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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Playfully Kinky

I decided to go out tonight and see what sort of trouble I could get into. I ran into a guy that I have seen out and about a few times. He?s friends with a guy that used to date my sister, so I?ve talked to him on occasion, here and there. We had a few drinks at the bar and talked casually. No flirting, really, just the typical ?how have you been? and ?what?s new?? type conversations. The band inside was really loud and quite BAD, so we went out on to the deck. We were talking about the new rims on his car and he took the drink out of my hand, set it on the table and then grabbed me and pinned me against the wall. I gasped as my back thrust against the wall and was shocked, he wrapped both hands around my wrists and pushed them up against the wall. He leaned forward and kissed me, quite hard and rough. He tugged my lower lip into his mouth and then pressed against me, crushing my body between his and the wall. I tried to pull my head back, to see if anyone was watching. The deck was pretty quiet, only another couple sat on the far end.
He started kissing my neck and my earlobes and said, ?wanna get out of here?? I must have walked in a daze to his car, because I vaguely recall the time between kissing on the deck and opening my eyes in his dark room, laying naked on his bed, his lips and tongue teasing my nipples in the dark. I felt hot all over, the fan felt extremely cool against the spots his tongue touched. He slowly ran his hands down my arms, back up over my shoulders, slowly down my chest, his hands gripping and squeezing my tits, tongue tracing my nipple, then his hands moved lower, over my stomach, along my hips, tickling my knee. I bent my legs, his hand cupping and squeezing my calves. His hands slid up the underside of my legs, he grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled and pushed against them, spreading my cheeks, lifting me up, I felt his mouth against my pussy, hot breath against my clit, his tongue darting in and out, up and down, slow circles, then hard and fast. He sucked and licked my pussy, his hands still under my ass, lifting me up. His hand slid down and lifted my leg up and over him, he turned me onto my side, his hands caressing my hip, my back, he kissed the length of my body, trailing his hands down my legs. He pushed me further, so that I was laying on my front, I felt him straddling my legs, his cock resting against my ass cheeks. He leaned forward, rubbing my shoulders, soft kisses against the center of my back, along my shoulders, the back of my neck.

He slid lower, easing my legs apart, I pulled them under me, instinctively, assuming he would enter me from behind. His hand slid around, toying with my clit, the other squeezing and rubbing my tit. I leaned forward, pressing my ass back, waiting to feel the head of his cock against my wet pussy. He moved further away, I thought he was teasing me, going to make me beg. Then I felt his hands against my ass cheeks again. He pushed against my lower back, and I leaned forward, resting against my elbows, my ass in the air. He pulled my ass cheeks apart, and I felt his hot tongue trace the crack of my ass. I could hardly believe how hot and amazing it felt. My entire body was on fire. He teased his tongue back and forth over my ass, slow circles, then shallows thrusts of his tongue into my asshole. His finger slid inside my pussy and I came the second I had something to grip onto. His tongue sliding back and forth between my pussy and my ass. I came over and over.

I turned over, pushed him hard onto the bed, turning him onto his back, my tongue and fingers rushing to find the same spot that he had ignited. My tongue dove into his ass, searching, licking, teasing. I teased his balls and cock with my other hand, fucking his ass with my tongue. He pulled me up against him, we kissed, rough and hard, both determined to not be outdone. He pushed me onto my back, holding my arms up above my head, biting my neck, his knee forcing my legs apart. I struggled to break his hold but he held on tighter, his kiss got rougher. I turned my head, he took the pillowcase from the pillow and wrapped it around my wrists, holding them with one hand, while the other went to my throat. He held me against the bed, kissing me, I tried to turn my head, but his hand around my throat kept it in place, he teased and bit my neck, my shoulder, as I tried to squirm out of his grasp.

I turned over, he pushed me face first into the bed, wrapping his hand in my hair, he pulled my head back, his mouth torturing the back of my neck. His hands slid lower, and in one movement, I felt his hands on my hips and his cock thrust deep inside my wet, throbbing pussy. I came as soon as I felt him enter me. He didn?t stop, he continued to pound my pussy, his balls smacking against my ass, pulling me hard against him, I begged him to stop, he fucked me harder, I came harder, faster, gushing all over his cock. He pulled my hair, and I moaned loud and deep. I couldn?t stop coming, his hand smacked my ass, hard, I felt it sting and I wanted more. I didn?t want him to stop, I came and came, then felt him pull back, I turned around, and sucked his cock soaked in my cum, into my mouth. He thrust against my face, his cock quivering and shooting hot cum into my mouth. He pulled me into his arms and we collapsed onto the bed, out of breath.

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