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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Meeting Jack

I finally got lucky. My husband and I have been looking for someone in our area with a panty fetish for some time now. It seems all the guys I kept meeting were only interested in getting my panties off. Well it finally happened. A guy named Jack got in touch with us. Mike, my hubby met with him first at Starbucks and they hit it off perfectly, even exchanged a few panty pic's and videos. Mike made arrangements for Jack to meet me later that evening. I was very excited when he came home and told me I might have a new boyfriend to be naughty with who lived only 3 miles away from us. After dinner, I showered and slipped into a pair of tight white nylon Olga panties, hiphuggers with white lace trim at the top, a white garterbelt with tan stockings and white pumps. Then I put on this really, really short summer dress I had just bought that day. It's pale yellow and very see-thru. My hubby adjusted my garter straps and stockings just right so that if I barely bent over or leaned forward, they were exposed, just about 2 inches below where my pretty panties were showing. At around 9:00pm, we headed out to meet Jack at a small bar. Mike pulled up in back behind the place next to a White 4X4 truck. Mike said it was Jack who was in the truck and as he got out of his vehicle, I opened my door slowly. He grabbed it and held it open so I obliged his courtesy by spreading my legs wide open and showing him my pretty white panties and silky stocking tops. I took my time getting out of the car and his eyes were focused on my buldging panty crotch the whole time. We smiled at each other and both he and my hubby grabbed an arm and escorted me into the bar. The place was almost empty which was cool, I thought. Mike ordered a pitcher of Margarita's as we all stood at the far end of the bar with me between them. my hubby complimented me on my new dress and Jack went on to tell me how sexy it was that he could see my panty and garter lines right through the dress. He even told me what kind of panties I had on underneath my dress just by the outline of my pantylines. WOW...I was impressed, especially when I found out they were his favorites too!
Shortly after chugging my first Margarita, I had my dress flipped up in the back so that they could enjoy peeking at my panties and garters. Jack was very polite but extremely turned on and not at all shy about telling me how hot I was and how much the videos my hubby gave him of me turned him on. By my 2nd Margarita, the bar was beginning to fill up with Kareoke fans and my panties were in the mood to be groped and fondled so I looked at my hubby for his wink of approval, which I quickly got and then I invited Jack to come home. When we got to the parking lot, I told Mike I was going to ride with Jack, gave him a kiss on the cheek and he headed off. Jack opened my door for me and as I climbed up into the 4X4, I stopped, hiked up my dress,looked back down at him and said, "Ya wanna kiss my pretty panties Jack?" In a split second, he burried his mouth and nose deep into my pantied gusset. I reached back and grabbed his hair and pulled him into me closer as I wiggled my ass from side to side, smoothering him in my pretty white panties. Damn I just love doing this to a man!!! He finally came up for air and I said,"Okay sweetie, take me home and I'll show you what a good little panty tease I am." As we headed to my house, I told him to pull up in our driveway in front of our garage. Above our garage is my master bedroom and as we pulled in, I could see my hubby peeking out of the window. Jack cut the engine and I told him to turn on this inside light in his truck. I wanted my hubby to have a good view of what was about to happen. I had Jack slide over next to me so that the steering wheel would not obstruct any view. Once next to me, I slid the passenger seat back and down and layed back with my legs spread wide apart and dress up over my hips exposing my panties and garters completely. Jack had this look on his face like he'd died and gone to heaven when I pulled him towards me and gently pushed his face into my panty crotch. I said, "make me cum in my panties and then I'll get you off with my panties too. And off he went, kissing and sniffing and licking my buldging panty crotch like a true panty lover. I looked up through the windshield and could see my hubby enjoying himself. As horny as that made me, Jack had me cumming in my panties in just minutes. I then pushed him down in his seat, unzipped his pants and started massaging his cock. It was already rock hard so I reached for my purse and pulled out a pair of pink Vanity Fairs. I gently wrapped them around his cock and start jacking him off. The whole time he was fondling my panty crotch and toying with my garter straps. I stole quick peeks at my hubby and my pussy tingled with pleasure as he watched me being naughty. Then with one hand stroking Jacks cock with my panties, I cupped his balls with my other hand and started milking them with each stroke. A couple of times I just let the head of his cock slip out of my panties and I kissed it, never missing a stroke. The guy shot 8 or 9 long thick ropes of sperm sailing into the air, covering my panties. I used my panties to clean him up real good and then as his cock got soft, I slipped it completely into my mouth and looked up at my hubby as I was licking it off. Jack was totally thanking me and begging me to meet with him again. I told him that that would definately happen. Before he left, I pulled the top of my dress off and let him fondle my titties for awhile too. Once in the house and upstairs, my hubby quickly grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He then fucked my brains out for being a naughty panty tease.

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