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Title: Friends Mom

I had known Harry for about two years and was a regular visitor to his house. His mom, Sarah, knew me and his Dad and sister knew me. At the time of the story me and Harry were both 18.
Anyway, to the story. It all happened on a friday afternoon. Me and Harry split from each other has the day finished and had decided to meet at his house after college at around 6:00pm. I went home, got my stuff sorted out and realised that it was 5:30pm. I left my house and walked to Harry's, when i got there i realised that i was 10 minutes early.

I knocked out the door and his Mom answered, she let me in and told me that Harry hadnt got home yet and that she was the only one in. She sat me down in the living room and asked me if I wanted a drink, i accpeted her offer. She said that she was in a bit of a rush and headed to her bedroom which led of the living room. As I waited for Harry I realised that his mom was wearing a short black skirt with black pantyhose on, this kind of turned me on. I also realised that her door was slightly open and that i could she her in a mirror, little did i know she had placed it there on purpose. I kept looking and saw that she was wearing stockings. I looked away as she was heading for the door.

She opened the door and i turned to look, she was standing there in her bra, her stockings and her hold-up. She asked me if Harry had told me when he was arriving home as it was now 6:00pm and he hadnt turned up. I told her what he told me. and looked around the living room. Then she started to walk over to me and sat down next to me and crossed her legs.

I smiled at her and she placed her hand on my knee and started to stroke my thigh, this turned me on! I looked at her and she stared back smiling and moved closer to kiss me, I wanted this, but I said to her, 'are you sure we should do this? Harry could get back' she replied yes and so we kissed. She stood up and held my hand and walked me to her bedroom. She forced me against the door and we kissed, rubbing her pantyhose thighs I could feel I was getting an errection.

We were really getting active know and we soon moved over to the bed. She fell back onto the bed and pulled me with her. She put her hands down towards my crotch and started to unzip my trousers, and then undid my boxers. I felt my errection come out and enter vagina. This was great, sex with my mates mom. I asked her if it was good and she said it was the best sex she had ever had. All you could hear were sounds of pleasure and Sarah screaming 'yes,yes,yes'. I said that I loved this and wanted more of it very soon.

We were still going, and still enoying the pleasure, when i realised that it was 6:15pm. I told Sarah and she said that her husband would be home i any time now but we both wanted to continue as we couldnt get enough.

Then, we heard the front door open and heard Harry talking to his Dad, we lay still......

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