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Title: Caught In The Act

Last summer I broke up with this guy because things just weren?t working out. About 3 am this morning, he called me, out of the blue. He was pretty drunk & told me that he missed me. So I took the opportunity to ask him some questions about when we were dating.
One day I went to work and he was staying the weekend at my house, I was suppose to work till closing (10 pm) but I ended up getting out a few hours early. I didn?t call to tell him, thought I?d stop and grab some pizza, a few videos, and just surprise him. I got home and the TV and lights weren?t on downstairs, so I thought, he must be taking a nap in my room. I set my keys down, put the pizza on the stove, took off my shoes, and quietly went upstairs.

When I got to the top of the stairs, my bedroom door was shut, the lights were off, but I could tell that the TV was on. As I got closer to the door, I heard moaning and cheesy porno music. I opened the door, not knowing whether he was watching it alone, or had someone else in my room, and was relieved to see it was just him on my bed. He seemed really startled and he threw the covers over himself and said ?You?re Home!? I smiled and said, ?and you?re being naughty without me!?

I started taking off my clothes and heading toward the bed, and he was pressing the comforter tight to his sides. I said, ?come on, this is no time to be shy!? as I climbed on top of him. He tried to move around and get his hands under the comforter, but I took them and put them up over his head. I leaned forward and started kissing him and he seemed to relax a little bit. I didn?t understand why he would be acting so weird, just because I caught him jerking off to a porno. It was a movie we had seen a few times together and I had watched him jerk off plenty of times in the past.

I pulled the comforter out from between us and I noticed that he wasn?t naked. I had expected to feel his hard, hot, cock press against my inner thigh as soon as the comforter was removed, but instead I was sitting on silky material. I looked down and was REALLY shocked to see that he was wearing a pair of my pink satin panties. He said ?I?m sorry.? But before he could move or say anything else, I slid my hand down over the front of the material. It was smooth and silky, cool, yet warm where his cock strained against the material. Sliding my hand over his cock with the slippery material over it, felt amazing. I ran my hand lower and cupped his balls, slowly squeezing and massaging them. He leaned back and closed his eyes, as I continued to rub him through the material. I told him not to move and I went to the closet and pulled the pink & black satin belt from my satin bathrobe. I came back to the bed and straddled him again, taking the satin belt and weaving it between the iron bars of my headboard and around his wrists. I pulled the material tight, and tied it in a firm knot at his wrists.

I wasn?t sure what I was going to do to him, but I knew he had to be punished for wearing my panties? without permission! I turned him over, so now he was face down with his hands tied up over his head, the material holding him in place and twisted above his wrists. He held onto the bars and tried to turn his head back to see what I was doing. I sat on his ass, my feet on the bed, knees bent and I leaned forward, and took my nails to his shoulders. I slowly ran my fingernails down his back, not hard enough to draw blood, or break the skin, but firm enough to leave tiny pink lines in his flesh. I slowly started to rock my hips around in circles, my pussy rubbing against my panties that covered his ass cheeks. His cock pressing against the front of the fabric and firmly against my bed. I ground his cock back and forth into the bed for a while, my hands teasing and squeezing his back & shoulders. I turned around and started to run my hands up and down his legs. The hair at the top of his legs was so dark compared to the soft pink material of my panties. I slid my hands inside the panties and squeezed and massaged his ass cheeks. My nails digging in briefly, then my fingertips massaging, then squeezing them again. I removed both hands from inside his panties, and then I smacked his ass, REALLY HARD!

I slid down, and spread his legs, my hands sliding up and down them, my nails made noise as they trailed through the hairs on his legs. I slid between his parted legs and leaned forward, my tits pressing against the back of his thighs. I leaned forward and kissed the small of his back, sliding my hands up his legs, over his panty covered hips, and up the side of his ribs to his shoulders. I squeezed his shoulders and kissed a little lower, as my hands trailed back down his back, nails slowly teasing his skin, until they reached the top of my panties. I pulled the panties aside, and exposed his ass and the bottom of his balls. I slowly pulled his legs a little further apart as I slid my tongue along the back of his balls. He arched up off the bed as my tongue swirled around his balls, back and forth and slowly made its way up the crack of his ass. I teased his ass with my tongue, nice slow circles, then back and forth, up and down, then long flicks of my tongue, and back to slow circles again. I sped up the pace of my tongue, a little faster, pressing it into his, fucking his ass fast in and out with my tongue. I held my panties to the side with one hand and had it pressed tight to his ass cheek, and my other hand on the other cheek, pulling them apart, and pressing him hard against the bed. I started to rock his hips up and down, ass my tongue fucked his ass. I heard him gasp and I knew he had cum. I let him turn over, and I slowly slid my hand up over his cock, still inside my panties. They were damp and sticking to his skin. I pulled the front of them down, and pulled his cock & balls up out of the panties, letting the waistband catch under his balls. I sucked his cock into my mouth and slid my hands to each side of his hips. The waistband of the panties cutting into his hips, as I moved my hands back to his ass. My panties felt smooth and cool again, as I gripped his ass in my hands and lifted him up as my mouth devoured his cock.

He said it felt good but he begged me to let him fuck me. I untied his wrists and he pushed me forward, sliding into me from behind, with the panties still on. I was so hot & wet, that I practically came as soon as he entered me. He fucked me fast and hard, my tits bouncing all over as I could feel his balls caught in the silk slam against my ass cheeks. We both came much quicker than usual. We laid there out of breath for a few minutes and then I got up, he asked where I was going, and I said, ?I?ll be right back.? I ran down and grabbed the pizza and brought it back up, where we enjoyed a few slices and then enjoyed round 2! We broke up a few months later, but we had never talked about the night I caught him in my panties or anything to do with it.

So it was about 3am this morning when my phone rang, I was half asleep when I answered, and at first it took me a minute to realize it was him. He had been out drinking with his buddies, and ran into a mutual friend who asked him how I was doing. (Yeah Right, he just wanted an excuse to call for phone sex!) So anyway, we got talking and I told him that I had been thinking about that night, and seeing him in my panties was a HUGE turn on. I asked him if it was the first time he had ever put on my panties and he said, ?no but it was the first time you had ever caught me in them.? He said he had never worn anyone else?s panties before, but he loved the feel of me curled up next to him, and the silky material against his skin, so he was curious. It turned out to be a great phone call!

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