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Panties they feel so great don't they, its a wonder why so many guys wear panties, once you slip a pair of panties on your hooked on panties for life.

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Title: Pantyhose Pussy Licking

It was was nice to have a couple of days off to regroup after my long hours last week. I spent my Sat morning cleaning my place up and washing all of my pantyhose from last week, except for the pair that I wore on Friday that I was saving for my date on Saturday night. Then I took a nice long bubble bath with my pocket rocket and fantisized about getting my pussy licked right through my pantyhose then getting fucked wearing my pantyhose.
Mike came over an hour earlier on Saturday because he said that he couldn?t wait to see me in the pantyhose that he bought for me. I was was wearing a really short skirt to best show off my nylon covered legs and I think he liked what he saw judging by his reaction! He pulled me down on the couch next to him and burried his head in my pantyhose crotch! My pussy got wet as soon as I felt his tongue flick my clit right through the nylon! It only took a few minutes for me to come, bucking and pulling on his hair while he fingered my pussy and continued to suck my clit right through my pantyhose! As I lay there recovering from my intense orgasm Mike stradled my face feeding me his fully erect cock. I had missed his cock so much all week and couldn?t wait to show him! I spit on his thick shaft and worked it all around with my hand before taking as much of his thickness into my mouth as I could. Then I sucked on his balls while I stroked his cock. He started to moan and told me how good my pussy tasted through my used pantyhose. He said that he couldn?t take it anymore and had to get inside me. He pulled my pantyhose down and started to fuck me. He paused to push my coffee table out of the way and pulled me onto the floor. He bent me over the couch and grabbed my pantyhose to pull them down a little more so all off my ass was hanging out. I have always loved doggie style, but it is a whole different experience in pantyhose. He used my pantyhose to pull me into him forcing all of his thick shaft inside me making me cum three times before he exploded inside me and we colapsed on the floor. His warm cum ran down my thighs onto my pantyhose.

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