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Title: The Assistant

September 4th 1999, I was promoted to vice-president of Trekon, a manufacturer of hiking supplies. I ve held position with this company for 15 years, starting on the production line at the age of 16 years. I ve been promoted several times within these years, spending the last 6 years in offices, as part of management. I have witnessed many faces come and go; sometimes it feels as though I am the only that stayed with the company the entire time. Only since my promotion have I been granted and office and a assistant. Since my promotion my workload increased considerably, this made me depend on my assistant, Kelly, to deal with the less demanding work. Without her efforts I would never be able to do such a great job. She has been offered several promotions but denied every one of them. I asked her several times why she had not accepted the promotions but I was never given a clear answer.
Every day Kelly would come to work dressed in short skirts tight tops and high heels. I don t ever remember seeing her without some type of nylons on her legs, whether they ve been pantyhose or stockings with or without the garter belt. She always turned heads from both male and female co-workers. And to be honest I ve found myself staring at her more often than not. She was a tall well-built woman. What do I mean by well built? Well she isn t skinny but yet she isn t fat. She had long beautiful legs, a curvy body and ample breasts. All of this, she freely flaunted. I sometimes called her into my office just to see her walk in and leave. It seemed at times that she would accidentally drop something just to pick it up, thus showing me her underwear and ass.

One Friday afternoon I decided that I would ask Kelly out for a drink.
Kelly, would you come to my office please.
She entered my office shortly. Today she was wearing a red low-cut top showing great cleavage, a black miniskirt that went down only to upper-mid thigh and tan pantyhose.
Yes sir. You wanted to see me.
Yes I did. Actually I wanted to know if you would want to go out for a few drinks with me tonight?
Well I d love to but my parents are coming into town tonight. I m sorry.
Oh well that s alright. Now I feel a little embarrassed.
Don t be. Sir may I tell you something?
Well. Oh God I don t know how to say this so I ll just come out and say it. I ve been refusing the promotions because I wanted to stay your assistant, and I ve been dressing this way to get your attention. In short, I have a crush on you.
Yeah and if you want to know something else; I get all horny when I see you.
Is that so. Well I d be lying if I told you, you had no effect on me.
Sir it s almost 5 o clock, I have to get going soon. So I m just going to speak my mind. I want to fuck you so bad.
Um, well. I m not too sure how to react to that.
Well there s no one around, you re the only one who stays here this late on a Friday, she took off her shirt and threw it in the corner. You like what you see?
Oh yes. Very much, I replied as I witnessed her breast in a sheer whit lace bra.
Good because I wasn t going to stop, she turned around and started to slide her skirt off. As she bent over to remover her skirt I cold see that she wasn t wearing any panties; all she was wearing under her skirt was what I assumed to be crotch-less pantyhose. She stepped out of her skirt and reached between her legs and touched her shaved pussy. She stood before me in nothing but her pantyhose, high heels and her sheer white bra.
Oh God Kelly you are so hot.
Thank you, she replied as she walked her way to my desk turned and grabbed my crotch and squeezed my erection. Oh, feels like a big one in there. Did I make it come up?
Yes, I told her. And it s not the first time.

She knelt down on the floor and undid my pants. My cock was at full erection as she took it into her mouth. Her wet mouth felt like it was made to suck cock. Every move was smooth and fluent. She used he tongue and practically wrapped it around my hard pole.
Any need to stop, sir?
No. None at all.

She took me into her mouth again. The suction was more intense. She started sucking on my cock like it was going to be the last one she d ever suck. Her head bobbed back and forth, almost furiously. She used her hand to stroke my shaft in perfect harmony with her mouth. She let out moans of enjoyment as she sucked away.

Now it s your turn, I told her as I picked her up and sat her on my desk. I started from her toes, licking my way up her pantyhose-clad legs. As I reached her thighs I took her knees into my hands and spread her legs wide. A perfect pussy shot was in view. I was wrong, she wasn t wearing crotch-less pantyhose instead she wore garter-style pantyhose.

I want your mouth on my pussy, she ordered.

I licked her clit and teased it with light nibbles. I sucked it completely into my mouth as I probed her pussy with my fingers. They slid in and out with ease; her juices covered my fingers with a slick, clear film. Probing her love hole while sucking her bud, her hips started to thrust following my rhythm.

Oh God, she howled. You re going to make me cum. She wrapped her pantyhose-clad legs around my shoulders, her pussy tightening around my fingers releasing and earth-shattering orgasm. Yeah that s right you suck my pussy. Suck on it until I cum again. Then I ll suck your cock like you ve been wanting me too.

I have never seen this side of Kelly before, of course I ve never had sex with her before, but she always seemed the quite, shy type. She, however, didn t dress the way a shy girl would normally dress. I took my fingers out of her pussy and replaced them with my tongue. Pushing my tongue in as far as I could inside of her wet hole, I could taste her orgasmic juices. With my tongue teasing her hot wet hole, I pleasured her clit with my thumb and rubbed her pantyhose-clad legs with my free hand. Her body jolted several times, I could feel her pussy ready to explode. I quickly shifted my mouth to her clit, sucked it into my mouth and teased it with my tongue.

Yes, yes, I m cumming, she said as a gush of orgasm juice rushed out from her mound. God you suck good pussy.
Thank you, I do my best.
And your best is damn good.

Kelly slid off of my desk and stood before me. I could see her nipples pushing hard against the fabric of her bra. I have to have those tits in my mouth, I said as I pulled down her bra. My tongue immediately found its place on her right nipple as my hand fondled the other breast. She let out a series of moans as my mouth bounced from tit to tit, and sucked on its ripe nipple.

Now it s your turn. I think that cock needs some more attention, she said as she grabbed my rock hard erection with her hand. What do you think it wants first? Maybe a titty-fuck. She placed my woody between her breasts, squeezed them together and bounced them up and down. She gave my dick a slow wet lick so to lubricate it. God it felt so good to have my cock between her tits.

Maybe it wants another sucking? What do you think?
Yes, a sucking. A good suck, I replied.
Mmmm, I was hoping I could suck that nice cock again.
Your hopes are about to come true.
She took me into her mouth and swirled her tongue around my hard rod. Bobbing her hear back and forth, she deep-throated my cock. I could feel the back of her throat on my cock and her tongue on my shaft. The sensations made me release a deep moan.
You like the way I suck your cock sir?
Oh yes I do. No need to stop, it feels so good, She started to stroke my shaft with her hand as she sucked and teased the head with her tongue. I could feel myself coming close to exploding into her mouth. Oh, I m gonna cum.
No not yet, she said as she squeezed my shaft with her hand. I m not done with it just yet. She kept pressure around my shaft until I was no longer pulsing.

She lay on her back and told me to stay standing in front of her. Taking off one shoe at a time, I wondered what she had in mind. With her high heels now off, she rubbed my erection with her feet. The soft nylon felt like silk on my hard rod. With one foot rubbing the shaft and head of my penis the other rubbed my balls.

You like the way that feels? asked Kelly.
Mmm, yes I do. Never had this done to me before, I replied. I love the way your pantyhose feel on my cock.

She interlocked her feet one on front and one on the back of my rod so to make a pocket for it. She rubbed her feet up and down on my shaft and head, the sensation was spectacular.
God that feels so good, I told her as I took her feet into my hands and sped up the pace.
I want you to fuck me sir, she said as she teased my cock with her feet. I want to feel your cock inside of me.

I took her by the hands and pulled her up to a standing position. She turned around and leaned over my desk, propping herself up with her hands. I positioned myself behind her and guided my hard rod into her hot hole. With a few slow thrusts I slid all the way in. Kelly reached underneath and teased my balls as I started to thrust deep inside of her pussy. I fondled her breast as they sway back and forth with my ever pulse.

That s it, you fuck that pussy, fuck it good, she yelled. I hoped there was no one round to hear it. I love the way your cock feels inside of me.
I pounded her harder and faster, holding on to her hips for extra support. My thrusts became short and faster as I felt her pussy tightening around my cock.
Oh God I m gonna cum. Your cock is making me cum. Warm juices came rushing out of her mound, I could feel her legs shaking form the intensity of her orgasm.
Lay on the desk Kelly, I told her. I want to see those tits move when I fuck you.
I helped her up onto my desk. She held herself up on her elbows as I spread her legs and re-inserted myself inside of her. I started to thrust deep and fast, her breasts bouncing with ever thrust. She licked her fingers and teased her nipples, grabbing and pinching them. I used my thumb to stimulate her clit, but she stopped me.
No, now it s your turn. I want you to cum for me. Fuck my little pussy until your cock explodes.

I placed my hands around her hips and told her to hang on for a wild ride. Hard, deep and fast trust caused our bodies to smack together. The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed in my office. I watched her face twisting in expressions of ecstasy. She grabbed her legs by the knees and spread them as wide as she could. I drove my cock deep and hard into her pussy over and over again. I could feel myself getting close to orgasm, as I trust deep inside of her.
God I m gonna cum. Where do you want me to cum baby? as asked her as I pulled out.
On the top of my pantyhose cum on my stomach, I want that hot cum on my pantyhose.
I gave my cock a few strokes with my hand and exploded a huge load of my man juice right to where she had told me.

Oh God that was good. But I thought you told me your parents were coming to town.
I did, and they are. I just been waiting 5 years to do that with you, I figured they could wait for a little while at the airport.
Well thank you very much for the overtime . To pay you back why don t you take the company limo to pickup your parents. Danny would be happy to drive you.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I ll call him and tell him to met you on the street in 5 minutes.
That s great thanks.
No problem, I replied as she headed out my office. And Kelly.
Have a good night. And enjoy your weekend.
I will and same to you sir. See you Monday morning. She turned around and headed to the elevator.

Walking towards my office Monday morning, I saw Kelly arranging her desk. She wore a black skirt with black nylons and a white top. She gave me a smile as I approached her desk.
Good morning sir. How was your weekend?
Morning Kelly. Actually my weekend was uneventful but I so enjoyed the rest.
That s good to hear, she said as she handed me my cup of coffee. Your messages are on your desk along with your schedule for this week.
Thank you Kelly, I replied as I walked into my office.
And sir she said. I turned around to see her bending over, her bare ass and pussy framed by a black lace garter belt holding up her stockings. She reached back between her legs and touched her slit.
Later Kelly. Later.

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