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Title: His First Rim Experience

A while back I was seeing this guy and I had wanted to try rimming a partner, but with each previous boyfriend, I was somewhat hesitant to throw it out there, but the last guy was into it. I really liked doing it and loved hearing the sounds he?d make as I teased his ass with my tongue. Lately, I?ve been missing that part of sex with guys I?m not in a ?relationship? with. Sooo? I decided that I?d go visit an old friend.
We were talking & watching a movie and things started to heat up. I was playing a little hard to get and not letting him do much to me. He was incredibly hard, and started thrusting against me. Sliding his hand inside the back of my jeans and rubbing my ass cheeks. Sliding his fingers along the string of material between my ass. He grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against him, as he tried to slide his hand inside the front of my panties.

I undid his belt & unbuttoned his pants, reaching inside his boxers, I found a very hot and hard cock straining to get out. I slowly slid my hand along the shaft, looking into his eyes, watching them widen and his chest rise up as he takes in a deep breath. I rolled the palm of my hand over the head a few times, then slid it back down the shaft and back to the tip. I took my hand out of his pants pulled his jeans and boxers down. I moved to position myself lower, as he pulled his legs free from his clothes. I leaned down and kissed his stomach, trailing my hands along his belly, my nails lightly across his skin, kissing his chest, and then sucking his nipple into my mouth. Slowly swirling my tongue around it, lightly scraping my teeth over it, slow, warm breaths, followed by my tongue teasing and licking, while my hand slowly trailed down his stomach, over the top of his pelvic area, just below his waist. Teasing him, I avoid his cock, I slide my hand over his right hip (I?m laying on his left side) and down the top of his thigh, lightly scratching my nails through his leg hair, feeling it tickle my fingertips.

I kissed his stomach, his right hip, my hand taking his cock firmly, I kiss the tip of his head, slowly swirling my tongue around the tip, down the shaft, and back to the tip, sucking him into my mouth, slowly at first, then a little faster and deeper. My hand wrapped firmly around the base I slide it back and forth with my mouth, feeling him arch off the bed and hearing his breaths become faster. I slide my hand to the head and roll it around in my palm, my fingers over the top, until he starts to rise up off the bed again. I take his cock back into my mouth, deeper and faster, sucking and mouthing it, then I slide my tongue along the shaft to the balls, taking one then the other into my mouth. Teasing his balls with my tongue, rolling them around in my mouth, lightly scratching them with my teeth. I try to slide my tongue lower, but I cant reach. I climb to the foot of the bed, and spread his legs apart, and crawl up between them.

I take his cock into my hand and begin to stroke him again, as I suck his balls into my mouth. Trailing my tongue along them, I lift them, kissing, sucking, and tasting every inch of them, licking behind them, going lower, until my tongue is licking and swirling between the cheeks of his ass. He sucks in a deep breath and rises up off the bed, his leg muscles tighten and I look up and watch his eyes roll back into his head. I slid my tongue back up to his balls, sucking them back into my mouth, staring into his eyes, and watching him bite on his lower lip as he watches me. I take his cock into my mouth, and begin to suck him in as far as possible, both my hands on the bed on either side of his hips, mouthing his cock, up and down, my hair falling over him, tickling the tops of his legs and stomach. I feel his hand move to my head, I think he?s going to push my head down, but he doesn?t, he lightly brushes my hair to the side, and tucks the hair behind my ear, I look up into his eyes, as his cock is buried in my throat.

I want to try again, so I slide my tongue along his balls and back to that sweet spot, teasing his ass with my tongue. He starts to rise and rock his body, as my tongue makes circular patterns along the crack of his ass, I hungrily suck his balls back into my mouth, more urgently than before, teasing, sucking, and rolling them around with my tongue. I slide my hand back to his cock and begin to stroke him some more, sucking his balls, and licking the base, sliding my tongue to the head, swirling it around the rim, then sucking him deep into my mouth.

I can feel him getting close, his breath is labored, he?s moving up and down on the bed, and I begin to go faster, sucking and slurping, mouthing and squeezing with my hand. His breathing was getting faster, and I took both his hands in mine, as I mouthed his cock, deep into my mouth, sucking him, urging him to cum. He said ?ooh I?m close? and I held his hands tighter, squeezing them, lightly digging my nails into his skin. Sucking his cock deeper and faster into my mouth he said again, through clenched teeth, ?I?m close, I?m ooh I, I?m going to cum, I?m going to cum? not stopping, I continued to ride his cock with my mouth, he let out a loud moan and his entire body shook as he came in my mouth, I slid my mouth up and down the shaft a few more times, pausing to swallow, then a few more strokes with my mouth, to make sure I got every drop. I kissed his stomach, and his chest, he pulled me to him, and held me so tight I could barely breath. He was speechless, he started to say something, then stopped.

Finally when he regained his composure and his breath, he told me how incredible it was, and that apparently his legs went numb hmmm? I?m not sure if that?s a good sign or not?

I still haven?t had a guy RIM me, or a girl I?m sure I wouldn?t mind letting a few girls giving it a shot.

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