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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Date Last Night

I just have to tell you about my date last night. I invited a friend over to watch a movie and have dinner with me. He?s really cute, has this adorable dimple, strong jawline, long lean legs and arms, a firm ass that fits in your hand, and THE MOST mouth watering cock, ever created! It?s perfect, long, thick, the head is smooth and full, his balls are soft and not too big, and he keeps it well trimmed. His waist is narrow, his hips are smooth, his abs are perfect, with just the tiniest line of hair down the center that leads to the promise land! His right nipple is pierced and I love to tease and toy my tongue around it.
Ok, ok? so anyway?. I invited him over for dinner, then we went and rented a movie and came back to my place. We crawled into bed and started watching the movie, but it was just too hot for jeans, so I took mine off, and took off my bra too. I crawled in next to him in a t-shirt and red lace thong and he started to pull his jeans off. I said, ?you know, we can?t have sex during a Disney movie, its just wrong!? He laughed and said, ?there will be plenty of previews!? and pulled me on top of him.

We kissed and touched, rubbed each other all over, he pressed hard against my panties, as I rocked back and forth above him. His hands slid down my legs then back up to my ass, pulling my thong up between my cheeks. I took off my shirt and pressed my tits into his face. He sucked and teased my nipples while I rode him with my panties on, the fabric between my wet cunt and his hard cock.

We teased each other a while, then he said, ?these have to come off? and about ripped my thong off. I was barely able to get it off before he ruined it. I slipped my leg back over his hips and teased him, sliding my pussy back and forth over his cock. The tip of his head brushing against me. He smiled, his head rolled back againt my pillow and he made slow, deep, sighs, as I allowed the head to enter my pussy. Back and forth, I slowly moved above him, teasing him, teasing myself. He grabbed my ass, a hand on each side, pulled my cheeks apart and squeezed them tight, then pulled me down hard, his huge, hard cock driving deep inside my pussy. I gasped, moaned really loud and waited for my insides to loosen and adjust to his girth inside me.

Like a bull rider posessed, I rode his cock, hard and fast, driving it deeper and further inside my cunt. I couldn?t get it in deep enough. I came several times, I felt him getting close, so I climbed off, slide down and slowly teased the head with my tongue, sliding it up and down the shaft, sucking it into my mouth. Tasting my cum all over his cock, stroking his balls, feeling them moist with my cum. I sucked one nut then the other into my mouth, teasing them with my tongue, massaging them with my lips. Slowly running my bottom teeth along his sack as my tongue trailed to his cock. I sucked him deep and fast into my mouth, my fingers sliding between his legs, behind his balls, slowly toying my finger around the outside of his ass.

I told him I wanted him to ?bend me over, to fuck me, to pull on my hair.? I told him, ?I love your cock,? and ?I want to feel you deep inside me.? He threw me back on the bed, lifting one leg straight up, and slid it deep inside me. He moved in and out of my pussy slow and steady, nice and deep, but I knew he wasn?t thrusting it all inside me. I told him, ?I want to feel you bottom out, fuck me hard and deep!? Without anymore coaching, he drove his huge cock deep inside my pussy, I felt him touch my cervix, stretching my pussy to the limits. I moaned and dug my nails into his shoulders. He fucked me hard and fast, we turned onto our sides, my leg in the air, he pounded my pussy, until I thought I?d gush all over. He reached between my legs and rubbed my clit, his balls slamming against my ass cheeks, his cock exploding deep inside me, as I came all over him.

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