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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Seductive Nylons

My wive and her friend Laura had been shoping, as I pass by the bedroom I see them trying on their new pantyhoses, uff.... Laura´s fishnet pantyhose made those pretty long legs of hers powerful, those radiating long smooth legs made me almost fall to my knees. They where chating away and gligling as women do. My wive with her fleshy legs displaying some sexy paterned stockings. The did not know I was home, I positioned my self sligtly to the side to enjoy the feast without being seen.
As Laura was sitting on the bed she lifted her leg and stroke the hose from the heels and up as a ray of sunligt bathed her. I felt that stroke on my body as if I was in her. My juices where flowing.

I was begining to feel separate. I wanted more of that. My wive decided to go to the kitchen and make some tea. I then made as if I was searching for my book and asked if she had seen it and then walked over to our living room.

My wive asked if I also wanted a cup of tea, yes thanks. She asked me how she looked in her patterned stockings and turned around showing off. You look gorgeous darling, I embraced her and kised her under the ear, taking care not come to close for her to notice the strenght of my erected fallus. I got my tea and she went back into the bedroom with Laura.

I wanted to partake in that nylon pleasure so I went to the bedrom and began to tell the girls how wonderfuly elegant they where looking, as I came a bit closer I began softly gliding my hands here and there, as if inspecting the nylon material. Good material I said. The gals where now looking at me in a particular way as if they had reached a crossroads. To release the tension, I said: You girls look fabulous, you could blind anyone, its dificult to keep my hands away. And they started gigling and patting me on each shoulder. My wive looked at Laura, as if she was speaking a special language and glided her hand softly from Laura´s left shoulder across the chest to right. Laura then caresed her on the hips in circular strokes. They then began rubbing legs softly closing their eyes and turning thir heads in extatic enjoyment. My hands lifted as if they had their own lives and landed on each female bottom after a warm stroke upwards to the lower back, as if asking for permision, they went down under the skirt and came in contact with the nylon, they squeezed softly feeling the flesh under the pantyhose, then began gliding up and down the thighs. I dropped on my knees and began stroking the feet and underlegs as my head moved down to kiss those feet and smooth ankles, umm ... this is life.

I laid on my back as the girls where kissing and caresing. I looked upwards under the skirts... what a sight. Pantyhosed bottoms moving in excitement above me, beautiful feet below me. I was surrounded in extatic joy.

They then began chating about the pantyhoses quality and how it felt on their bodies, they had about 3 new pairs each, and where wondering wich they would try next as I laid with my back on the carpet. Laura took her pantyhoses of and put them om my head as she gigled, I then began bitting her softly from below and up the thighs. She turned and began trying some shinny black pantyhoses.

My wive had now put on some purple hoses, though they did not suit her with her office uniform, this coused me to push her over the bed and began licking and sucking her toes. Laura put the radio on wich was playing some soft R&B and began caresing my back. I turned around and got involved into some hot and passioned tongue kisssing and my hands began caresing a rubing her tits unbutoning her dress and getting full contact breast joy. My wive obviosly felt a bit left out, for she pulled me backwards, unbloused, and put her tit into my mouth as she moved her body in cirkles above me.

Laura had unbottoned my pants and was now giving me... probably the best blowjob I ever had. I was in paradise, paralized in the stilness of surrender. I was in a bed with breasts all over my face and getting a wet and erotic treatment on my lower parts, as the heavenly sun rays gently warmed up my right thigh and left bigtoe.

They where getting hot, hot, hot and I was getting more and more trigered. I jumped up and pull Laura´s skirt up her pantyhoses down and inserted my fallus all the way up that wet warm pussy, I was in rodeo mood and I was giving it a bompi wild ride all the way up. I then jumped on my wive pulled her legs up, stimulated her clit and began moving the juices down her anus, sucked her tits and began inserting my thumb up the anus in circular fashion. I spited a couple of times on my hand and made that anus ready for insertion. It was wild, wild, wild sex!

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