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Title: My Hose Fetish And Wife

I came home early one day. No reason to - I just did. My wife wasn't there when I opened the door so I decided to go ahead and take a shower. She was probably at the gym, again anyway. I shouldn't complain she was in such great shape. And the way she looked in her tights and leotard always gave me a hard on. I couldn't start thinking about that now I'd never calm down. I actually hung up all my clothes and jumped in the shower.
It didn't take long to get clean so I was in and out of the shower in less than ten minutes. I thought I had heard the front door close when I was in the shower but I couldn't be sure. So after I dried off, I listened before I came out of the bathroom. I could here my wife's voice or at least her grunting. I started to throw the door open and see if she was okay. Then she stopped. Then she started up again. I couldn't imagine what was going on.

I opened the bathroom door, barely and peeked through. She was bending over and over doing toe touches. That was why she was grunting. Evidentially she didn't know I was home. I guess I had turned the water off before she had come in the bedroom. What she was doing was so abnormal. How she was doing it was different. She didn't have any top on. I could see her black leotard on the bed. She was standing there half naked exercising in front of a mirror. She was one of the most modest people I had ever known. She would get embarrassed if I saw her in her tights and leotards most of the time. In fact she would always wear a T-shirt over them when I was around.

But there she was doing toe touches without her top. I have to admit she did have beautiful breasts. They weren't the biggest in the world but they did look good. She bent over again and I looked at her butt and she didn't have any underwear on underneath the black tights she still had on. Every time she bent over the tights stretched tighter and I could see her little butt hole through them. I could feel my erection started to grow. Nevertheless, I didn't know what to do. If she thought I'd been in there spying on her she'd be mad and if she knew I saw here at all, like she was now, she'd be so embarrassed she never have sex again. Maybe she would go get a drink of water and I could at least sneak out of the bathroom and put some clothes on.

No such luck. She sat down on the bed for a minute and started pulling her tights off. She was just peeling them off because they were so wet with sweat. She finally got them off and hung them over the bathroom doorknob just inches away from my head. I could smell her sweetness from the tights. I wish I could have grabbed them and put them over my head until they were dry. I have to admit I have some different fetishes.

She moved back in front of the mirror and started doing more exercises. The same ones thank goodness. Except now I could see her little butt hole clearly and also see her crotch reflected in the mirror. Her body was glistening with sweat. I wasn't going to be able to control myself much longer. I had my hand around my penis without even knowing it until it was almost too late. She sat back down on the bed but I could still see her reflection in the mirror.

I thought she was resting again but this time she put her hand down between her legs and threw her head back and let out a big sigh. What the heck was she doing? Maybe I had walked into the wrong apartment. I had never seen her touch herself. Much less put her finger inside her. That was all I could take. I put my hand on the doorknob to go out into the bedroom and she stood back up to do more toe touches. This time I could see beads of moisture on the hair around her vagina. That was it.

I opened the bathroom door, slowly so I wouldn't scare her to death. I guess she didn't hear me because she bent over as if she was stretching and stayed in that position for a few seconds. A few seconds too long. I couldn't help myself. I was already rock hard so I walked up behind her and caught her around the waist and guided my penis inside her from the back. She was already so wet it slid in so easy. She gasped and then started rocking back against my thrusts. She stayed bent over so I couldn't see her face. However, my hands found both of her breasts. I cupped both of them as I moved in and out of her.

Her breathing was getting fast and heavy now almost as fast as mine was. I could feel the sperm moving toward the head of my penis and all at once out it came. She must have felt it because she pushed her butt back into me so hard I thought I was going to fall backwards. I could tell she was having an orgasm too. She was almost screaming with pleasure. Finally we both started to calm down. I was still hard and wasn't about to slide out of her, yet.

I sat down on the end of the bed and pulled her back with me so she was sitting on my penis. I hadn't stayed up this long in awhile. When all her weight was on my lap she jumped. "You need to do this more often," she said as she started squirming on my penis. "I knew you were in there all along, I heard the shower going you dope. I've been waiting for you to take me like this for so long, I couldn't wait any longer," she said as her breaths were getting shorter and shorter just as mine were.

I didn't know what to say exactly at that moment so I didn't say anything. She was moving just right and I was ready to orgasm again. Her too. We both came at the same time for the first time in our marriage. Geez that was good. Finally we both settled down and I finally slipped out of her. We both lay there on the bed for a long time just talking and touching each other. I did reach over and grab her still wet tights of the doorknob and pull them over my head and take a deep long breathe. I could see her face even though the tights were pulled over my eyes. She was shocked or surprised. I told her that we had come this far let's tell each other about our other likes or dislikes. After that session earlier I really didn't think she'd mind too much about anything I wanted to do.

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