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Title: Fawn Learns About Pantyhose

There was a soft knock on my open office door. I looked up to see Fawn, our newest office assistant, poking her head in.
"Excuse me Aysia, Frank in accounting told me to drop off these papers."

"Oh, yes," I said, "I've been expecting those, come in Fawn...please come in. Thanks for bringing them by."

"Oh, it's my pleasure Aysia. I'm so glad to working here."

Fawn had only been with the company a few weeks so I stopped what I was doing to ask her how she liked her job and to make small talk. I like to make new employees feel comfortable.

Fawn was a perfect name for her.

She was probably no more than 18 or 19.

Her blonde hair was cut in a short pixie style.

She couldn't have been more than 5' 2" or 5'3" tall. I guessed that she weighed no more than 100 pounds.

I also noticed in the short time she had been with our company, that no matter what she wore her gorgeous petite figure was always on display.

She had a tiny tapered waist and a cute behind that showed when she wore tight slacks. Her legs, while slim, were incredibly toned. And she always seemed to wear blouses that showed off what appeared to be perfect perky teenager's breasts.

In a word she was stunning.

Today she was wearing a short pleated skirt and a soft angora sweater.

She was bare legged and on her feet were strappy little high-heeled sandals. I glimpsed at her tiny feet, which appeared to be perfectly kept including her red painted nails.

As we talked a bit more I noticed that she appeared a bit nervous. So I asked her, "Fawn, is everything OK?"

"Oh yes Aysia, it's just that I wanted to ask you kind of a personal question."

Now I was intrigued. What could this woman-child possibly want to know that made her this nervous?

"Go ahead Fawn; I have no away."

"Well,'s just that you always seem to dress so perfectly....and you are the boss and everything...I was just wondering if you could tell me where you buy your outfits and everything. Could you give me some pointers on how to dress for business? You know...dress for success?"

God...I just wanted to eat her up right there on the spot...I'm 27 but all of a sudden I felt much older.

"Of course Fawn...I'll give you some pointers. I'll tell you what...I have a little more work to do and then I'm going straight home. Here's my address ... why not come by tonight at about 8 and I'll show you everything in my closets and teach you everything I know."

"Wow! Would you Aysia? That would be so neat!"

All of a sudden she sounded like she was 16 again.

I was so looking forward to teaching this cute young girl everything I knew.

"Good...see you at 8! Now let me do some work, " I smiled.

She turned and I watched those perfectly toned legs of hers carry her out the door.

As soon as she left I cleared my desk and locked my door and left for home.

I wanted to have everything ready when she arrived.


As soon as I got home I showered and put on a short robe.

Then I went to the bedroom and put a few new scented candles in the holders spread about the bedroom. I have 15 candle holders but I rarely light more than two or three at a time....tonight I was going to light all 15....just a few were scented...the rest were regular candles. I lit the candles and turned off all the room the room was bathed in the soft warm glow of the candles. Perfect, I thought.

I opened the windows...outside the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees and almost no humidity...a barely perceptible breeze wafted through the room.

I drew down the bedcovers...freshly laundered sheets adorned the bed.....

Next I went to my dresser and selected a pair of my best pantyhose.

I pulled out a fresh package of Wolford Fatal pantyhose with a shimmery nude finish....when Wolford announced they were discontinuing this style I bought every pair I could find.

These pantyhose are seamless and this style and color are my favorite.

I took off my robe and pulled on the pantyhose....Putting them on is almost better than sex itself....I pulled them on and stood up. I felt my sex begin to get wet.

I admired the glossy sheen that covered my legs. My legs had never looked so sleek.

I put my robe back on.

The only thing that I needed to do was select a pair of shoes to wear... I chose my slip-on mules with 4-inch heels.

I was ready!


And then...a knock on the door.....

I walked quickly to the door and opened it.

Fawn was standing there with a nervous smirk.

I asked her to come in and sit down.

"How do you feel Fawn," I asked.

"A little nervous," she answered.

"Well, Fawn...there's nothing to be nervous about...I'm just going to show you a few things....OK?"

"OK...I feel better already"

"Stand up fawn...let me look at you."

She stood up and pirouetted nervously...

She was breathtaking...

In place of the pleated skirt she was wearing earlier she was now wearing a tight and very short black skirt. And the sweater had been replaced by a crisp white collared shirt...the top buttons were unbuttoned well past her boobs and almost to her she turned I caught a glimpse of her perky breasts....she wasn't wearing a bra....

They appeared small...but perfectly shaped. And on her feet were some the sexiest high heeled sandals I'd ever seen....the straps were so thin they were almost invisible.

Now I was getting nervous. I started to feel a bit warm and flushed.

"Sit down Fawn," I instructed. "I don't see anything always dress so nicely...just like now."

As she sat down her legs parted and her short skirt hiked up and I noticed she wasn't wearing panties.

"Well, tell you the truth...I'm happy with the way I's your pantyhose...I want to wear pantyhose like you do...but I can't seem to find pantyhose that look like yours. Yours are so sexy looking. Your legs always look so smooth and shiny."

" that all? That's easy...I can help you with that. Come with me sweetie."

She followed me as I walked to the bedroom.

"OK are my pantyhose."

I pulled open all the drawers to my pantyhose dresser...the dresser had 8 drawers ... 4 were filled with new unopened packages of pantyhose of every brand and style. The other 4 were filled with folded pantyhose I had worn already...

"There you go Fawn...take your pick."

"Wow, Aysia! I never knew there were so many kinds."

"Oh yes Fawn...there are many different styles...styles and colors for all different occasions."

"OK," Fawn asked..."So how do you know what kinds to buy?"

"Well, Fawn...first and foremost all the pantyhose I buy must be sexy. Either the style or color. And by sexy I also mean very sheer.....and very shiny. Men love to see a woman in sheer, shiny nylons."

"Wow!" she exclaimed... "That is so cool! Can you show me the sexiest style you have?"

"Well, Fawn...I'm wearing the sexiest style I own right now. Would you like to see them?"

"Oh yes, Aysia....I'd love to see them."

With that I opened my robe and threw it on the bed...I stood before her....completely now I was breathing full breasts were heaving and as I looked down I noticed a slight sheen of perspiration was forming on them. I was actually excited...revealing my nakedness clad only in sheer nylon to this sweet young thing.

I spread my pantyhose clad legs and started to run my hands across my satiny thighs...and then up towards my nylon covered crotch and my freshly shaven pussy.

"See how nice my legs look when I wear these Fawn?"

She gasped a little and smirked again....

"Wow, Aysia! Those are beautiful! Your legs look so smooth in those. Can I feel them?"

"Of course Fawn...come here and run your hands over them...these are imported pantyhose...from Austria. They are very expensive."

She moved closer and as she did she dropped to her the same time her hands moved slowly over the silky pantyhose that encased my legs and thighs. She ran her hands slowly up and down my legs...which were barely trembling....and then she ran her hands ever so slowly across my nylon covered pussy...her hands lingered as she massaged my nylon covered sex...

It was everything I could do to keep from wetting myself!

She stood up and smiled. "You were right Aysia...they look sexy and they feel sexy too! Do you have a pair of those for me that I could try on?"

"Sure you want to try them on now?"

"Oh, yes!"

And with that...without even asking Fawn started taking off her clothes....what there was of them...first she unbuttoned the few buttons of her blouse that were buttoned and threw the it on the floor. Next she removed her skirt....unzipping the back and wriggling out of it.

She left her sandals on.

And there she her nakedness...unashamed....

Before me stood the most perfect specimen of young flowering womanhood I had ever seen....her young perfect body stood before me bathed in the golden yellow glow of the candles...

I couldn't ever recall seeing a female body this perfect....even in high school.

Her breasts were perfectly shaped...they appeared to be 34 B's...but the most perfectly shaped boobs I'd ever seen.

Her waist was even tinier than I had imagined...and her hips were perfectly flared ...her stomach flat and toned all leading to her perfectly shaped pubis...a perfect mound of sex...her pussy was smooth and hairless except for a thin neatly trimmed vertical strip of soft pubic hair...

Her smooth hairless skin was tanned all over.

Once again I marveled at her perfect legs...perfectly defined calves that led down to her tapered ankles and her gorgeous tiny feet that looked like they had never had a callous or blister.

"Turn around sweetie....let me look at all of you."

She giggled as she pirouetted once again...and now there it was ... her perfect ass was before me...absolutely of the most beautifully round and firm looking asses I'd ever seen on a girl of her size.... Jennifer Lopez would be envious of this ass. I couldn't wait to see it covered with sheer nylon.

My pussy tingled a bit in anticipation.

" you know that you are beautiful?"

She giggled again.

"OK...let's see if I have some pantyhose that fit you...I think I have a pair just like the kind I'm wearing and in your size too."

"Really? That would be great...I love those."

With that I retrieved a pair of Fatal Neon pantyhose in an extra small size...and exactly the same color as I was wearing....

"Here, sit down sweetie and put these on."

She sat on the edge of the bed...I handed her the hose and she gathered one foot and pulled it on and then the other....she stood up and wriggled into the hose as she pulled them above her tiny waist.

She slipped her sandals back on and walked towards a full length mirror...

She stood before the mirror smoothing the hose over her legs as I looked for the first time at her perfect ass which was now clad in shiny sheer pussy was getting wetter...all the nerves in my body tingled at the sight of this near perfect woman who stood before me...naked except for sexy sandals and creamy smooth sheer nylon that encased her legs....she turned around and threw her arms out .. as if to say...look at me!

I gasped ... the sight of her lovely dewy cunt encased in the silky nylon and shimmering in the candlelight was more than I could take...I felt weak...

I got on the bed and lay on my back and stretched out arm over my head...while Fawn continued to display her new pantyhose.

"Thank you Aysia...I love these.....can I keep them?"

"Yes, sweetie, you may keep them...they look nice on you."

And with that she threw herself on the bed...landing on top of me...."Thank you Aysia," she squealed in girlish delight."

She hugged she did her nylonned covered thighs squeezed against my she lay on top of me I slowly rolled over so that now she was beneath nylon covered thighs and pussy were now firmly pinned her against the clean cool sheets...

She looked up at me and smiled...and with that I moved closer to I did her mouth moved towards my full breasts and she slowly started kissing them...moaning as she slowly lavished attention on each breast....her tongue swirled around my nipples...first one and then the other.....sucking and she did I held myself above her with both arms in the push up position....

My nylon covered hips were grinding against hers...she moaned some more and then with one hand she reached up and pulled my head close to hers....her lips found mine...she thrust her tongue inside my warm mouth...we kissed...I hungrily thrust my tongue in her soft mouth...we made animal sounds as we lavished kisses upon each lipstick smeared....I continued to grind my nylon covered pussy against her sweet mound....she reciprocated by grinding her pussy even more furiously than me....

We stopped kissing and she looked at me sweetly as we continued our nylon fuck....

"Oh, God, Aysia...fuck me please....fuck my cunt...I love this...please fuck me! FUCK ME HARDER........OH PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!!!" wetness started to seep through the nylon....I was so hot....I wondered if I could keep up with this gorgeous creature....

Our hips continued to grind and sway....

And then suddenly she flipped me I was on the she did she immediately moved towards my cunt with her what seemed like an instant her mouth was sucking my cunt through the damp nylon....she was an animal she sucked she hands held her head ...I grabbed her short blond hair and pushed her head onto my crotch was soaking wet now....she sucked my pussy a little more and then in a flash she was on her back...
"Aysia!!!!! Now!!! Eat my my cunt through the pantyhose!!!!!! Please AYSIA!!! EAT MY CUNT!!! OH PLEASE....MAKE ME CUM," she screamed...I was afraid the neighbors would hear her through the open windows....

With that I moved towards her perfect sex...her perfect hairless pussy...I could see that she was wet.....the shiny nylon clung to her perfect hairless mound....I stopped for a second to admire its beauty in the candlelight...she was gorgeous....slowly my tongue darted and skipped across her nylon covered cunt...she quivered.....she reached back and grabbed the headboard with both she did she thrust her hips skyward....and instead of flicking my tongue. I started to lap her cunt...sucking at it through the nylon....her juices dancing on my tongue....her hips continued to sway and grind...I grabbed her nylon covered ass and guided it towards my mouth as I continued to lap at her pretty cunt...I was in heaven....

...I never wanted this to end......

And then she screamed..."Aysia!!!! Let's FUCK some more...Oh p-p-p-please Aysia...FUCK ME PLEASE!!!!!!!"

With that we both embraced nylonned pussy grinding against hers.....we kissed passionately...hungrily.....our bodies were now perfect harmony it seemed....we were both soaking wet....with sweat...the candlelight gleaming off the our wet, gleaming bodies......

And then....after what seemed like an hour....her body shuddered and quivered as she screamed in ecstasy....she was cumming...and within seconds after her I too had contrast to her screams when we fucked her orgasm was silent and sweet....I moaned...this was one of my more pleasurable orgasms.....ever!

Our pantyhosed pussies were soaked...the feeling was delicious...

After a few minutes.....she looked at me sweetly...with then she wrapped her slender arms around me....kissed me lightly on the cheek...and fell asleep in my arms...her pretty head resting on my full breasts....

Fawn had successfully completed her first lesson in Pantyhose Appreciation! And she passed with flying colors!

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