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Title: Office Party

Last night, my girlfriend Jilly, came home from her office party a little the worse for drink. I looked at her dress and wondered if all the men there had enjoyed the view as much as I was.
Her little black dress ended a few inches above her knees. I could see she was wearing a frilly petticoat which pushed out her skirt provocatively. She kissed me and moved over to the drinks cabinet.

"I want a nice cognac to settle my tummy. You would not believe the hands that have been under my skirt tonight. Don't worry. It was only hands. No cocks. That is your province."

She bent forward to reach the cognac bottle on the bottom shelf. Her skirt bobbed up. I was treated to a view of black stocking tops. Then white suspenders appeared peeping from beneath white satin full back panties.

"Do you like the view?" she asked.

"Have you enjoyed showing off tonight? What did your boss think about this?"

"Oh he loved my knickers. That's what he called them. A French maid's knickers. He kept running his hands over my thighs and round my knickers. I told him he was a naughty boy. His wife was watching. We were dancing cheek to cheek. And he shuffled over to wear she was sitting. I felt my skirt being lifted right in front of her. He whispered to me that he loved my knickers and suspenders. He wanted his wife to see up my skirt and feel jealous. He had bought her a set at Christmas, but she refused to wear them. Now she could see how nice they looked on me. I felt his hand fondling the little lace frills that ran across the seat."

Now Jilly was sitting next to me on the sofa. Her hand was inside my pants.

"I felt so erotic on the tiny dance floor. The next disc was rock and roll. All the men were now sitting on the floor. He started to spin me around. I could not keep my little skirt down. What the Hell! I loved my knickers too. it felt so free. Whenever I looked down at the men, I could see them looking up my skirt. And I was loving the attention."

She worked my cock a little harder.

"You don't mind, do you? I dance with every one of them later until I was too tired. My boss called me over to where he was sitting with his wife.

"Jilly. My wife says your knickers need adjusting. they are not lined up over your suspenders. If you turn , she will adjust them for you."

I could tell his wife had been drinking more than usual. I turned and leaned forward so my bottom was almost in her face. I felt a feminine hand on my bare thigh. It moved up to the edge af my satin knickers, and inside .

"Lovely knickers on you. It is a pity when they get rucked up. It must have been all those men dancing with you, and playing with your knickers. Was it a nice feeling?"

I nodded.

"Turn round please."

She lifted up my skirt and inspected the front. I had a little damp patch and was fearful she would notice. It was the first time another lady had touched me there. And I liked it."

Does it excite you too?" I asked.

I removed her hand from my pants.

"You have been a thoroughly naughty girl. I am going to have to punish you. Get up and bend over my knee."

She stood in front of me.

"This is all they saw" she said lifting her skirt and petticoats, so I had a perfect view of stocking tops, suspenders and satin panties.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her over my knee.

"You must never do that again unless I am present."

I pulled her skirt back, fully exposing her knickers. My hand came down firmly on the white satin material.


I rolled her knickers down to her suspenders.


Her cheeks began to turn red


My handfall was getting heavier. She wriggle and yelled every time I landed on her bottom.

"It is rude and and unacceptable for you to show all your undies in public."

"But it is fun" she whimpered.

I slapped her harder.

"Let that be a lesson to you. Now stand up."

I gently pulled up her knickers so they fitted smoothly over her bottom.

"Please fuck me now. I want you so much."

I led her to our bedroom and it was my turn to obey.

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