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Title: My Pantyhose Fetish

I have a pantyhose fetish. There, I've said it. I've never flat out told this to anyone before. You mention any type, color, or style of pantyhose, and I've got it. And more than one pair of them too. I've loved pantyhose as long as I can remember. I like how sexy they are on me. I like how they feel against my skin. I love the variety of what you can find. I have red, green, purple, leopard, and fishnets. I have bodystockings, pantyhose, thigh highs, and knee-highs, and different styles in each. Like I said, you name it, I've got it. My name is Keri, and I have a pantyhose fetish.
Now, you might be asking what I do with all of my pantyhose. Well, just about everything. However, I have at least two pairs of every one. I have a pair that I don't use on a regular basis. They are like my backup pair. I keep them neatly stashed away in a lockable container, all organized by type. Then I have the pair that I do use. I also keep these neat as well, and organized, but used. With some of them, I have even more. The ones I have extra off tend to be my playthings. They are for other uses. You see, when I got my first bodystocking, I fell even further in love with pantyhose. I loved how it felt all over my body. That is when I discovered an alternate use for pantyhose. You take a regular pair of pantyhose, and by cutting a few holes, you can wear them as shirts. Then I take your basic knee or thigh high, and put that over my head like you sometimes see robbers do. It's a remarkable sensation that you have to try sometime. The feeling of pantyhose rubbing against my 34D breasts is something that cannot be explained. I even found a site dedicated to this stuff...I immediately became a member.

Now why am I telling you all of this? Well, I have one problem. I often feel alone when it comes to this. I want to tell people about my fetish, but am afraid that people will hate me when I tell them. So I've come to you, in hopes that someone out there understand what I'm going through. Someone who enjoys pantyhose like I do, whether you be male or female. Write to me and tell me about your pantyhose experiences. Like I am about to do for you now.

Only once has anyone ever learned about my fascination with pantyhose. I know, I mentioned earlier that I've never told anyone before. Well this is a bit different. I didn't tell this person, they learned about it. Her name was Cindy. She is the only person I've met who actually loves pantyhose as much as I do, and it was a chance encounter. It was at a bar called Logans. I was at the bar, drinking a Bud Light, when she approached. Now, I must tell you what I was wearing. I was wearing a long-sleeve red dress, one that showed no cleavage at all. Why you ask, especially how easy it is to pick up men by showing cleavage? Well, instead of a bra, I was wearing a pair of altered black pantyhose. I had cut out a hole around the crotch, and cut off the feet. It was one of those pairs I altered so I could wear it out in public, without anyone knowing. That is why my dress didn't show cleavage. I also was wearing black pantyhose the normal way down below, and yes, they were crotchless. When she approached, the first thing I noticed, can you guess, were her pantyhose. She had on a dark blue pair. Imagine my surprise when I saw the same exact dress on her. For an instant, I imagined that it was for the same reason I was, but quickly dismissed that thought. When she got to the bar, she ordered a drink, looked at me, and whistled. "Didn't think I would see someone else wearing my dress, and looking so good in it too." I smiled, and thanked her. That was when she did it. She pulled up a stool, and placed a hand on my knee. I looked down, and back up with a look of question. Boy, how my plans changed with that one move.

"Can I buy you another drink?" she asked. Unable to think properly, I nodded yes. Pretty soon we were on the floor dancing. Then it happened. All I could gather was that she felt the seam where I had cut into the pantyhose. She ran her hand along my back, and stopped. She gave me a look, than pulled me to the side of the room. Without anyone seeing, she pulled the front of my dress forward and looked down. When she saw what was underneath, she let go of my dress, leaned over to me and whispered, "How about we leave this joint?" My jaw dropped. Not only was she interested in me, she also wasn't disgusted by my choice for an undergarment. When we got outside, I asked where she wanted to go. She pushed me against the wall, kissed me, and said, "Your place." We left immediately, hand in hand.

I lived only a few blocks away. From the time those two words were mentioned till the time we got inside and locked the door, nothing else was said. Before I had even finished locking the door, she was already behind me unzipping my dress. As soon as it was unzipped enough, I rested a hand on her shoulder as she helped me out of it. I had her turn around and I unzipped her dress. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't have the same thing on underneath, but she did have an interesting bra. I was like any other bra, but it was made out of nylon. I've seen them before on the net, but haven't found a way to get one outside of using the net. Normally, I would have bought one right away, but I didn't that time. Don't remember why though. Well, she wanted to play right away, but I wouldn't let her. I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. Sitting her on my bed, I went into my closet. I took off the makeshift shirt I had on, and switched it with a pair of pantyhose that didn't have the feet cut off. I came back out to find her lying on my bed like she lived here. She sat back up as I moved over to her. Without saying a word, I placed my hands on her cheeks and kissed her. And yes, there was some serious tongue action.

When we finally broke that off, she scooted further onto the bed as I got up there with her. She lay down as I began to explore her body. I could tell she also enjoyed the feeling of nylon on her skin as my hands ran down her body. As I began to explore her breasts (later discovered to also be 34D's), she began to lightly moan. She did this every once in a while as I massaged her nipples through her bra, and as I moistened it running my tongue over every inch of her breasts. Even while I nibbled her nipples a bit, she continued to moan. Then I moved down. As my hands ran along her belly, I felt a small shudder from her body. Using my nylon covered finger to part her belly button a bit (an innie I might add), I carefully sucked on her belly a bit. Then I moved down. Now mind you, this is the first time I have ever been with another female. I have enjoyed looking at other females online, but hadn't really come to the conclusion that I wanted to experience it yet. But my love of pantyhose, and meeting someone else who shared that love, overcame any inhibitions I might have had.

When I came to her pussy, her pantyhose had already developed a wet spot around her pussy. So, I decided to add to the wet spot by getting my first taste of another woman. My initial taste was very sweet, and only encouraged me to taste more. I didn't even bother pulling her pantyhose down, I just forcefully stretched them enough to insert the very tips of my fingers barely inside her lips. I wasn't able to keep them there long, as it took too much pressure. Instead, I began to massage her clit through her pantyhose. Her moans became louder as I moved faster. Pretty soon I heard, "I'm going to cum." Still massaging her clit, I attached my mouth around her pussy, the nylon the only thing between my mouth and her lips. As I began to suck on her pussy, I began to feel something wet soaking through the nylon. I caused her to orgasm. As I sucked up as much as I could, I continued to work her clit. All the while, she is letting out some very deep moans, along with the words, "Oh, Keri." After about 30-40 seconds, she stopped cumming. I didn't want her too do so, but she removed her pantyhose, then proceeded to lick the crotch herself, obviously trying to taste as much as she could. Not only had a found someone with a love of pantyhose, but also someone who also enjoyed the taste of their own cum. Everyone I had ever had sex with would always insist on giving oral before sex, as the didn't want to taste their cum if we did it after sex. And I've only orgasmed once outside of masturbation and that person had this thing where they immediately would clean himself off after sex. So I have tasted myself before, but only by licking my fingers or whatever toy I'm using for self-gratification. When she finished with this, I helped her put her pantyhose back on, with a large wet circle around her pussy, and we fell to the bed wrapped in each other's arms, kissing.

We laid there in each other's arms for about ten minutes, doing nothing but kissing and rubbing our bodies against each other. At this point, I decided to show her my collection. Taking her hand, I pulled her off of my bed. With her head against my shoulder, and my arm around her, I walked her into my closet. Letting go of her, I grabbed a key hanging next to the door and unlocked one of the large chests I had in one corner (I have a good sized walk-in closet). Opening the chest, I motioned for her to come over. When she knelt beside me, she just gasped. Reaching out, she ran her hand over the top drawer, touching each pair of pantyhose that I had. As she explored that chest, I opened my other one, the chest containing the pairs that I use regularly. I looked to her and said, "Name a color."

"Umm, red." I pulled out one drawer and found several pairs and shades of red pantyhose and stockings. She was amazed. "Okay, how about yellow?" I pushed in that drawer and pulled out another. "Okay, how about multicolored?" She was enjoying this. I pushed in that drawer and went down about three. Pulling that one out, I showed her my different styled pantyhose. I have various different animal styles, along with non-animal styles. Holding up a finger, I pulled out a leopard bodystocking that I had. Her eyes went wide open. Then, without even removing what I already had on, I went ahead and put it on. The pantyhose I was already wearing made it a bit darker, but at first glance, you couldn't tell I was wearing anything underneath. The only thing that gave away that fact was my hands, which were still encased in pantyhose. While doing this, she looked further through my collection, and found a spiderweb bodystocking. As I finished putting on the leopard pair, I told her to go ahead and put the spiderweb pair on. As she began to remove what she was wearing, I stopped her and told her to leave them on. While she put on the bodystocking, I grabbed a large shoebox that was off to the side. The shoebox contained the stuff that I had stretched a bit, for instance stockings that I had stretched to fit over my head. I grabbed a pair of nude knee-highs and closed the box. Pushing the drawers back in, I waited for her to finish dressing. When she finished, I began to put one of the knee-highs over her head like a mask, and than did the same to myself. Now the bodystockings that we were wearing were both crotchless. The one I was wearing only exposed the hands and everything from the neck up. The pair Cindy was wearing did the same, but it went below the neck, so it exposed a bit more. But considering what else I was wearing, only my neck and pussy were exposed. Her hands, neck, and a little bit of her chest were exposed. I could tell that she had never tried a mask before, as she seemed to look a bit uncomfortable wearing it. It can be at first, but if you really like pantyhose, you eventually grow to like it and even to love it.

At this point, she seemed to be exploring things, as she ran her hands over her body. She stuck out her tongue a few times, examining how it felt against the pantyhose. Her face was a bit distorted, and her eyes were partially open. I leaned over and as she was sticking her tongue out, I did the same and rubbed my tongue against hers. It is a weird sensation, as you can't actually feel the juices like you normally do without the masks, but it is also an exciting sensation for me. As I moved closer, I put my hands on her cheeks and fully kissed her. While kissing her, I ran my hands over her body, especially over her breasts. She seemed to like it, as her kiss became more passionate. She began doing the same to me, exploring the feeling of everything with pantyhose. As I laid her down on the closet floor, I got on top of her and used one leg to split her legs. I then placed my legs around one of her thighs, all while continuing to kiss her. When we broke the kiss, I moved down and began giving her light kisses from her neck to her breasts. As I was further exploring her chest, I felt her stretch a bit. I glanced up and watched as she reached for a conveniently placed strap-on. I'm not sure what it was doing there, as I am not usually a messy person. I must have forgotten to put it away after use one day. Now you might be asking why I have a strap-on, considering I've never been with a woman before. Well, I once had a boyfriend who enjoyed anal sex, both giving and receiving, so I bought one. When she finally grabbed the strap-on, I smiled and helped her put it on. As I lay down, I spread my legs invitingly. If you don't know what is going to happen next, than you are either an idiot, or have some form of amnesia.

Cindy crawled over to me, and sitting on her knees, she spit into her hands and began lubing the dildo with her spit. Once she had it good and ready, she lifted my legs up and under her arms. Pulling me closer to her, she then began to slap my pussy with the dildo, before gently pushing it a bit inside. Then without warning, she rammed all 6 inches into me. Most guys aren't that quick, so it caught me a bit off guard. Resting there for a second, she took my right leg and began to kiss it from my knee up to my foot. Sucking on my big toe for a few seconds, she then gripped my legs and proceeded to fuck me. She didn't do it hard like the insertion, but she was fast, and good. Every once in a while, she would skillfully twist my body to one side while twisting her body to the other side, causing the dildo to twist in my pussy. It felt wonderful. She would then fuck me some more, than twist again. After the third twist, my hands tried their hardest to grip the floor as I violently orgasmed. I let out a loud "OH MY GOD!" while my body began to pulse, and my pussy just let it all flow. I don't ever recall orgasming like that before, and it provided me with one more reason to try and hold onto Cindy as long as I could. I'm not exactly sure how long it lasted, and seem to recall Cindy leaning forward and kissing me. I even recall Cindy not even bothering to pull out the dildo. I just flowed around it. When I finally finished, and my body went still, Cindy pulled out. She then got into a sixty-nine position, and began cleaning up down there. While doing this, I began to give the dildo oral, cleaning it up for the next use. And yes, I tasted myself, but I've done that before, so it wasn't anything new. I enjoyed my own taste. And yes, I had to do this while still wearing a mask. So I had to basically stick my tongue out and run it along the dildo, trying to lap up whatever I could. It makes it a bit harder.

When we finished, we took off the masks and strap-on, and placed them to the side. I then asked her "Would you like to stay the night?" She didn't think about it a second, as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed. As we laid down for the rest of night, we weren't planning on sleeping at all. We didn't take long before we started up again, this time doing something different. I began to realize that I finally found that person I've always been looking for, and I was told later that she felt the same way. I had introduced her to a new side of pantyhose, and she had introduced me to a new kind of partner.

About a month later we moved in with each other. We shared our collections with each other, and it was a long time before a day or night went by without us doing something together, and it was because of a very logical reason. We had just been on a plane for most of the day, on our way to our honeymoon, and we were too pooped out to do anything more than cuddle in our hotel room. This was almost a year and a half after we met, and thankfully, our families fully supported our lifestyle choices.

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