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Title: First Time But Not The Last

After the kids were grown and gone I was getting restless. I found myself more and more talking to some of the other younger girls at work about their sex life and I wanted more. My husband was too comfy with his job, me and his golf and sports on weekends .
It started with drinks after work once in a while then I met him-he would become my first lover. I was ready for an affair so it didn't take much persuasion on his part to get me outside and in his car. We made out like teenagers. Then he pushed his hand under my skirt and rubbed my moist pussy thru my pantyhose. I was moaning wanting his finger inside of me when all of a sudden my cell phone rang-it was my husband. I tried to compose myself as he asked where I was. I told him I was dropping off a girlfriend who had to much too drink. I hung up looked my new lover in the eye and said "I have to go but I want to see you again and finish what we started but for now I will take care of you". I pulled down his zipper, took his cock out and smiled as I licked my glossy lips. Jim was a little longer and thicker than my husband and I was looking forward to sucking his cock. I went down and sucked his cock something I hadn't done to my husband in years. The more I sucked him off the more I wanted him to shoot in my mouth so when he announced he was going to come I sucked him harder and jacked him off. Jim blew his load into my mouth. My inexpirience caused me to gag at first but as soon as I relaxed my throat I was able to swallow his cum. I licked his cock clean of all of his seed. I sat up smiled, blew him a kiss and left him my work and cell #'s. We agreed to meet soon. When I got home I was horny so when I saw my husband in bed I went onto the bed still in my hose heels and dress. I rolled him over as I moved on top of him. I rubbed my nylon leg over his cock as I smiled at him telling him to fuck me. He responded and went to kiss me, at first I held back until he pulled me down and forced his tongue inside my mouth. My pussy quivered knowing that I had swallowed another man's cum only minutes before. I couldn't take it anymore so I tore a hole open in pantyhose and sat on my husband's cock. I was so aggressive that I was fucking him not him fucking me. I rubbed my clit up and down his cock and then would plunge down on top of his cock. I kept fucking him and French kissing him until he finally shot his cum into me. I had my own orgasm and moved off of him. I laid there for a few minutes thinking about how much I wanted to fuck my friend Jim.

Jim called me on Saturday asking if I ever can get away on the weekends during the day. We agreed to meet at a national chain motel near the mall I shop at. I came downstairs wearing my newest designer blue jeans, a red tube top, sans bra, a white peasant shirt over my tube top, tan sheer to the waist pantyhose and topped off with my new 4" tan stiletto sandals. I love wearing pantyhose under pants and jeans because they shape my rear nicely. When I came down the stairs my husband's eyes bulged out when he saw me look. Knowing how much I know he loves my painted toe nails, nylons and heels I asked him if he liked my new pedicure. He swallowed hard nodding yes then asked me where I was going. I wanted to look him in eye and tell him I was going out to meet another man to fuck me and satisfy me but instead I said I was going to mall. He then floored me by saying he would join me and we could get lunch. I shouted no, he looked at stunned then I quietly explained that I was meeting Kari and that we were going to lunch. He looked like a sad puppy dog but relented. I started feeling guilty as I drove away questioning myself about what I was about to do- cheat on my husband.

I arrived at the motel went to the room Jim had told and entered. I was still feeling guilty as Jim poured me drink telling me how sexy I looked. I drank my wine and loosened up some. Soon I was in his arms making out with him again just like in the car. Jim removed my shirt and tube top and played with breasts. It had been so long since a man had played with my breasts that I was getting wet between my legs. Jim undid my jeans and started to slide them off when I told him I would take my sandals off. He smiled at and said "I love your sandals and I love nylons on women I want you to leave them on for me" I watched as he moved my jeans down and over my sandals. He looked at me in my pantyhose and sandals then proceeded to start licking my legs. He licked up and down my nylon covered legs until I couldn't take anymore and yelled out for him to fuck me. Jim moved up mu legs, tore a hole open in the crotch of my pantyhose and drove his fat cock into me. I panted as he drove his cock in and out of me with precsion. I was was near coming when I yelled out to him "that's it fuck me Jim, fuck me good, give me what my husband can't, fill me oh God, oh my God" I wrapped my nylon legs around his back and pulled to me tighter as he shot his hot young cum into me. Oh my God could he cum. He kept shooting in me and with each shot my pussy quivered. I had multiple orgasms for the first time in my life.

Jim got off of me and I fell asleep for a few minutes. We ended fucking 2 more times then I told him I had to go. I asked him for key to the room so I could and buy a new pair of pantyhose and freshen up before I went back home. We made another date for Thursday night, my usual night out with the girls from work.

I went to a drug store and bought another pair of pantyhose went back to motel changed into my new hose and freshened up my makeup. As I drove him I started to feel guilty then I would think of how well I had been fucked that the guilt went away. The more I thought about how Jim was able to satisfy me the more I started to get mad at Mike, my husband of 27 years.

I came home and Mike was happy to see me asking how shopping went. I told him fine, thinking how I wanted to really tell him how I had been a slut wife all afternoon and how much I had liked it. He then looked at me asked why no bags, he joked how this must be a first-me going to a mall and not buy anything. I was sacred at first but then joked that I didn't see anything worth buying, except for a new pair of nylons. I don't know I said that but it made my pussy moist thinking about how Jim had tore open my pantyhose and filled my pussy with his seed 3 times. He looked at me kind of funny and said "you were wearing jeans where was the run" "oh I was trying on dresses and I didn't want anyone to see my run.

I don't what came over me but I suddenly had the urge for my husband to lick my pussy, I wanted him to lick another man's cum out of me. So I seductively licked my fresh glossy lips and asked him if he wanted to come upstairs and see my new pantyhose up close and put a run in them.

We got upstairs Jack stripped first then I had stripped leaving my heels and pantyhose on. I laid down on the bed crooked my finger to him and asked him" I want you to lick my pussy first" Mike got down on the bed and licked up my nylon legs until he got to my pussy. The nice part was I so moist from Jim's cum still leaking out of me and into the crotch of my pantyhose and being turned on thinking about my husband who was about to lick out another man's cum from my sore fucked pussy. I told Mike to "tear open an hole and lick it" Mike tore open the sheer crotch of my pantyhose and started to move his head towards my pussy when he got close he stopped. I hooked my nylon legs around his head and quietly sooed to him "lick it Mike, lick it good, taste me, I'm so horny for you, if you eat it I will take care of your needs, now lick it." Mike moved his head down to my pussy and I felt his tongue licking my clit and finally tentativley licking inside of me. I cooed to some more gently urging him on-"that's it Mike, nice slow long licks, ooooh that's it lick it all out of me, oh my God it feels so fucking good having you suck and lick my pussy out, oh God that's it Mike make me cum again, eat it, EAT IT, you pussy loving fucker eat my cum filled pussy out oh you fucking bastard that's it " When I had my orgasm I relaxed my grip on Mike and pushed him off of me. He started to come up near me but I pushed him away. He then looked at stunned and said "hey I thought you said you were going to take care of me"? "oh yea, that's right I did say that" I proceeded to move down to his cock and sucking him off. I jacked him off while I sucked his cock wanting him to hurry up so I could take a shower. Mike yelled out he was going to cum but I surprised him by not moving away but instead I took his cum in my mouth. I saved the last spurt of his cum and for some reason I wanted to kiss him and gice it back to him. I kissed and delivered his own cum back into his mouth. I smiled and wiped my lips dry the announced I was going to shower. It was later when we were watching tv that Mike had some questions for me, such has why I was so wet, why I tasted different, why no bags from the mall, what had gotten into me lately (I giggled at that one) and the b.s. about changing my pantyhose. I had to give answers which is another story

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