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Title: Sexing Up the Marriage

We have been married for 20 years. Our sex life is almost nothing. We are middle aged, but my wife is a pretty good looking woman. I want sex often, she wants it almost never. She is tall, brown curly hair, nice weight proportion. Her tits are not the biggest, but her juicy ass is everything I ever want.
I suggested once out of desperation that maybe she needs to go out and have an affair. Maybe that would restore her interest in sex. She never said no, which made me wonder. I told her if she ever did that, she would have to come home and tell me all about it while we screwed.

One day, she came home from work and said there was this younger guy at work. He had been ?hanging around? her. She had a feeling he was showing interest. She could tell by the way he stared at her legs all the time. My wife loved to wear stockings, as it made her feel sexy and feminine. She had a huge nylon collection and lots of garter belts. I never fancied that as much I knew she wanted me to. He was about 20 years younger than her. So, one day, she went to work with no bra and wearing a rather loose top. Her skirt was shorter than usual, and her black stockings with a black seam, made her very hot. At work she accidentally bended over, so that the top of her shirt would allow him easy visual access to her breasts, and the skirt showed the top of her stockings. She said this really turned her on. I told her that someday; if the boss tells you both to take off work early, ask him if you can come over to his place. She said she would think about it.

It was Friday. The boss let us finally out early for a change. I knew what I had to do, and it made me horny just thinking of what could happen. I asked the young man if I could come over to his place. He said, ?sure!? He had an idea what I was after. I went into the ladies room, took off my top and took off my bra. Put my top back on and changed into some short cut offs that really showed my nice long legs, covered in my favourite pair of stockings; a blue pair whit a black seam on the back and big reinforcements on the toe and the heel. When I went out into the parking lot to get in my car to follow him home, he saw me and he knew what I was after.

I followed him home and we were hardly in his door and we were embraced. We kissed and tongued and he found my tits rather quickly. He touched them through my top and that really turned me on. Here I am, a married woman with a guy almost half my age, going at it like kids. I loved it! He remarked how I didn?t have a bra on and that was a turn on for him. He loved feeling them. I whispered in his ear, ?take my top off.? With that he dropped his hands down and lifted my top off over my head exposing my tits. He dropped down and starting sucking and licking them. God it felt like heaven.

Soon after, I told him, ?let?s go to your bedroom?. So with us still touching each other we inched towards the bedroom. I sat on the bed, topless, and he was in front of me taking his shirt off. Then I told him I wanted a foot massage. I saw in his eyes that he wanted to do that. I kicked off my shoes, and put my legs on his chest. He started touching them gently. He mourned and said ?I?ve wanted to do this since the first time I saw you!? I could see that his cock made his pants look like a tent. Next thing, he started kissing and sucking my feet. GOD it made me so wet! I knew my first orgasm would come quick.

I went after his pants. First his belt, then the snap on his jeans, then downed his zipper. He had such a bulge, oh wow! I worked his jeans down then off. I started rubbing his cock through his shorts. First with my hand, then with my feet. He moaned. He put his hands all over my legs and then my tits again, pinching my nipples. I worked his shorts down and exposed the biggest cock I had ever seen. Now, I?ve been laid by a few guys in my time, even a black guy once, but never have I seen a dick this big. He was probably almost 8 inches and larger around than you. I kept rubbing this big cock with my feet. He loved it. A few strokes later he came. All over my nylon covered feet! I felt the power I had. And it made me even hornier.

He reached down and took off my skirt, nice and slowly. He remarked how he liked my cute little panties. I told him to take them off and smell them! So he did! He stuck his fingers down the waistband and worked them down and off my legs exposing my hot, wet, aching pussy. He dropped down and started tonguing my pussy. Oh my God, it was wonderful. After he tongued my clitoris for a bit, I came right away. He kept going for awhile.

A couple of minutes later, he was ready again. While he was licking me, I had been stroking him with my feet all the time. Gently. His head, chest, arms, legs, ass and dick. Only with my feet, still wearing my sexy 60?ies stockings. And it made his dick hard as a rock again.
He asked me if I wanted him to put on a condom. I told him no, I need you in me now! With that he rubbed the head of his dick between my pussy lips. I reached down and took hold of the beautiful big thing and started working it in my pussy. Gosh, it took a few pumps on his part to get in, but get in he did and did it felt sooooo good. I couldn?t believe it, here I was, fucking this guy, raw yet, no condom, hell I had no protection.

I was ready to cum again, then he said he was ready to cum. He said he wanted to cum inside me, but if I wanted him too, he would pull out. I was ready to explode in orgasm, I said, do it to me know, keep going, don?t stop, I am about to cum? All the time I kept my legs visible for his eyes. We exploded in orgasm together. I could feel his hot load squirting deep inside my pussy which really turned me on. God, taking this guy raw and him cumming inside me, I felt so dirty, but it felt so good, I told myself, what the hell!

He told me he wanted to go at it again. This young guy was unbelievable and I couldn?t tell him no. I said we should do a different position. This time, he sat on the edge of the bed and I mounted him. He could really turn me on playing with my tits and sucking on them while we screwed. I slowly lowered myself on his cock. As large as it was, I slipped right in. I was so wet and had lots of his cum in me yet. We went at it like teenagers for a good long time. He slammed me with is dick and had his hands on my hips and rocked my hips as he came in me again, really slowly in and out, pulsating and pumping more cum deep in my pussy. This triggered me really hot, so I reached down and rubbed my clitoris and came myself again in just a couple of minutes, with him still inside me.

I dismounted him and told him I had to be getting home. We had fucked the afternoon away for sure. I had to wipe my pussy good with all the cum still dripping out of it. God, I couldn?t believe I did that. It felt great! The power of the stockings is great!

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