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Title: Pissing Adventure

This story happened not too long ago as I was out at one of my favorite night clubs. I'd purposely wore my L'eggs under a very small and tight latex miniskirt and three inch heels, which are perfect for this kind of thing as they don't really get wet and can be dried off in a flash. I'd been doing a bit of research on putting together the perfect outfit for my assaults, and was ready.
It was a Saturday night, about 9 PM or so and the place was just starting to really come alive when a group of guys came in and were giving me their approving stares, hoping to get a little play.

I'm pretty tone, as I work out regularly, and am about 5'5" with long shapely legs, decent sized breasts and a cute short blonde bob that set off my light blue eyes. I'd say your typical blue-eyed blonde, but I'm anything but typical...

So, anyway, there was this one guy who was pretty cute, who looked twenty-three or so, a bit younger than me and was dressed really sharp in a nice black silk shirt and black slacks.

I don't know why, but right then and there, I'd decided to see if I could dance with him, wet myself and walk away without him noticing. My heart began to race with excitement as I thought through it. I didn't know how I was going to pull it off, but I was going to give it a try. As he was looking at me, I swiveled the barstool to face him and crossed my silky legs while lifting a glass of water to my red lips, and looked right in his eyes. A moment later he was beside me asking me for the next dance.

I told him, only if its a slow one. He seemed quite pleased with my response, so we waited for the music to change. As luck would have it, something by Mariah Carey came on, something that was slow and erotic. He took my hand and led me out onto the floor and pulled me in close.

There were lots of people all around us, so I felt like I could really let loose and even if anyone did feel or see anything on the floor, it would be hard to know the source. So as he pulled me close, I let his hand drift down onto the back of my latex skirt and gently squeeze my ass. I didn't mind, as I was just using him as a prop to do something daring. I don't sleep around, so he'll have to go home and take a cold shower tonight.

As the music got underway and he pulled me close I slowly began to relax my pussy and felt just the smoothest of controlled dribbles of urine burn hot against my hosed crotch and trickle down my legs. I'd gotten pretty good at controlling the flow and could regulate myself well.

Almost at once I began to feel erotically stimulated and pulled myself in even tighter to my partner. He seemed oblivious to it all as I gently let my golden honey spill down though my silky sexy pantyhose and run onto the tile floor. Oh, god, I was feeling lighter than air, and like a such a nasty, naughty bitch.

The guy I was dancing with must have sensed my stimulation and began to massage my rubber ass all the tighter. With each rhythmic squeeze, I shot a stream of piss through my nylons and felt the hot liquid run down my thighs and calves and into my heels.

Oh, my god, I felt like I was going to cum at any moment. I was then beginning to grind on my dance partner to the slow rhythm of the music when he did something unexpected.

He slid his hand under my skirt and right onto my wet womanhood. Almost at once he realized that I was far more than just wet from being stimulated and lowered his hand down my wet thighs and then back up to my ass. He whispered in my ear and asked if I was peeing on myself. I responded by squirting a stream of hot urine onto his fingers as he massaged my wet clit.

I could tell he was really getting turned on as well as I felt his hardness press up against the front of my skirt. He then began to finger me like crazy as we held each other close under the dance lights on the crowded floor. I couldn't tell what he was thinking, only that he didn't seem put off by it all, so I kept dancing.

The next thing I know, his ring finger is pushing its way up into my asshole, taking nylon with it. I felt his finger gently push its way up into me and let out a cry of ecstasy. He then pulled it out and brought it up to his face and inhaled. I don't know why, but this also turned me on. Suddenly, the song ended and people were moving off the floor. I quickly smoothed out my skirt and smiled at him, not knowing where things were going from here. He then led me off the floor as well and asked me if we could go somewhere.

As I said, I don't sleep around, so I told him I needed to go to the ladies room and for him to go get us a couple of drinks. As soon as he was busy talking to the bartender, I slipped out into the cool night and suddenly felt the uncomfortable dampness on my legs. I quickly found my Lexus and sat on the black towel I'd placed there earlier and drove home. I raced as quickly as I could, as I was still on fire and needed satisfaction. In minutes I was back at my apartment and on my bed with my gel filled dildo. I began to press the head of it against my already wet nylons and pissed all over myself. The warmth of my pee felt so good and by now my vagina was so swollen I couldn't take much more. With a violent motion, I dug my red painted nails into the crotch of my pantyhose and ripped them wide open. In an instant, the huge dildo was sucked in and I was thrusting it back and forth wildly.

Remembering how good it felt to have that guys finger up my ass I spread my legs wide and began to push the dildo inside my shithole. At first I wasn't having much luck getting it inside as I was very tense, but as soon as I forced myself to relax, I felt the huge dong slide its way in deep.

So this is what it feels like to be butt fucked. Not a bad sensation at all. I gently slid the dildo in and out of my hole and felt like I was taking a dump. After a few minutes of doing that I pulled free the gel filled dick and forced myself to pee on myself once more as I fingered my self into orgasm. I lay there heaving for several minutes feeling totally spent before getting into the hot shower and washing away my nastiness.

I then quickly dressed in another pair of cheap nylons and put on a silk nighty and went to bed. As I lay there beneath the warm covers, I placed a hand beneath my warm thighs and dry crotch and drifted off into sleep, dreaming of what my next adventure would be like.

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