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Title: Angel's Mystery - Part 2

Upon digging for some information one day she happened to stumble upon the addresses of the men who've been "attacked". So Angel decided to take it upon herself to interview these men personally. Her first witness was named John Sumners, when she arrived at his home she instantly felt her sex get wet; not understanding this, she tried to ignore it as best possible. She knocked three times; trying to envision what John would look like and if she could control herself if she found him attractive. No sooner then her hand left the door for the third knock, did John Sumners appear behind her. "May I help you?" She turned around and saw one of the most handsome men she had ever laid eyes upon. He was wearing nothing but a tight fitting pair of light blue jeans. His chest was covered with beads of perspiration. He was holding a gardening shovel in one hand and an ice cold Budweiser in the other. "Yes, I'm looking for a Mr. John Sumners." she told him.
"You're gawking at him right now. How may I help you."
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare. It's just you caught me off guard."
"Quite alright."
"My name is Angel Shag, and I'm investigating the strange sexual phenomenon. I would like to know if you would answer a few questions."
"Sure, I'd be happy to. But would you mind if I go wash up before?"
"Go ahead, I have all day."
With that said John walked into the house and just before the screen door closed behind him he asked her if she would like a drink.
"A beer would be good. Thanks"
John handed her a cold Bud and walked back into the house and headed upstairs.
Picturing the hunk of man that just stood in front of her, Angel could feel her sex starting to drip. Taking a quick look around and not seeing anyone, she started to rub her clit wishing it were John's hand. Rubbing harder and faster she brought herself to a tremendous orgasm. Quickly she composed herself and waited for John to return.
"So you have some questions for me to answer?"
"Yes I do."
"How's the beer, need another?"
"Oh no thanks, I barely started this one."
"Alright, shoot."
"I don't really want to know what happened to you in the park, I've heard all that on the news. What I do want to know is what, if anything can you tell me about your attacker?"
"Well there's not too much that I can tell you, as you know I was blindfolded and handcuffed. From what I could tell, it was a woman. Certainly smelt like a woman, felt like it too. I felt smooth skin on my thighs and from what I can tell, breasts on my chest and forearms on my shoulders holding the back of the bench as she rode me."
At this point Angel was stating to breath heavily, her generous chest heaving up and down with each breath. Once again her sex was wet as an ocean. She tried very hard to control herself, but John had noticed.
"Is there something wrong, can I get you anything."
"No I'm alright, it's just that when I see the event on T.V. and hear it form you I get extremely aroused. I can't seem to control myself."
"Would you like me to stop so that you can regain your composure?"
"No, continue, I'll try and maintain focus."
"Alright, if you're sure. When the attack was done, I almost instantly felt my hands released from the handcuffs. I took off the blindfold to see if I could see my attacker, but there was no a soul in sight."
"Might I trouble you for a glass of water? I don't think this beer is helping me too much."
"Sure, be right back."

Again Angel's breathing had quickened. She could tell he clit was swollen and that she needed some satisfaction. John returned and gave Angel a glass of ice-cold water. She took the glass and splashed it over her face; the water ran down her shirt, making it transparent. As the water ran down Angel's shirt, John could see that she was wearing a very sheer bra, he could see her nipples pushing hard against the material. His eyes roamed down her body, she was wearing a very short black skirt. John wondered is she was wearing pantyhose, because her legs looked so smooth, tanned and silky.
"Now you're the one who's staring. You like what you see?"
John's chest was heaving almost as heavy as Angel's once did. He licked his lips, wishing they were sucking on her clit, he could almost imagine what she tasted like.
"Do you have anymore questions you'd like to ask me?"
"Just one, it's kinda personal though."
"That's alright, go ahead ask, and if I don't want to answer you'll understand."
And with that angel got out of her seat, walked over to where John was standing and with one quick snap of the hand she had un buttoned and unzipped his pants letting them fall to the porch floor. His love stick was standing to all attention and Angel dropped to her knees and stuck it in her mouth. Sucking on his shaft and toying with the head with her tongue. Back and forth, in and out the shaft was being teased by her warm wet mouth. Her hands couldn't resist but stroke along with her mouth.
"Oh God that's good." said John as he thrust his pole into her mouth.
"MMMMM-MMMMM." hummed Angle as she sucked away. With two full strokes John came into her mouth.
"Yummy that was some good stuff. Was that as good as the one your attacker gave you?"
"Very similar except you paid a little more attention on pleasing me, she seemed to just want me erect."
"Well now it's your turn, I saw you liking your lips trying to look up my skirt."
As Angel stood up she swallowed his load and John pick her up at the waist and set her on the railing of the porch and hitched up her skirt. He saw that she was wearing a stockings held up with a garter belt. Past that he couldn't see any panties. He lightly touched her clit with his finger, just to give her a small tease of what's about to happen. Angel was shivering in anticipation wanting his tongue on her clit, so she forced his face between her legs with her free hand.
"Yes baby, you suck that pussy. Make it purr." Still holding the back of his head into her crotch, John kept licking and sucking, lapping her sweet juices. She tasted better than he had thought. Angle let out a silent but forceful scream just as John brought her to climax with his tongue.
"I want you to do me doggy style. I want to feel you inside of me."
He took Angle by the waist one more time and turned her around so that she could lean on the railings. Just a quickly as John had turned her over he had slide inside of her. Thrusting hard and fast, Angle was brought to another orgasm. He slowed his pace a little to let her breath and just as she regained her breath he started thrusting hard and fast again. He reached forward and grabbed a handful; he had big hands, of breast, lightly squeezing them. His other hand reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit.
"Oh yes, yes, yes. Baby I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum so hard."
With a few hard thrusts Angel came hard, John soon followed.
"Well that was a good unexpected surprise. Don't take any offence but you felt a lot like my attacker. You're skin was just as soft and smooth as hers was."
"Yes and you even felt very similar to what she felt like inside."
"Should I take that as a compliment?" Angel asked with a sly smirk.
"Yes very much so. Any more questions for me Mrs. Shag?"
"No, I got all the answers I needed, thank you."
With that Angel fixed her skirt and took another quick look at John and walked down the steps. Heading towards her car, she thought about what he had just told her.
What could it mean?

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