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Title: Mary's Pantyhose

When I was around 16, I dated a girl named Mary. She was a few years older and not the brightest, but cute nonetheless. She had a very nice body and an irresistible ass. She always wore skin tight jeans - because this was after all the late 80"s.
Within the first month of our 3 month relationship, she had invited me over for the afternoon. She removed her sneakers and I noticed that she had nylons on underneath her pants. Well my immediate thought was "is she wearing pantyhose or are they just knee highs?" Well eventually we got to making out, I mean how could I resist this chance to find the answer to my question. Being young and inexperienced I wasted no time in unbuttoning her pants and attempting to get my hands in them. I almost blew a load when I discovered that she was in fact wearing pantyhose under her jeans - and with no panties. Not wanting to give away my fetish for the sweet feel of pantyhose, I made a pathetic attempt to act like I was confused by this. She pushed back from me a little, having noticed my reaction, and explained to me that she always wore pantyhose under her clothes in the winter because her blood circulation was poor to her toes and she had to keep her legs warm - plus the support of the pantyhose helped with blood circulation or something. I tried to contain my excitement - and my load - knowing that I had just found a holy grail of sorts.

Well that afternoon ended in blue balls - as did many other dates with Mary. And sure enough nearly every time I saw her, there was a sweet stocking treasure beneath those tight jeans. At that time I had really only had sex with one other person one time so I was not great with the moves or the experience. I was eager to screw Mary"s brains out - but I thought I wanted a meaningful relationship and I did not think pushing sex was the way to get it.

Eventually at the tail end of our relationship, we had sex - and I actually took the pantyhose off, because I did not think I could do her with them on. Oh the inexperience. I missed out on so much. After Mary and I broke up I started dating a nymphomaniac that taught me everything. While my 17 year old libido was working full time to keep up - I still fantasized regularly about Mary, rethinking how I would redo everything and what I would do if I ever got the chance to do it again. The desire to just fuck the shit out of Mary in her pantyhose was almost consuming. As my sexual experience grew - so did the desire. And then finally the chance came.

It was probably about 9 months after Mary and I had broken up. I was more experienced and fueled with a rampant desire to complete what I had started.

I guess Mary had not been happy with the way things ended between us. She had bad mouthed me to a mutual friend and called to apologize. I ignored her calls and eventually she showed up at my house and waited for me. Funny how things work out isn"t it? We talked things through and decided to be "friends" - but my penis was already running the show.

We were at my house and there was nothing on TV. My mother was home and although my door was locked, my mother and brothers were real quiet about knocking on it abruptly - so I knew not much could happen. Mary had picked up a deck of cards and was playing around with them. I offered to teach her how to play poker and she eagerly agreed. After a few rounds, I suggested that we make things more interesting by playing strip poker. I was surprised, but she agreed eagerly. Now I mentioned earlier that Mary was not too bright - and working the game in my favor was not difficult.

I was getting so horny as one by one, items of her clothing came off. Soon she was sitting on my bed in nothing but those beautiful pantyhose. They were a dark tan color with reinforced toe. They were the cheaper kind, where the nylon almost looks like a ribbed pattern. The control top was clear and you could see the outline of her pubic hair above the cotton panel. I wanted to jump on her so badly. I played it off like I would be merciful and end the game there so she would not have to remove her stockings. The only problem here was I was still almost fully clothed. Clearly I had not thought this completely through.

I sat down next to her on the bed and gloated in my win. She asked if she could have her clothes back now. Coyly I explained to her that I had won them

It was a few weeks later. I was returning from a date with another girl and decided to stop at Mary"s on my way home. We were hanging out in her room listening to music when I noticed she had a deck of cards on her dresser. I picked them up and asked if she wanted a rematch. She agreed and we began to play. Well this time I was a little more careful with where the clothing went.

First I sacrificed a few items of my clothing to get her into the game. Next I took a few items of hers. First her shoes. She slid them off, revealing sweet nylon covered feet. The reinforced toe was darker and thicker. She was wearing a thicker pair of pantyhose on this night. Next I gave up my shirt, shoes, socks. Next I took her shirt, her jewelry. Finally we were getting down to the wire.

I was not eager to give up my pants yet because I had a blistering hard-on that I was trying not to reveal just yet. Next I won her pants and she stood up in front of me as she slid them down her pantyhose clad legs. I loved the sound. The stockings even wrinkled a little as she pulled her pants off each leg. She gave the waistband a big tug to straighten out the stockings and sat back down on the floor where we were playing. Her pantyhose had an invisible control top so seeing her light blond bush was much easier. I could not believe this moment was finally happening. Next I took her bra so I could enjoy looking at her full breasts as she sat there with only the pantyhose on.

I gave up the next couple of hands so that I would be down to only my underpants. So there we were sitting face to face on the floor. Mary in nothing but a pair of cheap tan reinforced toe pantyhose and me in my tighty whiteys. I fully intended to lose my underwear in the next hand and see what would happen. The cards were dealt and I had a terrible hand. I did not even have to try to lose.

I showed my cards and pretended to be disappointed. She gloated and encouraged me to give up my underpants. I stood up and slowly slipped them off, revealing my large swolen cock. I was able to keep it from being completely erect but it was still obvious how turned on I was. In our past sexual occurrences, she had touched and played with my cock but she had never really looked at it - and there it was staring right at her. She went speechless for a second and gave me a very complimentary "wow". I pretended to be a little embarrassed. "I guess you won" I said. She agreed cutely and started collecting the cards.

She got up and placed them on her dresser and then sat down on her bed. She took the stereo remote and began to change the radio stations. I sat down next to her and began rub her nylon clad leg. She looked at me nervously. I am not sure what she expected. I started to kiss her neck and she moaned in pleasure. She tried to utter out that she did not think we should do this. I told her it was OK and we would just have a little fun together. She said "Ok - but just a little".

I let my new found experience take over, easing her down onto the bed and touching all her most sensitive spots. She groped around me a bit and apprehensively played with my cock. I put my hand down her pantyhose and made my way to her pussy. It was very wet and this turned me on immensely. There was no way I was turning back now. She quietly moaned as I rubbed her pussy. With my other hand I slowly pulled her pantyhose down to the bottom of her butt. I wasn"t taking them off this time. Once they were down she tried to stop me from pulling them any further, again saying that we shouldn"t be doing this. I just reassured her everything was Ok and we would not go much further.

We groped each other and I brought her very close to orgasm with my fingers. Her fingers skillfully fondled my dripping cock and I couldn"t take it anymore. I told her I wanted to make love to her. Really I just wanted to fuck the shit out of her but I was not sure how well that would fly if I said it. She again reminded me that we shouldn"t in between her moans. Then I said one of the greatest lines any man has ever come up with..."Let"s just do it a little". I still don"t know what that means - but she agreed.

I could tell she was moving to slide her pantyhose down the rest of the way but I quickly stopped her, using the excuse that if someone came to the door she should have some clothes on. Hey - it worked. She left them on. I moved on top of her and slid my rock hard throbbing cock right into her soft wet pussy. Oh - I felt like I was gonna cum instantly.

"Now just a little bit" she reminded me. "Yes," I replied as I began to push my cock in and out of her slowly. I began to build up a little speed and power. Somehow we had gotten under the covers so I threw them off so I could see her nyloned legs. As I did she wrapped her legs around me. The sensation of the nylon rubbing up and down my sides as I fucked her was driving me crazy. She was using her arms to try to keep the bed from making to too much noise.

I looked to my right and noticed that I could see everything in the mirror over her dresser. There I was in the mirror, finally fucking the shit out of Mary with her nyloned legs wrapped tightly around me. I could see her toes moving back and forth in pleasure inside the reinforced toe of her cheap pantyhose. This made me pound my cock into her, thrusting it in as far as I could get it. I went faster, ramming it into her like a jack hammer. She clenched my body with her legs and locked her ankles around me. I could hear the nylon rubbing together with each thrust. Her face was red as she tried to keep from screaming in pleasure.

I grabbed her legs and pushed them up under my chest so her feet were by my face. Her eyes opened wide for a second and she let out a quick murmur as my cock went in deeper from the different position. Mary had been around the block a few times before me but I could tell as I watched her face that she had never been fucked like this before.

I thrusted into her more, pushing even harder as I watched her pantyhosed legs bob up and down in the mirror. I could not contain it anymore. I let her legs back down in an attempt to regain some stamina, but as I heard her obviously have an orgasm I could not contain mine any longer. I took one last look at her beautiful legs in those wonderful pantyhose and thrusted my last thrust. She reached down and grabbed my cock. My load shot over the nylons and up to her breasts. She jerked it gently until no more came out.

She looked at me and said, "I thought we were only going to do a little bit". I pretended to be embarrassed as I replied, "I guess we got a little carried away". Then she pulled her pantyhose back up instead of taking them off. I could tell she regretted what we did, but I didn"t. I still revel in that memory.

That was the last time Mary and I got together. I saw her again several years later and she had changed. Although still moderately attractive, the years were not good to her. But I could not help but wonder if she had pantyhose on under her jeans.

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