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Title: Phone Sex Mishap

Ok, so last night I was pretty wired after drinking those energy drinks and I decided to go out for a few drinks. I had fun, ran into a few girls I know and we danced at the bar. This guy came up to me and was trying to get me to dance with him, and started to pull me out onto the dance floor. I said, ?no thanks? but he grabbed my arm, and my drink flew all over my sleeve and wrist. I was pretty ANNOYED to say the least. I looked over at Paul, who is a HUGE bouncer, and a long time friend of mine, and he was off of his stool and at my side within a few seconds. The guy was removed from my presence and when Paul returned he informed me that the guy will not be bothering me or my friends again. So at this point, I decided to take my soaking wet self, out to the car and head home.
When I got home, I was still a little pissed about being covered in sticky alcohol, so I decided to take a hot bath. BUT, I thought I?d pour myself another drink to make up for the one that was wasted at the bar. As I was heading past the computer I noticed I had a few messages on the screen, and I stopped and replied in my ?drunken state.? So this guitarist started chatting with me, I?ve been chatting with him online and passing pictures back and forth. We?ve had a few HOT conversations on the phone but haven?t met yet. We were talking about sex and how we?re both single and trying to avoid the quick hook ups right now, and we both have gone the EXACT amount of time, since our last sexual encounter. (Ok, so maybe he?s gone a LITTLE longer, but he doesn?t need to know about ALL of my indiscretions, now does he?)

Soo? being a little worked up and frustrated, and still sticky from the bar scene, I said I was going to go take a hot bath. He said, ?I?ll be strumming my guitar until you get back.? lol (yeah right!)

So I refilled my glass before heading to the bathroom and I was feeling pretty good at this point. I took off my clothes and my cute little purple satin panties and I slipped into the bathtub, shaved my legs, and stretched out and took a few more sips of my drink. I looked over and saw the portable phone and I thought, ?hmm I should call him!? Sooo?

I dial his number? (at 3am!)

*guy answers* ?hello? (its hard to hear cuz the water was splashing around still from me moving and drinking)

I say ?hmm hi!? (super seductively)

*guy says* ?uh ? hi? (somewhat skeptical sounding)

I say ?hmm I?m in the bath, but it would be better if you were here with me?

*guy says* ?who is this?

I *giggle* and said ?hmm its me, bubbles? *make a popping sound* ?and I want you to come over and wash my back?

*guy hesitates* and I say ?Chuck??? (now I?m the one who sounds a little nervous)

*guy says* ?aah this is Doug Anderson, I think you have the wrong #?

I said ?come on, Chuck don?t mess with me, you know I?ve been drinking? (still thinking its him messing with me)

*guy says* ?so are you really in the bathrub??


Then I dialed the number again, slower this time, and Chuck answered. Sure enough it wasn?t him, he got the biggest laugh out of it though. So, word of warning, when trying to be seductive and looking for late night phone sex in the tub, make sure your fingers aren?t so wet that you slip off the intended buttons, and that you?re sober enough to realize it, when they do!

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