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Title: My First Time

My name is Sarah I remember my first time as if it was yesterday, it was a new school year but this one was different I was in the 6th form no more boring school uniform we could wear our own clothes I was 16 and fairly pretty I wore sweaters and jeans to school nothing special. But a girl I had seen in previous years called Maria was now in my class.
She wore a white blouse blue check kilt and white tights (pantyhose) I had never looked at another girl before but she was so pretty and her legs wore great. This day she noticed me looking and smiled at me I smiled nervously back, at break she sat next to me and we chatted then out the blue she said you like my tights Sarah? And to my surprise I said yes they are sexy I must of gone bright red and Maria said yes I think so too, and asked if I wore some I said no I didn't have any at all.

After school Maria invited me home as her parents were out till late when we got there she asked me to sit down and she went upstairs, when she came down she produced a pair of navy tights and a mini skirt and asked me to put them on as I undressed from my jeans I started to feel damp, I was about to put the tights on when Maria said no take your panties off first, I felt embarresed but did as she asked they felt great and sooooo sexy I put on the skirt too and sat opposite Maria she looked at my legs and me at hers, we then had some tea and talked about girlie things.

After tea Maria sat next to me and touched my legs she said Mmmm they feel sexy I agreed and touched her legs, now I was very damp then Maria let her hand slide up my skirt it seemed natural just to part my legs and let her hand go further she got to my pussy and said WoW Sarah your soaking, I said yes I know I have never done anything like this before as i was speaking my hand went up her kilt and to find she wasn't wearing any panties either.

And she was also very damp, we then kissed her hand rubbing my wet nylon pussy and mine doing the same to her, she then went on her knees lifted my skirt and kissed my pussy through the nylon well I climaxed right away she kept on licking I was rubbing my tits then Maria sujested we go 69 this was my first time with a girl or boy and I loved it her pussy smelt and tasted so sweet, we then tore holes in the tights and our tongues went deep we both climaxed many times.

The following saturday we went shopping and I bought skirts and tights and went to school in them all the time, the boys took notice I teased them but never went with them.

I live with another girl now but still on occasions meet up with Maria we now also wear nylon body stockings.

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