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Title: Diane's New Outfit

I am one to use my good looks and flashy clothing to my advantage. When I was in school my long blond hair and 5'5'' 115 lb. body and short skirts would usually draw stares from all the guys in school. Because of my light complexion I generally wore suntan pantyhose to school and regularly not wear panties to allow select guys and teachers a view of my strawberry blond bush .
I was riding the bus home one day and was enjoying reading a novel when I noticed Diane, a native girl a year my junior, staring at me. I realized that I was allowing her a peek up my dress and I could tell that she was making no effort to avoid her gaze so I lifted my right leg slowly and opened up even more to show Diane the full picture.

To my delight Diane broke a smile and moved across the aisle and sat next to me and very cautiously slid her hand up my dress. She then whispered to me if I was driving to school tommorrow and when I moaned that I could she told me to pick her up and to be early. Diane removed her hand and then moved toward the front of the bus as her stop was approaching. I watched her walk away with her jet black hair swinginging behind her.

Indians in our area were rather impoverished in those days and Diane usually wore the standard attire of white blouse and knee socks or anklets with a dark skirt and flats. I was excited that night thinking about what the morning would bring so I awoke early and arrived at Diane's modest home a solid hour before school.

Diane met me at the door wearing a bathrobe and led me to the couch as she explained that we were alone as her mother left for work early. I was becoming more excited as Diane sat next to me allowing her robe to become partially open giving me a view of her firm breasts and small dark nipples.

She complimented me on my outfit, I was wearing a tight short blue knit skirt with matching vest, ivory silk blouse and white pumps. Diane leaned over and kissed me on my neck and slid her hand up my skirt pulling it up until my pantyhose covered bush was in view.

She then began massaging my crotch with her left hand as she unbuttoned my blouse with her right. Diane then unhook the front clasp of my lacey ivory bra and began gently sucking my pink nipple as I moaned in pleasure. She pushed me back on the couch and removed my pumps and then carefully pulled off my pantyhose.

Diane then stood and removed her robe displaying her beautiful body. I reached out and attempted to touch the sparse black hairs that adorned her crotch but diane instead turned and put on my pantyhose and pumps. She then knelt before and as she slowing licked my thigh she instructed me to take my top off. I couldn't do it fast enough as all I wanted was Diane's tongue in my hot pussy. Diane put on my bra and then removed my skirt leaving me totaly nude on the couch.

She continued licking my thigh in a teasing way as I moaned in joy. Diane then asked if I wanted her to lick my pussy I practically screamed yes. She then said" if I do will you let me wear your outfit to school" when I screamed Yes, Yes.

Diane slid her tongue in me and soon found my clitoris and brought me to a rousing climax. As I lay in pure pleasure Diane stood and left the room telling me to follow her bedroom.

As Diane finished dressing in my clothes I dressed in her plain white cotton bra and panties, dark skirt and flats, white blouse and anklets. As we left the house Diane instructed me to leave my car there and we caught the school bus. As we got on the bus I could see the giggles and heard a girl say "look how pale her legs are without nylons". This would of normally bothered me but I was enjoying the view that Diane was giving me of her pantyhosed crotch as she talked with Rick. a class hunk, was probably talking to her for the first time. There were a few more times that Diane and I wore each others outfits to school.

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