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Title: Justin's Pantyhose Suprise Part 1

Back at college for the fall semester, Justin rummaged through his worn red backpack, pulling out his favorite picture of his hometown girlfriend, Tanya. The edges of the snapshot were worn from time, but Tanya's sweet Georgia smile and voluptuous body that could stop a jet mid-air shone through the creases. Justin smiled thoughtfully as he remembered the day he took the picture. Tanya's parents were away on a day-trip to Atlanta, and Justin had his dream girl all to himself.
Tanya's mother was an older and sexier version of her daughter: long red hair, freckles on her arms and legs that seemed to go on forever. Even though the years had brought on some extra weight and a certain frumpiness around her hips, Mrs. Williams looked to Justin as if she could teach him many new tricks. Sometimes Justin fantasized about Tanya's mother when he was locked in a deep kiss with her daughter. And, Justin knew all too well from his secret glances her way, Tanya's mom had one hell of a lingerie collection. Sometimes when Mrs. Williams bent over to pick up something off the floor, Justin would get a good look down her blouse into the voluptuous breasts spilling out of her push-up bra. Once, she caught Justin in a stare and didn't seem to mind; Justin thought he even saw a faint smile cross her lips.

Justin was no virgin. Even though he had had some sexual experiences in high school (he had even gone all the way his senior year), his first two years of college were mind blowing sexually. All the college girls loved Justin's lean and muscular swim team body and many had their way with him. He had even ended up in bed with two sophomores and their younger sorority sister.
Quietly and carefully, Justin found a few open minded women who loved to wear pantyhose as much as he loved to look at them in the sexy fabric. He knew from past experience that his fetish could turn a sexy girl off or scare them away, so he sought out those who seemed open to experiences in life. His best conquest, and the one who had driven his small fetish into a raging obsession, was an older professor of philosophy who taught Justin's intro class his freshmen year. Her tender submission and need to be watched made her the perfect counterpart to his fetish. Justin had taken hundreds of photos of her in silky stockings and he loved to masturbate to them on lonely nights.

When Justin went home the summer between his sophomore and junior year, he fell head over heels for the young Tanya. She had grown up so much since he left last fall. Tanya was beautiful and had a devilish gleam in her eye that only an older man might notice. Throughout the early part of the summer, Justin began grooming her slowly to be part of his inner, darker world. One where sex was an all day event and pantyhose and lingerie took center stage in his pleasure. He knew she subconsciously was aware of his drive, but she was too young to let in surface in her mind.

So, on that late summer day, when Tanya's parents were safely on their way to some sports car convention for the day, Justin arrived at their plush Georgian mansion and took Tanya directly to her mother's armoire.

With little protest from Tanya, Justin sat her down on her parents' king sized bed covered in piles of rich, dark red silk comforters and velvet pillows and opened the huge oak armoire. Justin could feel his cock stiffen immediately when he opened the first drawer and found rows upon rows of neatly rolled pantyhose in every color imaginable - pearl, jet black, nude, suntan, noir. Tanya had told him about this drawer one night over plastic cups of wine in the town's only park. He ran his hands gently across the rows and closed his eyes as the older woman's exotic flowered perfume wafted up to his nose. He saw Mrs. Williams bending over to run her hand up her velvety leg and his mind went wild. Tanya was her younger, thinner twin and Justin was not going to waste time worrying if the nubile girl was ready for the real Justin. His passion mounted as he looked into the drawer filled with pantyhose and he knew he had to take the chance.
Gorgeous red-headed Tanya, only 17 years old, was waiting behind him on her parents' soft inviting bed. She was ready. He knew she had been dropping hints that she wanted to be like the college girls he had been with. Justin had been careful to work her up to the idea of pantyhose and photos and he thought he could see intense pleasure in her green eyes when he mentioned it. Now she would get to experience exactly what that meant.

He chose the pantyhose carefully - silky suntan with light control top and sandal toes. They had sheen to them, a sparkle Justin knew made these very expensive hose. Out of another drawer, he pulled a matching white bra and panty set made entirely of French lace with little pearls hand sewn in the crotch of the panty's and the cups of the bra.

Justin turned to bring Tanya the sexy lingerie and found her still sitting on the bed, but looking more nervous than before. Before today, Justin and Tanya had made love once, quickly, in the back seat of his parent's old Volvo and she had sucked his cock three or four times, but never did they have all day to themselves to play. Justin loved women and he loved when they were as into the experience as he was, so he knelt down in front of Tanya and kissed her palms gently.

"Are you ready, Tanya?" Justin looked into her luminous green eyes and hoped for the best.

Tanya looked down at her knees and smiled. "Justin," she said in a quiet voice. "I want to do this. But I, I.I'm not quite sure how to." She trailed off and squeezed his hands lightly.

"Do you trust me Tanya?" He pushed her shoulders down on the soft bed and leaned over her. His young body was lean and muscular and tense from excitement. He could hear her breathing become more rapid.

"Yes," she looked up into his handsome face.

Justin leaned down to kiss her soft, pink lips and let his hard-on press into her hard pubic bone. He heard her moan into their kiss.

Carefully, he slid down her body and tugged her blue gym shorts off and pulled them carefully down her long, tanned legs kissing the insides of her thighs, her knees and finally licking her ankles for a moment. Her breathing was becoming deeper and he looked up to see her running her small hands over her taut, young breasts.

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