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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Panty Mistress

When I was younger I used to have this little ?trick? that I used to make sure all first dates went smoothly. I didn?t want to be too tempted to let things go too far on a first date, so I used to make sure that I wore the least sexiest pair of panties I owned and a pair that DIDN?T match the bra. I also would make sure that I didn?t shave that night, that way, I was SURE nothing would escalate too far. Anyway, I went out with this guy last night and I?ve learned that men, really don?t give a shit if the bra & panties match or not, nor do they mind a little stubble! LOL
Actually, I think being fingered through my panties is even better, because it helps to build up the tension and excitement, and then I can?t wait until the 2nd date!! So, I met this guy, he?s really attractive, older, I haven?t been with too many older men, but after last night, I?m definitely keeping my options open! We met at the pier because we had to be ?discreet.? We?ve talked before about what he?d like to try and the things he wants to explore, he has a serious panty interest and his wife just wouldn?t understand. We sat by the water and talked for a while, he sat behind me, my back and head resting against his chest. He slid his hand up between us and slowly started running his fingers up my back. I leaned forward and he started to massage my back, shoulders, and then trailed them lower along the waist of my jeans. He wrapped his arms around me and unbuttoned my pants, unzipped them and slid his hands back to my back. He slid his hands inside the tops of my jeans and slowly ran his fingers along the tops of my hips, over the silk of my panties, slowly moving forward and close to the front of the panties, but not quite. I was getting really hot and leaned back, his mouth came down and started nibbling and kissing my neck and ear as his fingers teased the outside of my panties. He told me he wanted my panties but he was worried if his wife found them, she?d be furious.

We got up and moved from the rocks over to a picnic table and I slid one leg out of my jeans, and sat on the picnic table. He sat in front of me, put one hand on each side of my hips and pulled me closer to him, he leaned forward and kissed my knee. He slowly kissed his way up the inside of my thigh, then moved to the other leg and kissed and licked from the knee back up my other thigh. He paused and then pressed his nose to the crotch of my panties. He pressed his nose deep into my pussy, and began to lick and tug on the material with his teeth. It felt so good I could barely sit still and I started moving my hips back and forth and up off the table as he danced his tongue and nose along my panty covered pussy. I was getting so wet and so close to orgasm, that I had to keep from clenching my knees together. He pushed me back so I was laying on the table and pulled my hips and ass closer to the edge of the table. He buried his face into my wet panty covered pussy again, his hands squeezing my ass and lifting me up off the table to meet his mouth. Then he pulled my panties aside and when the cool air brushed across my wet pussy I got goosebumps all over my body. The instant he slid his finger along my clit and slipped it inside my pussy, I came. He continued to tease me with his tongue and fingers, pausing to slide the material of my panties along my pussy, pulling it up thru the lips hard, then sliding it back down and replacing the material with his tongue. I came again all over his fingers, pulled his hand to my mouth and sucked his fingers deep into my mouth, teasing them with my tongue, tasting my sweet cum all over his hands. He stood up and I undid his pants, his cock was so hard and he was almost out of breath. I took him in my hand and slid forward, guiding the head to my soaking wet panties, teasing it back and forth over the material. He pressed forward, the head sliding and inch or so into my pussy, wrapped in the silk of my panties. I kept stroking him with my hand and grinding against his cock with my wet panties. I got down off the table and turned around, leaning forward over the table. He came closer and started to rub his cock along the crack of my ass, sliding it back and forth over the silky thong. I told him to pull on my hair, and he wrapped his hands in my hair and pulled my head back as slid his cock back and forth until he came all over my thong and ass.

We both got dressed and started to head back to the car when we realized that there was a couple only about 15 yards away sitting at a park bench under a tree. We didn?t see them, but I?m sure they had seen or at least HEARD us!! Woops!

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