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Title: Justin's Pantyhose Suprise Part 3

Pulling one of her delicate feet up to his mouth, Justin began sucking her sweet toes through the delicious pantyhose. Slowly, he pushed his tongue in between each toe, feeling the tight silk hose push back at him. The feel of the tensile fabric stretched over her young feet was enough to drive Justin over the edge. As he licked the soles of Tanya's feet, Justin could taste the saltiness of her skin through the small mesh pores of fabric. Tanya was openly moaning now, in a deep throaty way that made the air around them vibrate with sexual tension.
Working his way up her long, tight legs with his needy tongue, he licked every inch of her covered skin, stopping to suck on her knees and the soft, fleshy insides of her thighs. Tanya's pelvis was grinding now and Justin looked up to see her pushing a quavering hand down into her pantyhose, under the white lace panties. Justin had no idea she would be so bold with her own pleasure, and he was thrilled. In Justin's mind, watching a woman pleasure herself was one of the hottest things that could happen. Suddenly, the tip of his cock was wet with precum and he reached down to stroke the wetness up and down his hard shaft.
Justin's balls ached as he plunged his mouth onto her pantyhose covered pussy and licked furiously over the cotton crotch of the hose. "Pull the panties over," he managed to mumble over her wet mound. "Do it now."
Her hand still rubbing her clit, Tanya pulled the delicate lace over to the side of her luscious red, curly hair. Tanya pulled her hand out of her hose and torn down the cups of her lace bra, exposing her pretty pink nipples. With a loud moan, she began pulling and pinching the darkened, tender flesh. Justin marveled at how well she knew her body and its rhythms and how little he knew about her inner, sexual self.
Justin pulled the waistband of the pantyhose tight up her creamy middle, pushing the red pubic hair flat against the silky fabric. It spread out thick like a burst of hot flames emanating from a burning, wet core. Justin licked every inch of the hair through the pantyhose, sopping up her flowing juices with every lap.
He could stand it no longer and he forcefully ripped the suntan fabric down past her pussy, exposing the moist center of her sex.

"Oh, Justin," Tanya moaned over and over as he pulled her ankles up to rest on his shoulders. The hose still clear up to the middle of her flushed thighs, Justin felt her soft ass pressed up against his cock and he lunged forward with all of his sexual energy and plunged his cock deep inside her hot pussy. He felt himself go into her deeply and Tanya's eyes flew open and she bit down hard on her lip in pleasure. Justin loved her silky legs up on his shoulders because he could push himself farther into her than any other position while allowing himself the intense pleasure of turning his head to lick her velvety legs.

Tanya's reddened tits bounced with every thrust and Justin stared down at the tender skin hungrily. Bending her legs back towards her ears, Justin leaned over and sucked on her tight nipples while banging his pubic bone expertly on her clit with each thrust, something the philosophy professor had taught him. When he knew he was close to losing it, Justin pulled his long shaft out of his girlfriend's tight pussy, feeling the moist flesh wrap around his hard cock.
Tanya opened her eyes questioningly, but Justin didn't answer her. Keeping her ankles up on his shoulders, Justin licked his hand, wetting his fingertips and rubbed the tip of his cock. Gently, he spread her soft, supple ass and put the head of his cock at the entrance of her tight, dark red star. She opened her mouth to protest, but he pushed the tip in quickly and she gasped loudly, sucking her breath in sharply.

Slowly, he pushed his whole length into her virgin ass and Tanya arched her back up towards him.
"Uhh," she moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain.
She reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit furiously while Justin increased the pace until the pleasure was so great he could barely see. She was a lot more experienced than she let on, he realized. He lost all awareness of the sumptuous bedroom around them or the time that passed. All he could feel was her tight ass gripping his straining cock and his hands underneath the pantyhose on her wet thighs, pushing her legs open against the tight waistband cutting into her sweet flesh.

Suddenly, he heard Tanya crying out below him, her whole body shuttering violently, her chin thrust back. With this beauty in the throes of cumming, Justin let himself relax and a rush of orgasm began in the tips of his toes, waving up his body and out the end of his cock into Tanya's ass. He pictured Mrs. Williams, Tanya's mother, beneath him, her sumptuous older body bucking under his. His head swam in blackness and he felt like he might pass out from the pleasure. He let his body coast in the waves of cum until her tight ass milked out the last of his juice.

Pulling out of her ass, Justin almost came again and rolled off her, pulling her pantyhose off in one fell swoop. He laid back on the velvety pillows and stroked himself slowly with the torn hose until he was finally limp. Opening his eyes, he looked over at a sweaty and smiling Tanya. God, she was beautiful! Just like her mother.

Justin propped himself up beside her and pushed his middle finger into her wet pussy and pulled it out to taste her sex.

"Mmm," he moaned and then leaned in to kiss her so she could taste her pleasure, too. He wanted to kiss her forever, to make this moment go on and on, but he knew her parents would be home soon and they needed to clean up the bedroom so they wouldn't have to explain the rumpled bed and strewn clothes.
Slowly, they rose from the bed and began dressing. When Tanya had her gym shorts and sweatshirt back on, she regained the fresh, young high schooler look Justin knew her for. But, he smiled to himself, he had the pictures to prove otherwise. And maybe someday, her mother would be part of his photo collection. But until then, Justin kept the older woman's pantyhose and quickly grabbed a tiny heart-shaped frame from the top of the dresser with a picture of Mrs. Williams in it. This would have to do for now, he thought. For now.

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