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Title: Justin's Pantyhose Suprise Part 2

Standing her up, he pulled off her Old Navy sweatshirt and slid her sports bra up and over her head in one easy movement. Moving around behind her, Justin hooked his thumbs under the waistband of her Hanes Her Way cotton panties and pulled them down slowly. Tanya's plump, sweet ass popped up as he slid the panties down and he reached around and ran his fingers through her curly, red pubic hair. He was fighting the urge to throw her down on the bed and push his long cock into her again and again. But he knew the payoff would be sweeter with the wait. Dressing Tanya was like dressing a real live Barbie doll - her extremely long legs, thin, supple waist and perky breasts with nipples that stood out in tight little raspberries all created a picture that was beyond what most high school girls looked like.
With Tanya standing before him perfectly naked, he took a moment to savor the beauty. She pulled her long, red hair out of a clip on top of her head and let it spill down over her shoulders, the ringlets just touching the top of her areolas. She was tanned from a summer of swimming and hiking, but her tight belly was creamy white. The red triangle below was unshaven and wild. Justin's hands trembled as he reached out to loop the French lace bra over her outstretched arms and press it into her body. Moving behind her, he gently cupped each breast as he lifted the young, heavy mounds into the see-through bra. Her mother's bra fit her perfectly and Justin felt a jolt of electricity holding her breasts through the older woman's bra.

As he knelt down in front of her to let her step into the tiny lace panties, Justin could smell the warm, tropical heat emanating from her sex. He took his time as he rolled down one leg of the pantyhose and let her put her beautiful toes with red toenails glimmering into the foot of the hose. She held onto his muscular shoulders as she tipped off-balance to slide into the pantyhose and her hair dragged softy across Justin's face.

Justin pulled both legs of the suntan silks up over Tanya's knees and over her strong, tanned thighs, finally pulling the waistband high onto her belly. She looked magnificent and at least 10 years older with the expensive lingerie caressing her young body. She looked exactly like her mother, thought Justin.
"Do you like me like this?" Tanya asked tentatively, unsure of her own burgeoning sexuality. She moved back and forth, from foot to foot, brushing her hair back nervously.

Without hesitation, Justin leaned in and kissed her deeply, rubbing his hands over her hard, pantyhose covered ass.

"Lay down, Tanya, and let me look at you." Justin dug into his pocket and found his small camera as Tanya crawled up among the velvet pillows and turned back to look at him.

"Justin!" She yelped. "What are you doing?" Tanya pulled one of the silk comforters over her body.

"You know what I'm doing, Tanya," he said with a command in his voice neither of them had heard before. "This is what I do with the college women. You can be in my collection with them." His cock was aching in his jeans and he felt flushed from his desire. He was tired of the gentle games with the nubile beauty. "Lean back and spread your legs for me."

Unsure of the new, more powerful posturing of her boyfriend, Tanya tentatively pushed the red covers back and opened her silky knees a little bit.

"More, Tanya," Justin said in a low voice as he held the camera up to his eye. "Wider. I want to see your pussy."

Through the lens, Justin saw his gorgeous girlfriend open her legs, letting her knees fall to the sides. He could hear the soft rustle of her mother's silky pantyhose brushing against the dark, velvet pillows. Tanya's head was tossed back and her perky breasts pushed up through barely-there lace.

Justin took one picture and then another and another, moving around the massive bed quickly. He was becoming an expert at this and he knew what angles would look the best. Tanya kept her eyes closed the whole time, but Justin barely noticed as he zeroed in on her luscious long legs covered in the tan, stretched material. Moving in close to her glossy toenails peeking through the sandal toe, Justin took his last few pictures before hastily jumping up to rip off his clothes and put down the little camera on the dresser.

Tanya opened her eyes and saw Justin standing beside the bed, his long, young cock standing up at attention.

"Justin," she sat up and pulled a soft pillow up to her chest. "I."

Justin didn't even let her finish before he crawled up onto the luxurious bed and roughly pushed her shoulders back down onto the bed. His head throbbed with the buildup of desire for her young, smooth body and he could barely hear her protestations with the thudding in his ears.

"Tanya," he whispered hoarsely into her ear. "I love you and I want you, all of you." He ran his probing fingers over her pantyhosed mound, rubbing her clit. "I know you want this, too, baby."

Justin closed his mouth over hers before she could answer, rubbing her clit harder until he felt her body soften in to his. He imagined Mrs. Williams melting her womanly body up towards his. He sucked in his breath quickly as Tanya reached up with her small hand and grabbed onto his throbbing cock. Justin knew she would love this intense experience; she just had to let go of her fears. Sitting back on his feet, Justin looked at her laying there on the soft bed, reaching her hands toward him, her eyes glazed over with a sexual desire she was just awakening to.

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