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Title: An Affair To Remember

Grabbing her robe while climbing out of her bed, Jenny was startled at the knock on the door and looked at the clock. "2:45am" she said out loud to herself. "Who could be knocking at my door this early?" Running down the stairs, she yelled "coming." Jenny opened the door and to her surprise, there stood a tall blond woman crying.
"Can you help me?" The woman asked. "Please come in," Jenny said. Offering a tissue she grabbed off the end table, Jenny asked, "What's wrong?" "I'm sorry to bother you at this early hour but my boyfriend and I were fighting on our way home from a party and while passing your house, he threw me out of the car." "It's about 30 miles to my house and I need to use your phone to call a cab."

Jenny turned to get the phone when she heard loud yelling though her front door. "Come on Jessica" "I know your in there you bitch." Pounding became to be heard on the door and Jenny went to see the man who Jessica was going home with. Quietly looking through her peep hole, so he wouldn't know she is there, Jenny could see the man at her door. He was a tall man wearing a black leather coat, had a skull for an ear ring hanging off his right ear. "Look you bitch" he yelled.

Jenny turned to Jessica who was trying to stay quiet for some kind of information as to what she wanted her to do. Jessica whispered "please don't open the door." Jenny didn't know what to do. Here stood in her living room a stranger in need of some kind of help. At the same time, thinking to herself she didn't want to get involved with the situation.

"Jessica, I'm sorry. I know you are in there" he said as he continued to pound on the door. Jessica wanted to have no part of him after he threw her out of the car. Jenny slowly started to walk to Jessica when she heard the door knob starting to turn. She was safe though. The door was locked and the dead bolt was latched. But still the sound of the knob trying to turn back and forth made her quiver. "What do you want me to do?" Jenny asked quietly to Jessica. "I don't know" Jessica whispered. "But please don't open that door." Silence came from the door. "Is he gone?" Jessica asked. "Let me look" Jenny turned and walked to the door.

Looking through the peep hole, she couldn't see him any longer. She turned to Jessica and said "I think so." Jenny turned around and walked to the couch where Jessica was sitting. She sat on the couch next to her and put a hand on Jessica's knee. Jenny felt a familiar feeling on her hand and thought to herself, Jessica is wearing pantyhose. She couldn't tell before as the room was dimly lit by the upstairs hall light. They were nude she thought. Jenny loved to wear pantyhose and wore them often. This was her first time feeling them on another woman's body and it felt good to her. Jessica started to ask again to use the phone when Jenny stopped her and said "Why don't you spend the night here just incase your boyfriend looks for you at home." Jessica thought that was a better plan because they live together and maybe he would calm down. She said that she would call for a cab in the morning. After feeling Jessica's pantyhose covered leg, Jenny didn't want that to happen. She offered to drive her home instead. Jenny didn't notice that her hand was moving up Jessica's thigh until Jessica moved to face Jenny. She moved her hand from Jessica's leg. She never had any thoughts about being with another woman. But for some strange reason, she wanted to get to know Jessica better. Maybe it was the feeling she was getting from Jessica's leg.

She shrugged it off for a moment and said to Jessica, "come on. I think I have a night shirt you could wear." They went upstairs to Jenny's room. Looking through her drawer, Jenny pulled out a shirt. She handed it to Jessica and told her where the bathroom was so she could change. Jessica went down the hall and shut the door. Jenny lay back on her bed and the thoughts came back. "I wonder what it would be like to have pantyhose sex with another woman." She said quietly to herself. Just then Jessica came out of the bathroom. She had her clothes balled up and asked where she could put them for the night. Jenny noticed the pair of pantyhose and thought why she couldn't have left them on. Jenny said give them to her and she would run downstairs and put them in the wash. Next thing Jessica asked was where she could sleep. I have a spare bedroom across the hall you can sleep in she said. Jessica handed her clothes to Jenny and turned to walk out the door. She stopped and turned around and said "I want to thank you for taking me in. Not many people would" Jenny said that it was her pleasure to help.

Jessica walked into the spare bedroom and got into bed. She could hear Jenny getting ready to put the clothes in the wash when she asked if she needed any help. Jenny replied. No, that she had it taken care of. Jenny went downstairs and started to put Jessica's clothes in the wash. She paused when she was putting the pantyhose in to feel the fabric and smell Jessica's aroma. A sweet smell it was. Jenny knew that she had to have the woman that was just in them. She put them in the wash and went back upstairs.

She stopped at the spare bedroom door to look on Jessica. She was fast asleep. "Look at her" she thought to herself. Then another thought came to mind. "What am I'm doing?" This is wrong. How can I want another woman? And with that, she went into her room. She couldn't get the feeling of pantyhose off her mind and went to her drawer to put on a pair to sleep in. She picked out a high lace French cut off black pair and proceeded to encase her legs with them. She could feel herself getting aroused at the thought of Jessica. She climbed into bed and started masturbating herself with one hand and rubbing her breasts with the other. After a few minutes, she let herself go into one of the best orgasm she has had in a long time. She attributed the unusual exploded climax she just had to the thoughts of Jessica's pantyhose covered legs in her mind. She then turned over and went to sleep.

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