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Title: Saturday Date

I was going to meet this sexy woman on saturday from that dating site. So she invited me over for dinner. I made some things to take over but had to throw them in the oven to let them finish cooking. So she showed me where the kitchen was and I set my things down. She told me she thought my outfit was really cute and I told her that I really loved her shirt. She had on this tank top that tied in the back and had an extreme plunge neck line. It emphasized her curves and shape, and held her perfect tits in place. She gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek, said she was really glad that I decided to come over. She poured me a glass of wine as I put the things in the oven.
She told me that she had prepared some chocolate fondue for dessert, thought we could dunk some strawberries in it and feed them to each other. She held the chocolate towards me and told me to taste it. I dipped my finger into the chocolate and said, ?hmm its really good.? She said, ?is it?? and I said, ?hmmm mmm? and dunked my finger back in and put it to her lips. She slowly sucked my finger into her mouth and, teased her tongue along my finger. She slid her finger into the warm chocolate and slid it along my bottom lip, my tongue slowly tracing the path her finger made along my lips. She set the chocolate down on the counter and picked up a strawberry, she dunked it half way into the chocolate, and then slid it along my lower lip. I opened my mouth as she slid it closer and I took a bite of the strawberry. It was so sweet & juicy, the chocolate was semi sweet, it was a sinful combination! I picked up one of the strawberries and took her hand, and turned it palm up, and slowly trailed the strawberry along the inside of her wrist, slowly. I dipped it into the chocolate and slowly trailed the warm dripping chocolate up the inside of her arm. My tongue following the trail of chocolate, to her elbow. She reached up and untied the shirt and let the front fall down, her tits were so firm and full, the nipples long and hard. My nipples are small and pink, hers were darker and more prominent. She slid her finger into the chocolate and smeared it across the tops of her tits and down over the nipples. I licked the chocolate from her tit, avoiding the nipple, savoring the feel of her soft warm skin under my tongue and her sweet smelling skin pressed against my face. I took my time, teasing her, swirling my tongue along her areola, coming close to the nipple, but waiting until just the right minute to suck it firmly into my mouth. It was rock hard and smooth, like the rest of her silky smooth flesh.

She pulled my shirt up over my head and dropped it to the floor. She took my mouth with hers, hard and urgently, her tongue plunged deep into my mouth. She pressed into me, my back against the countertop. We kissed a while and slowly caressed and touched each other, removing each others clothes, until I was standing there in my silky red thong, and she was in pink silk panties. I rubbed my hands over her ass cheeks, the material smooth and warm under my hand & nails. She squeezed and gripped my ass cheeks, slowly sliding her hands upward, pulling my thong with her hands, wedging the material deep into the crack of my ass. She slid her hand to the front and slowly teased my clit through the material. My pussy so wet, she slid her hand behind my knee and lifted my leg. I put my hands on the counter behind my back and pulled myself up onto the counter. She stood between my legs, her tongue probing my mouth, my teeth lightly tugging on her lower lips, sucking and swirling my tongue along hers. My hands squeezing and massaging her big tits, rolling her nipple between my thumb & finger. She pushed me back, the bowl of chocolate tipped over and started to run down the counter, all over my ass, hip, and down my leg, onto the floor. She ran her fingers through the stream of chocolate pouring onto the floor and smeared them over the front of my panties. She opened the cupboard above my head and reached in and pulled out a canister of powdered sugar. She turned around and reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a can of whip cream. She took the canister and shook it above my hips, she sprinkled white sugar all over the tops of my legs and my panties. She spread my legs apart, leaned down and began to lick the sugar from the tops of my legs, her tongue hot and wet along my skin. My skin was so hot that when she sprayed the COLD cream all over my legs and panties, I nearly jumped up off the counter, as the goose bumps covered my body. She slowly licked the whip cream off my thighs and off my panties, I could feel the cold cream and her warm tongue teasing me through the thin, silky material.

She slid her fingers inside my panties, pulling them to one side, her tongue finding my clit, swirling around it, sliding back and forth over it, sucking it into her mouth as her finger slid in and out of my cunt. Her finger nails felt amazing along my skin, different than how my own fingernails feel. She said, ?you have a big beautiful clit!? and then sucked it back into her mouth. I came several times on the counter. I slid down off of the counter and pulled her close, kissing her deeply, tasting my wet pussy juice all over her lips and tongue as I slid my hand between her legs, fingering her pussy. She reached around me and then slid something cold and round into my mouth, I bit down as the sweet and cold grape burst in my mouth. I continued to finger her tight pussy, rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt as she fed me grapes and kissed me. My other hand squeezing and massaging her ass. I turned her around and pushed her against the counter. I slid down and kissed my a trail across her tits and down her stomach. My fingers parting her soft, full pussy lips. I slid my tongue along her lips, across her clit, back and forth, teasing her cunt with my cunt and fingers until she came. She pulled me back up and kissed me again, urgently. I picked up a grape and slid it to her lips, she ate the grape and then sucked my fingers into her mouth, she said ?hmm I know where these have been? and I said, ?they taste familiar, do they?? She pushed me hard against the fridge and kissed me again then she kissed my neck, and turned me around, pushing me forward. I braced my hands against the front of the fridge, as she slid her hands back and forth over my ass. Pulling the back of my tongue up, the material sliding up further between the cheeks of my ass, and wedged against my clit in the front. She held the material in one hand, pulled tight a few inches in the air above my ass, and then smacked her had HARD against my ass. Leaving a nice red welt, she did it over and over, hard, then lighter, one, then a series of several, smacking my ass, then rubbing it, over and over as she held onto the back of my thong. I gyrated my hips, rocking back and forth, my clit rubbing hard against the material of my panties. I dry fucked my panties as she smacked my ass, I reached down with one hand and started to rub my pussy through my panties, I came hard and fast, turned around and kissed her again.

I turned her toward the fridge, slid my hands back and forth over the cool material that covered her hips & ass. Then I reached over and took the wooden spoon from the counter. I slowly ran the spoon over the back of her panty covered ass, sliding it between her cheeks, down between her legs and over her wet cunt, pressing it firmly against her clit, the panties between the hard wood and her throbbing clit, moving the head of the spoon in slow circles, back and forth over her pussy. I pulled her panties down, slid my hands and the spoon to her ass cheeks, grapping, squeezing, and rubbing her ass. I reached up with one hand and wrapped it into her hair and pulled her head back, as I moved the spoon up and down, then side to side, slowly, then in slow circles I pulled the spoon from her ass and tapped it back down, starting with only lifting it a half an inch, then an inch, then 2 inches, and so on until the I was smacking her ass with the spoon. She turned around and started to kiss me again, I turned the spoon around and teased her nipples and chest with the handle, slowly trailing it along her flesh, back and forth, until it found that sweet wet spot between her legs. I slid just the tip of the spoon into her pussy, teased her clit with my tongue, she pressed down onto the spoon and crushed my face between her legs, her cunt dripping wet, she came all over my lips. We stood there in the kitchen, out of breath, the counter & floor and refrigerator door covered in whip cream, chocolate, powdered sugar, grapes & strawberries. I said, ?well dessert was great, dinner should be just about done now!?

I got home really late and woke up this morning to my phone ringing. She was calling to tell me what an AMAZING time she had, and how she couldn?t wait to get together again! We talked on the phone and ended up having a pretty STEAMY phone conversation!

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