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Title: Peeing In Hose

Silky. Shiny. Sexy...That?s how I felt and looked as I viewed myself in the full length mirror before heading off to an aerobics class in my new hot pink spandex leotard and ultra sheer tan colored pantyhose. I looked absolutely gorgeous and knew more than a couple of the guys in class would be getting a workout just from trying to not get hard ons. I turned around and ran my hand up the dangerously high cut leg seem of the skimpy dancewear and squeeled with delight.
Of course, my objectives for wearing such an outfit were far from having anything to do with getting any exercise. I?m a public pantyhose pisser. And tonight was going to be my latest performance. And one that no one would forget.

I?d started preparing for it more than two hours ago as I?d just shaved my legs and womanhood to silky smoothness and then massaged baby oil all over before slipping into my ultra sheer crotchless nylons. When I say ?crotchless? I don?t mean the kind where there?s an opening, but rather the type that don?t have that small circular cotton area. These nylons were 100heer nylon from waist to toe.

I giggled in delight as I slid myself into them and felt the cool feel of nylon envelop my legs as I pulled them all the way up. I never knew how stimulating the feel of sheer nylon against a freshly shaven pussy could feel and despite fighting the feeling I knew I was getting a little wet.

Next, I stepped into and stretched the new hot pink leotard over my curvaceous body and up and over my braless boobs and smoothed out the material so it hugged properly in all the right places. To finish, I put on a pair of baby blue ankle socks and my pink Adida workout shoes.

I was ready.

My plan that night was to stage an accident during class where I would tinkle in my leotard and hose for all too see. I?d read that some of those with a more exhibitionistic style have often used this tactic and have feigned their embarrassment and have drawn upon peoples sympathies.

The idea of watching people see my go potty in my hose really began to turn me on and knew this would be a bold way to get things going. So, I grabbed my gym bag and headed out the door.

Thirty minutes later I?d arrived at the workout center in the next town over where no one knew me and used my membership pass, which was good at all locations, and headed for the gym.

I could see many turn and look my way as I walked across the workout area and felt lustful stares burn up and down my silky body and smiled to myself. Again, I caught myself in the mirror as I passed by the weights area and the way the fluorescent lights reflected off my hosiery made it look like my legs were already wet.

I was hot.

Soon the class filled up and things started. There were about twenty people in there with about a third being guys. They too quickly noticed me as I was only one of three other girls wearing a leotard. Fashions had changed, even for aerobics as workout pants were far more common. But, I loved leotards almost as much as pantyhose and thought they were far more sexually appealing and revealing.

The guys seemed to think so too as they smiled broadly at me. Well, all except for two. I think they were a gay couple or something, because they looked at me like I was pigslop. Oh, well. That?s their business?

We quickly warmed up and I quickly downed several gulps from my waterbottle, as I had been all night and already felt my badder beginning to stretch. I?d gotten good at holding it, and tonight would not hold back for a moment when I no longer could. I was going to let nature have it?s way with me for all too see.

I tried to not get excited about it as the thought of soaking myself dominated my thoughts, but it was hard not to. Somewhere along the line I?ve really let myself become some sexually starved fetishist, and all because of a real accident I?d had while waiting in line at the bank a few months ago.

Anyway, the music played and we all began to move according to the rhythm of the loud techno music and I soon began to feel my muscles work and my heart rate rise. About twenty minutes into it I started to sweat and felt my bladder begin its protest.

I ignored the feeling as it steadily grew stronger and concentrated on working out. It was perfect. I?d managed to get myself placed in the middle, with people all around me, so no one would miss the show that was about to begin. We began to do a series of steps and kicks and that?s when I felt the damn beak.

At first, just a small stream of honey escaped my now hot and very wet vagina and soaked the material of my leotard thoroughly, but I ignored it and kept on dancing as though nothing had occurred. No one seemed to notice as they were all caught up in their own workouts, so I kept going.

A moment later I let myself go and it felt like I?d put a water balloon in my nylons and then popped it with a needle. Urine gushed everywhere and ran down my legs and onto the floor. This time, people were looking at me as I stared back at them through the large mirror in front of us, but they kept moving and the music kept playing. In less than a minute though, they began to move away from me as I freely peed on myself and watched the shiny pink spandex of my leotard grow dark with wetness.

At that moment, I pretended to notice for the first time in the mirror and then stopped and threw my hands before me and backed away from the group with mock shame. The instructor finally noticed the fullness of the situation as her eyes went wide and she came rushing over with a large towel and handed it to me.

?Thank you.? I cried weakly. ?I?d forgotten to take my medication and now look what?s happened. I?m so ashamed.?

Let them think I have some medical condition. I mean who would do such an embarrassing thing on purpose, right?

The other woman looked sympathetic and offered to walk me to the locker room to change, which I weakly nodded my acceptance too. Once we left the room, I again let myself pee freely and let it run down my nylon covered legs in earnest.

?Oh no, my pantyhose.? I cried. ?They?re soaked.?

The instructor glanced downward and smiled faintly, saying something comforting. She was actually very sweet about it and tried not to embarrass me. But I?m sure as soon as she got home she?d be telling her boyfriend about this dumb blonde who?d pissed all over herself in her class. I felt giddy and tried to look shamed as I thanked her and headed into the locker room.

The locker room was filled with only a few people and I suddenly got an idea on how to have some more fun. The locker room was connected to the indoor pool, so I headed to the shower and let the warm water wet me completely and make it impossible to know what I?d done earlier and headed to the pool.

There were many people swimming that night and I got more than a few looks as I headed to the pool?s edge wearing wet nylons and a soaked skin tight leotard that my breasts and hard nipples were showing though perfectly. Oh, god, so many people were staring at me, with all the men smiling.

I slid myself into the pool and began to swim towards the deeper end where the adults were. I could tell I was really heating things up in there as my chest would bob above the water line every now and then. With the warm water all around me I found myself having to pee all over again, and so I did. I must have pissed for like two minutes straight as I gently kicked my legs back and forth under the water.

It was such a great and erotic feeling, and by now I really wanted something in me to make me cum. I swam over to the cement edge at the deepest edge and rested my arms on it, thinking about what I should do next.

Just then a good looking guy swam over to me and looked kind of nervous about something.

I smiled at him and asked him if he had something on his mind.

?I, uh, actually, yeah.? He blushed.

I asked him what it was.

?Well?I noticed you come in earlier and you were wearing pantyhose under your swim suit. I was just wondering why.?

I don?t know why, but I just told him everything. How?d I?d pissed myself earlier in class and then came in here.

I don?t know what I was thinking, but it turned me on to talk about it with a stranger. I could tell that although he found it odd, he was getting turned on by it as well. On impulse I slid my hand under water and felt his crotch.

Hard as a rock. I knew it.

?Wanna do me a favor?? I suddenly asked.

He nodded.

?Take your hand and slide it inside my leotard and finger my cunt and ass, would you? I?m really hot right now and need this.?

The guy was in total shock, but after a minute, he began to smile and nodded. A second later his fingers were in me. Well, my nylons provided the faintest of barriers, but he was in me and fingering me madly. I leaned into the cement edge and made it seem as though we were just talking. No one else was in this part of the pool, so no one could see what was happening beneath the water. I stifled my cries of ecstacy as he tortured my poor vagina until she came forcefully and powerfully under the water.

A moment later I opened my eyes and looked around. No one seemed to notice what had just occurred, so I asked him if he?d like me to suck him off under water.

The idea seemed to scare and excite him terribly, but of course he agreed.

Without waiting for his answer, I placed my hands inside his trunks and he looked around nervously.

?Don?t look anxious.? I scolded. ?It just looks like we?re talking.?

As I soothed him, I was gently pulling and squeezing his hard rod out through one of the side legs of his trunks. I then sank down under water and placed my hot mouth over his manhood and began to pleasure him. I knew I couldn?t stay under too long, as this was pretty awkward, but wanted to repay him for his favor to me, so I paced myself. I think I?d managed to go for only about thirty seconds before he exploded and shot hot semen into my mouth. I spit it out and came up for air. We both saw the white pearl streaks float around between us and then I quickly smiled and told him I had to go.

With a quick motion, I pulled myself over the edge and out of the pool and headed to the locker room as water poured off my nylon and spandex covered body. I didn?t look back, so I have no idea if he watched me go or not.

I?m sure he did.

I quickly peeled off my soaked leotard and hose and showered. I then dressed in another pair of the same kind of nylons and put on a pair of shorts over them with a tee shirt, and quickly left the gym and headed for home.

Thus ended another of my many pantyhose experiences. Hoped you liked it. I?m gonna go to bed now, but first I have to pee?

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