ! Great ! I thought just what I needed ! Driving in a car with a turned on boyfriend trying to place his hands on my pantyhose now a storm to make the ground muddy and soft ! Yikes ! What did I do to deserve this?

Just last week I ruined a pair at the office getting tricked into some mud and now this!!! When we arrived we got out of my car the parking lot was damp and a few recital goers were getting inside before another hitch of rain came by. I told my boyfriend to go into the auditorium while me and some of my girlfriends go back and get ready but my boyfriends younger brother was there and he loved to play tricks on me.

So as I waited in the dressing room glad not to get dirty his younger brother ran in and said my boyfriend left his coat in my car, so I hurried out to the parking lot only to get caught in a downpour of rain !! now my costume, pantyhose, makeup and nail polish were ruined! as was my hair ! I went back inside soaked and mad that i was tricked by his brother.

My boyfriend appeared with his coat! I was so mad I cried ! he then caressed me and told me to hurry up and get cleaned up as the show was to take place in a few minutes. So i cleaned myself up dried the costume as best i could and went on stage and did my numbers.

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